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Well guys, the podcast that we've been talking about is finally out! Although I am not in the first episode of the podcast ( I will probably be in the next one ) I think the crew did a great job with the podcast, it feels rather nice and polished for a first episode.

Please visit out blog to listen to the podcast - Addicted to Azeroth

The podcast has and will be up on itunes very shortly, for the mean time, follow this link to listen/download the podcast. You can also search for us on Podbean at Addicted to Azeroth.

If you have any suggestions/comments/questions feel free to e-mail us at, and please follow us on twitter @addictedazeroth, any and all feedback is always greatly appreciated!

That's all folks, hope you guys enjoy listening to the podcast!

2 comments: on "Addicted to Azeroth Podcast"

  1. At the podcast page, I dont see a Bio-link or any info about yourself and podcast.

    For instance.....who are you, what's the show about, and why did you decided to make it. The About link is broken.

  2. Great podcast. Great content. Great website.

    JMTC is the best open source wow gold sharing concept ever!

    Has allowed me to totally overcome rusted personal gold making barriers and make new exciting ones.

    Some proof: GoGo!! x10 that in 3 months?? Was one tenth of that 3 months ago so..?!?

    /hugs >.x

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