The Art of Underminin'

Most of you have heard that I/other people manage to pick up rare recipes worth thousands of gold for very little/cheap and then we proceed to flip them at the auction house. Personally I call this method The Art of Underminin. Why? It's simply an art.

What you need to do in order to accomplish this is to set up a undermine journal account and set up notifications. This is what will notify you when there is a rare pattern at the AH listed for under the price that you set it to. ( Ex. A schematic is listed at 500g which is below your 1,000g threshold ). Once you've got this set up make sure you check your e-mail frequently to see if any "snatches" come up. That's basically the art of underminin'.

You'll most likely be asking, but mage where can I get a list of what items are rare and which are not? The Consortium forums has an epic mega thread that's called: Items you should have on your Snatch list. There are hundreds of items within that thread which are valued at 5,000g+ but can be picked up for as little as 100g. Calianna also just recently added a new thread that adds even more recipes that you can set up notifications for, the thread is named Raid Recipes - Supplemental Snatch List.

You could potentially make hundreds of thousands of gold utilizing this strategy. It's a very low risk with very, very high rewards. The best part? It's not time consuming and if you pair up the notifications with the remote auction house tool you'll be able to snatch things when you're not even near your computer!

If you have no idea what the undermine journal is, check out these past posts, they have all the information that you need in order to get started.

I'll even go a step FURTHER and direct you to this awesome thread over at the Consortium Forums: Need a TUJ Snatch List? Here You Go. TUJ just recently implemented a way that you can import others ( or your own ) snatch list. The thread linked above will allow you to set up notifications with only a handful of clicks instead of doing everything manually. You honestly have no excuse to not be using The Undermine Journal and it's awesome notifications system.

7 comments: on "The Art of Underminin'"

  1. Sorry about that folks.. blogger has been acting up lately, posts that are queued don't go through whenever they're scheduled. Not sure what's wrong :|

  2. No excuse? How about playing on a European realm?

  3. Great! Now all the noobs have the same snatch list. Making our snatch list function less valuable.

  4. thank you, youre doing a great job :)
    unfortunately im playing on the EU realms, so no undermine fo me ;( pity, its such an awesome site ._. wish there was one for us europeans

    anyways, thanks~

  5. Awesome post, I do have a snatch list, but have not set up notifications with the Undermine Journal. Heading over to do that right now.

  6. Very helpful, guess I now have a reason to join TUJ. I've only been looking at it occasionally, but this feature makes it more helpful than ever D:

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