Why You Should Be Farming H MGT

H MGT? What the hell is that mage..? Heroic Magisters Terrace, it's an old Burning Crusade heroic that has a ton of valuable drops, some of which include a BOP pet/mount, an Orb that turn you into a blood elf, enchants, and even rare/epic patterns. On top of that you also have a ton amount of netherweave cloth if you decide to loot the trash ( as you should be ).

First and foremost, you have two rather popular/rare enchants, Formula: Enchant Boots - Cat's Swiftness and Formula: Enchant Boots - Boar's Speed & Formula: Enchant Cloak - Steelweave. They're two enchants that sell rather well at the auction house, and they're rarely seen because no one really farms Heroic Magisters Terrace any more. I've been able to sell these enchants at 4-500g per, and they sell rather often. It's a great niche market that any enchanter should be in. On top of this, you also get Void Crystals from the epics that drop from the bosses, which can be shattered for 2 large prismatic shards per which can then be used for either of the enchants mentioned above. ( Note- the enchants are BOP you're selling the scrolls )

Then you also have a ton of epic patterns that drop in here, you have Pattern: Cobrascale Gloves, Pattern: Netherdrake Gloves, Pattern: Gloves of the Living Touch, Pattern: Cobrascale Gloves, Pattern: Windstrike Gloves. The recipes are BOP but the craftables are BOE, you could craft some and if you're on a server that has some level 70 twinking, you'd be able to get a nice profit for some of these items.

There are also a ton of rare BOE recipes & patterns that drop within here. To name a few: Recipe: Haste Potion, Recipe: Elixir of Empowerment, Plans: Adamantite Weapon Chain, Schematic: Mana Potion Injector, Schematic: Healing Potion Injector, Pattern: Unyielding Bracers, there are more but I'll stop there, I'm sure you get the point. Most of these patterns can yield an easy 1,000-2,500g, sometimes even more if you find the right buyer.

If that's not enough for you to go farm this place,
you also have a pet, namely the Phoenix Hatchling. It's an awesome pet that have if you ask me. But wait that's not all! There is also the mount, Swift White Hawkstrider, which I've wanted for years ( 2 to be exact :P ). You also have the Orb of the Sin'dorei, which transforms you into a blood elf, it's just a fun little vanity item.

So what have you learned today? Well.. hopefully after reading this post that you'll have some incentive to go out and run a couple Heroic Magister's Terrace runs, for a chance at making a couple thousand gold, a pet, a mount and a nice little vanity item.

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  1. Don't mean to hurt your feelings, but I ran Magister's Terrace for the first time about 10 days ago, then turned around and ran the heroic version. The Swift White Hawkstrider dropped. 3%, according to AtlasLoot.

  2. Oooh thanks mageshadow! I totally forgot I wanted to farm for that pet. Nice to know what my profit opportunities are in there too.

  3. Last time I checked all of the enchanting formulas and JC designs dropped in MgT are BoP.

    For example there are two different Boar's Speed Enchants (look here http://www.wowhead.com/spell=34008).

    The one (BoP described one) is only dropped by Kaelthas: http://www.wowhead.com/item=35297

    The other one (with no BoP or BoE description) is http://www.wowhead.com/item=28280#dropped-by which appears to be a world drop, listed from 32 different mobs - Kaelthas not being one of them.

    Comments on wowhead confirm this. Has this changed recently?

  4. They are still BOP. Did I word it so it sounded like the enchanting recipes are BOE? That wasn't intended, if so.

  5. I've ran MgT hc around 30-35 times already, hoping for the mount (3 more to get the 100 mount achie!) but it still eludes me. So far I have looted the orb 4 times (now, why isn't that thing BoE so we can make some extra cash?) and the pet twice (really pointless how it dropped again since I already knew it...).

    About all those rare recipes, do they drop only from trash/bosses or from anything in there? In my runs I only kill what trash are necessary (everything in the 1st boss' room and the pack just before Kael'thas) to speed things up; should I maybe kill everything in sight?

  6. Your tips do not apply to a server like, say, Mal'Ganis. Every market is currently camped by people who are unlikely to care enough about RL money to start a blog about it. A few of us play online poker for a living, and monitor AH just about 24/7.

    Those "rare" patterns and recipes are actually going for 100-300G on Mal'Ganis, and not 1000-2500. Your gold blog, as a whole, is NOT designed for servers such as Mal'Ganis, Arthas or Blackrock.

    I heard about you wanting to transfer over, and I'd like to let you know that, despite you being an aggressive AHer, Mal'Ganis is something else.

    I know of at least six people other than me who are past the 4.5 million liquid gold mark, and who have at least 5 gbanks filled with Pyrite Ore and multiple accounts to prospect. You might think transferring is a good idea, and it might just be, but you probably won't move as much as you think you will.

    We're ready to be breakeven for a month or two with epic gems, and probably won't care that much. High pop servers are about tiny profit margins, save your lucky days. With the number of aggressive/less aggressive AHers on MG, I doubt your plan will turn out to be as good as you thought.

