Why You Should Be Using Old Strategies

Crazy title for a post huh? There are many reasons why you should be using old strategies, why? Because they simply still work. If they worked once, surely they will work again. I'm talking about strategies like the Saronite Shuffle or Crafting and selling Wrath Of The Lich King Flasks for profit. They're still viable markets/strategies that you can use to make gold, and better yet; these markets have little to no competition!

Thinking "outside" the box can make you thousands of gold. Right now everyone is busy making gold with the Cataclysm materials and such while not many people realize that they could be making the same amount of gold if not more if you go back to the old methods that made you gold 4-5 months ago.

A great example that comes up to my mind are the JMTC Blogging Carnivals. Some of the topics for these carnivals are awesome, and can be used at any time regardless of what expansion it is. For example, the blogging carnival on " What's your favorite niche market " has some great articles that are still very relevant even though that post was made last year September 2nd. While at first glance some of the information might look outdated; it really isn't. The thought/strategy is still there, you can either do two things; apply the strategy as is, or you could apply the strategy and try to relate it to Cataclysm materials. Either way will work and I've personally done both.

So if you have the time, go to the carnival listing page and check out the past carnivals, some of the topics are that you call " Green Pasture " topics and their strategies can be used whenever and will most likely yield you tons of profit.

So lesson of the day guys; If the Cataclysm markets are tanking, try to go back to those Wrath of the Lich King gold making methods and see if they're still viable. A great market to start on is shattering abyss crystals, that market feels like you're printing gold ( legally of course )

  1. Why not call this "why you should still be reading the old blogs"? You didn't provide any tips from the past that were relevant today. >.< Just a suggestion to check out the blogging carnival - which I already do. /sigh

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