Why leveling is so important

We've all been there, started out as noobs and saw that epicly geared guy in Ironforge on his awesome and cool mount ( Magical Rooster :P ). We've all drooled and said I want to be just like him.. rich and have all the gold in World of Warcraft... well.... once I level up to level 85.

Leveling in a key factor when you're trying to make gold. Not only does it directly affect how much gold you can earn earn per hour, but it also allows you to give yourself a nice little "head start" from all of the questing and grinding that you'll do trying to reach that awesome Level 85.

If you're a low level and you're reading all of these gold tips, stop. Seriously, stop reading and go level. While leveling you'll earn at least 10,000g from 1-85. I know I personally made 5,500g just from leveling my shaman from 80-85. Quest gold is simply great if you have little to no gold in your pocket. Leveling is a great way to get yourself off your feet. Most of your income will begin rolling in at 70, from 70-80 expect to make anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000g. If you're a disenchanter, disenchant the greens and list them at the auction house, Wrath of the Lich King enchanting materials have sky rocketed, you'll make a killing by disenchanting your greens, trust me

If you make gold at low levels what are you going to spend it on? Epic flying..? Well that requires level 68. What about a level 85 epic? Oh.. that requires level 85.. darn. If you're going to be serious about making gold I suggest you have at least one character at 85. That way you'll have something to spend your gold on, rather than drooling over 310% flying mount speed.

What I'm really trying to say is, go level. There is simply no reason not to. You'll only benefit yourself by doing so. To the gold guru's: Go level. That's right, not only will questing make you gold but you'll also have access to two more profession slots that you did not have. The more professions the more you can diversify your strategies and make even more gold than you are right now.

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  1. I wonder when the gold guru's will get tired of these statements

    I can't make any gold in
    There is a guy that is always uncutting me, I can't make any gold.
    Should i drop for ?
    and my all time favorite
    How can I make quick gold?

    I'm going to sound like that blogger that talks about M&S ... but
    these players are not trying.

    So many times, I hear the gurus ask, "what professions do you have?". Maybe the answer to all the questions is go level another toon and get two more professions.

    Please dont get me wrong, I have had alot of inspiration from reading and listening to the podcasts.

    Maybe, I just want to say, you need to work to make gold. Sounds like my grandfather talking about money...

  2. I used to tell myself all the time that once I reached level 80 (now 85), I'd really start my gold making journey. I'm glad that I followed that advice. The gold you make and hour greatly exceeds that of a low level when you're doing dailies, soloing dungeons, and farming for herbs.

  3. I don't know if this will get answered but I have recently come to about 10k, 15k soon if it all sells. Now I have a bit of starting up capital, I want to start flipping large profit items. What can I start flipping and how can I determine what to flip?

  4. @quosk

    I wouldn't even consider big ticket flipping until I had at least 100k gold available.

    Expensive flipping can tie up gold reserves very quickly in unsold stock, and they tend to be very hit or miss markets. You might not see a return on your investment for weeks, and it's very easy to get burned. Definitely avoid this until you have a large amount of gold and even then make it only a part of your larger gold making plan.

    If you really like the idea of flipping, look into everyday commodities like herbs, ore, or enchant mats. Herbs, for example, can often see swings of 50 gold per stack from day to day. Take a week or so and really try to get a feel for what the usual price of are for a couple different goods, then keep an eye out for when they're cheaper than normal. Unlike epics and other big ticket items, many stacks of these will change hands every day. So there is less risk and you will see profit much faster.

  5. @richard reed

    thanks for the tip, I will keep making as much gold as i can, bought 4200 Elementium today which I am prospecting then crafting/selling all common gems apart from Carnelian and cutting the rares. Seems like the best way atm

    Ill try flipping epics I think, maybe Darkmoon cards. Do Darkmoon card prices increase when the fair hits?

  6. I agree that leveling should be a priority. I also believe that lower levels use herbalism and mining as their professions. I started leveling a toon with these and the extra xp helps a lot.

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