  7. yeah, the enchants are BoP. The way you worded it, you made it seem like the enchants were sellable for 4-500g. Maybe you meant scrolls with that on them? Still, I find that hard to believe.

  8. @Failbot's comment, almost every gold making method you can possibly think of is 'server dependent'. Every server has different participants in the market so of course they are all going to be different.

    An aggressive or competitive server only yields higher possible potential.

    Regardless of if these enchants are BoP and only the scrolls are BoE, it's still a good tip and highly sought after enchants.

    MgT is just a damn good heroic in general.

  9. I always forget to hit this dungeon up. I think its because it was sooo difficult during BC that I automatically discount it for possible solo-ing. My ret pally can probably handle it, but I wonder if a Spriest can... guess I should try it out!

  10. This is an interesting article -- I've been into running old content lately and what I'd really like to see sometime on a gold blog is a comprehensive guide to soloing old instances for profit. There's a thread on this at EJ in the Hunter forum, but it's disorganized and contains a lot of outdated info.

    Three categories that I see as being a potential for moneymakers:

    1. The instance drops a lot of cash (i.e. Magtheridon, but a lot of these are being nerfed), or valuable raw materials (i.e. righteous orbs from Strat "live," or a certain type of cloth, or gear that disenchants into a valuable mat, or whatever)

    2. Valuable BoE items other than trade goods. Could be recipes, gear, or whatever.

    3. Valuable BoP recipes. Recipes where, if you have the trade skill, you can make money. Like Mongoose, Cat's Swiftness, etc.

  11. Sounds like @Failbot is scared of you going to his server! lol Throw an alt on his server and scope it out. Then give him a good run for his money. Don't let his aggressive mind games work on you! Go take his gold, Mageshadow!

  12. Is a good tip this one, just did a quick test run, no mount or pet -.- Awell on that front! I made a 75g in junk, and sent the greens to my alt, on my server a run is going to easily yeild 200g with DEing. Also as a Hunter it took me 15mins, and I kill everything in the instance, while taking my time.

    A very easy 150g minimum a day in my opinion. Will add my Pala and DK which will run it quicker than 15mins for sure.

  13. Have agree to some extent with Failbot. This used to be a great site but ever since Marco stepped back and Mageshadow took over the day to day posts the content here has gone *way downhill.

    The best thing about this site now is the right sidebar where you can find links to site with people who know what they're talking about and quite frankly most of the time Mageshadow does not.

  14. I've never played on a high pop server Failbot. I currently reside on Stormrage, which is medium pop. I'm sorry if my tips don't work on your server. There isn't a tip that will work on every single server within WoW, nor will there ever will be ( besides generic strats like the obsidium shuffle ) Why..? Because tips are server dependent.

    Oh and @anon, Sure I don't know what I'm talking about, at all. What is this game called World of Warcraft that you speak of? Oh it's something that I've been playing for almost 4 years..? Really? How'd I manage to get 600k+..? I guess it just appeared on my account randomly. Clearly, I don't have a single clue what I'm talking about. Everyone makes mistakes, I worded this post incorrectly, and that was my mistake, it doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about.

    Just because the recipes are BOP doesn't mean that there is good gold to be made from them, there are COUNTLESS BOP recipes that can yield you thousands of gold ( think rep vendors )

  15. @Ron you can totally solo it as a Shadow Priest at 85. I do it all the time but I do have my PvP gear on for extra health. The trash mobs hit like trucks on a clothie but it's totally doable with some patience. Just know you aren't going to be able to handle large groups of mobs.

  16. I've never been to MGT myself, but it seems to be pretty easy. Thinking about following your little tip here ;) Nice job your doing, really enjoy it. I think theres better ways to earn your money than to be farming old dungeons & raids. I've also noticed your not really posting anything about Professions in-game. Your more refering to hints and tips.
    You should really make a hotspot on Inscription in Cataclysm. Inscription is such a big moneymaker right now. Glyphs going for 30-300g! You can make the glyphs for about 5-30g on my realm (Lightbringer EU). Just felt like posting you guys to tell you that I think your doing a great job, dont know if you read the comments to your 'articles', but now i posted :) Keep the good work up guys ;)

  17. Thanks for the reminder about this instance. I never ran HMT on any of my alts; only ran it one time on my main when he was leveling a long time ago.

    To all the readers who are complaining about "this enchant sells for 4-500g" etc., do you really expect to run out and list that scroll for 500g and *snap* it sells like magic?

    C'mon, there is a responsibility on the reader to determine whether the tip works on his server and if so, how valuable it is. This is a blog, not a fucking guide or instruction manual. You had enough common sense to find this site via Google or whatever--so you should have enough sense to tell how to use it.

    And for you Mal'Ganis Failbot the Gold King with your 4.5M gold: /clap

    Now STFU and let the rest of us who actually read for the tips get back to business. We are all very happy for you and your poker playing friends. Troll somewhere else.

  18. C'mon Mage, you're almost starting to sound like a 12 year old kid in your reaction. I'm glad to see, I'm not the only one still wishing to see more depth involved in the gold tips, to say the least. You guys proved in the past you could leave the audience in awe. Do it again.

