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Yesterday I wrote on how you can think outside the box and make gold with tailoring. Well today I'd like to do the same but this time with Jewelcrafting. We all know how flooded the Obsidium shuffle market is - everyone is in the market and it's constant undercutting. Think outside the box and see what jewelcrafting has available at the lower levels, see what's profitable to craft and possible disenchant, or simply sell the crafted good at the auction house for a profit.

Let's focus on something that I like to call the Thorium Shuffle. It's the same aspect as the obsidium shuffle - except to a lesser extent.

  • Buy Thorium when it's cheap
  • Smelt some into bars and craft Thorium Settings - Save them for the next step
  • Prospect the rest - you're mainly looking for 3 gems Huge Emeralds, Azethorian Diamonds & Blue Sapphires, also snatch Essence of undeath as it will be needed soon. If you do not wish to go on, you can list the gems at the AH for massive income - these gems are needed to level JC and they're always in demand
  • Craft Sapphire Pendant Of Winter Might, Glowing Thorium Band & Emerald Lion Rings - Then DE
  • Sell DE Mats or use for BOA enchants
 Alternatively, you can craft Enchanted Thorium Blades - these will yield you more essences. I'd craft 1/2 and 1/2 as you'd want a nice dispersion in your supply, you do not want to flood the market.

I've been doing the above for about a year and half and I've always found it extremely profitable. If you do end up selling the gems, be wary as they tend to have some pretty big deposit costs at the Auction house, especially if you list them in stacks of 5's, 10's, & 20's.

Again, this is an alternative, you don't have to it, but it's nice to rake in that extra income from a market that's rarely touched by many people as they're normally and typically busy with the " new and shiny Cataclysm recipes ". Personally, I found it a rather nice change to prospect thorium instead of Obsidium/Elementium every once in a while.

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  1. Very nice tips. I have been seeing a pretty big drop in older ore and was thinking of ways to use this myself. I've also been prospecting adamantite ore when it's cheap. The powder is also used to level and can bring nice profits as well.. Shame the gem deposits are so high.

  2. I had bought many thorium ores before cata came out. I had almost 4 guild tabs full of them which i sold after the patch for 36 to 52 a stack of raw ore or 65 to 93 g a stack. I spent 15 to 22 per stack of those ores. They made me a big profit specially after slowing down because of cheap thoriums which i also bought of ah and relisted.

    Now i will try this technique out. I am from Cho'gall which is a massive horde pvp server and supply is sometime more then the demand in here.

  3. I was told on Consortium forums that ''this does not work'' I work alot with low level markets and this is what im doing also. if i cant sell my gems for around 10gold each or more, i will do this if i have enough thorium to buy. Since thorium is also used for arcanite bars and it also sells pretty well on our server just as it is. Around 3g non stop, up to 7 gold each. I dont know did i mention this in Flux's newest podcast.

  4. Ugh - You want to shuffle Azerothian Diamonds? Aren't those a sweet bottleneck in leveling JC?

    Seems like it'd be just as profitable to sell em raw.

  5. I dont know did you read my post/heard podcast. But nice to hear that someone agrees/listens to me

  6. It would help if you'd provide enough information to let others see if it is profitable on their realms.

    121 ore and 6 Essence of Undeath make approximately

    21 settings
    6 Diamonds
    6 Sapphires
    6 Emeralds
    6 Opals
    3 Ruby

    which make items to disenchant:
    12 lvl 56
    6 lvl 52
    3 lvl 47


    0.15 L Radiant Shard
    0.3 S Brilliant Shards
    0.6 L Brilliant Shard
    19.375 Dream Dust
    13.5 Illusion Dust
    0.9 G Nether Essence
    4.2 G Eternal Essence

    It's worth noting that you need an essence of the undeath for every stack of thorium ore.

    On my server, this is a money sink.

  7. Dude. Prospecting thorium gives almost everytime more than 1 gem. Also gems go as good as enchanting materials.

  8. "Buy Thorium when it's cheap"
    Stopped reading here.

  9. Nice, on my server Obsidium is selling by a bot for 42g, I buy all out when I can. Thorium 60g+ so, yes I've been doing this myself. I just dont buy the Thorium, I farm it just takes a few routes around the Crater...and bags are full. Braidy

  10. Heavily server dependant. For the time being not working on EU-Lordaeron. Thorium ore is being sold for 30-40 g per stack, and the gems (Huge Emeralds, Azethorian Diamonds & Blue Sapphires) for 0,5-4 g per gem. If you don't know what you're doing then don't even think of this.

  11. You failed to provide the full picture of the Thorium potential. And the things you've mentioned are the worst of them; as in most likely won't work on most of the servers. Snatch essence of undeath ? just lol.

    Btw, your Emerald Lion Ring link is pointing to Glowing Thorium Band.

  12. Along with several previous posters, I'm skeptical this works well in practice. I do find that selling wotlk epic gems provides very steady income. Have to work to get recipes in dal, though.

  13. Its also good to add if you intend to farm these ores from mining then the dense grinding stones will be good for the darkmoon festival whether you intend to sell the grinding stones for a good price during the festival or using them yourself.

  14. This is excellent. Thorium ore is usually around 20-30g/stack on my server, so there's a decent return from this method.

    The only problem is the ridiculous rarity of Essence of Undeath post-shattering, so I don't have much of an outlet for blue sapphires.

    Still turned a respectable profit, however.

    ~300g spent (12.5 stacks).
    ~450g return (after DE'ing).

    Not a huge sample size, caution warning.

  15. Some poor sap listed 14 stacks of Thorium for 75s/stack, that's right 75 silver a stack. Prospected it all and I already sold a dozen of the gems for close to 100 gold.

  16. Good stuff! Will try this out this weekend. Last week the mats were empty on AH, so i slowly started looking into to what to shuffle. This will speed it it up.

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