    What i would have added to your post, is to point people to JMTC forum. You do that by linking to those topics where say, people speak of their success selling the said scrolls made of H MGT recipes. Random fact : You know, back in WOTLK, the elitist jerks death knight dps guides, pointed Cat's Swiftness to be bis enchant for the boots ?

    Another thing I would've add, is to point out to people (or remind them), how exactly they can use the Netherweave cloth (insert posts/forum threads links) so to add more value to the runs.

    You seem to be very fond of using the "a ton" expression. In my eyes it's like trying to convince me there's a true gold mine in there. Well, it's not. Veteran players know that, so they won't get fooled. New players may not know it, but they'll discover it, if they chose to follow your advice. In my experience you'll get maybe 5-6 stacks of cloth, 10 greens on average. That's not a ton, but it adds up. Which is always nice.

    Please don't take this the wrong way. I don't intend to be mean or to hurt anyone. It's my own point of view of what will make your audience cheer again.

    Have fun !

    P.S. You still haven't investigated those heavenly shards, have you ? I'll try to stir your interest a bit : there is a discussion on the Consortium forums about the Cata enchants. One guy is saying the Hurricanes are flying of the shelf for him; he's also always low on heavenly shards and asking the others where he can get a better supply. If they are in a low supply now (and has been since the start of Cata), what will happen when the top end enchanting scrolls become viable to craft and sell ?

  19. I was able to solo that instance at 80 as a mage, so it shouldn't really be a problem now.

    It seems to me that the profitability of MGT depends a lot on your luck, as there's no "100% sure" way of getting a rare BOE recipe or something, as only the enchanting formula "Steelweave" is a regular drop.

    Kael himself drops lots of rare stuff, but rarely. It's all BOE and covers every possible profession, but requires a very lucky day to get... same with the mount - screw Zotamorf!

    In regard to the posting quality:
    It should be obvious that JMTC is all about making (RL) gold for it's owner(s), though that doesn't necessarily mean there's no valuable information for the users.

    Just don't expect too much. It's no longer the only valuable ressource, but the biggest by far. And in order to maintain that status, it's necessary to post stuff daily (because most bloggers just can't keep up with that).

    I wouldn't really say that MS doesn't know what he's talking about, but surely you can see that posting stuff daily (for the $ and GOOGLE juice) makes it impossible to come up with the brilliant ideas that were once exclusive to this site.

    Now, it's "okay-ish" most of the time, but compared to other blogs that are posting less frequently, JMTC can't keep up with those high quality standards.

    I'm not sure if that's even the goal here, but who am I to judge?

  20. What I've been trying to do is bring you guys innovative ideas, ideas that haven't been blogged around since the dawn of time, Where else have you read about farming Heroic MGT for gold? Kaye Toggie & the Wormhole? The new Epics coming in 4.1 from zone bosses?

    That's been my goal ever since I started blogging, and it always has been. I will be spending more time of my posts as you guys wish, let me know what you think of the weeks ahead.

    And no, I don't just "blog for money", I blog to help people, I always have and I always will.

  21. To be exact. Atleast Formula: enchant boots - boar speed

    Drops from normal mode too. Just got it while doing attumen for heroic on my priest

  22. Don't take it wrong, I hadn't meant for my comment to offend you.
    I think you're doing a good job, but everyone that takes a look at the site has to recognize the numerous things that are definitely here to make some cash.

    I didn't say it was your fault, nor that it equals bad posting quality. It's rather the way Markco has set up the site, and that's how it is.

    I do know enough of the whole internet marketing thing (about which was even posted by Markco himself) to recognize what he has managed to build here, and it's fine. It also doesn't mean "not to help people", actually both can be combined (as Markco did all the time)!

    Well, anyway. Just wanted to make clear that I didn't mean to offend anyone.

    For the examples, however, I have to say that there has definitely been blogged about 2 of the 3 things you mentioned, i.e., Kaye Toggie and the epic drops.

    The first even I have mentioned in my Engineering summary (which was in 2010) and I believe that you posted about it on The Gnomish Coin once. The latter was covered by some other bloggers right when the patch hit, though I couldn't say who was first.

    That wasn't my point, anyway, and it's likely that several bloggers cover somewhat similar topics, but I'm looking forward to the next posts you're going to publish nevertheless! :)

  23. I will go out on a limb and say basicly any class can solo h mgt @ lvl85. I soloed it a couple of times on my 80 holy pally in pvp gear the months before cata(was bored). Over at the consortium forum there are a silly little thing they call GPH, gold per hour. ;) h mgt is nice and all, but I would rather go to Scholomance with my enchanter to pick up 12xLarge Brilliant Shards per run for numerous profitable enchants(+15ag@1h, +25ag@2h, +4stats@chest, crusader, +29sp@weap, +30sp@weap, +22int@weap, +15str@weap, ...)

    Diversity is nice ofc, so a few recipes from h mgt would be nice for those who lack them.

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