The Best Location For Quality Gold Making Guides

I'd like to point you in the right direction to a forum that contains high quality guides related to gold making, The Consortium Forum Quality Guides forum. If you haven't already checked out that section of the consortium forums ( or the whole forum ) go ahead and do yourself a favor and check it out, it's a section where only top-notch guides are placed at.

There is a wide variety of guides ranging from limited supply vendor runs in Ironforge to Addon guides, Spreadsheets, and many more awesome guides. It's awesome as most of the guides tell you exactly where and what to do, some of them even have youtube videos incorporated in them.

Check out some of these awesome guides:

There are many other worthy guides worth of a read, but go ahead and check out those, they're awesome top-notch guides that shouldn't be pushed away.

Also, be sure to check out the JMTC forums if you haven't already, there is tons of great information that should not be overlooked, especially if you're a young and aspiring gold making goblin.

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  1. Ok, maybe it is just me.. but I am getting a little bit sick of every time I turn around a blog post from JMTC is talking about the Consortium.

    Last I checked I came to JMTC to read something, i didn't come to read about how I should just go read the consortium forums.

    Yea, we get it, you came from the consortium, they have good stuff over there.. thats all well and good but how about you actually post something other than how great the place you used to post at is.. you are here now, not there.

  2. I didn't come from the consortium forums. I do not get paid to link to them. I link to them because it's good information.

  3. @Anonymous above, I don't think you are really being fair there with Mageshadow.

    Mageshadow is dedicated to first and foremost JMTC.

    JMTC in general does an excellent job at forming a knowledgeable hub of information from all over the internet. They aren't greedy and try and rehash someone else's work and claim the fame for their own. If they see a great post from anywhere they will acknowledge it, and continue to fulfill their goal of proving the readers with good information.

    How about this:
    1) Step out behind your anonymous name tag, and lets see if you can even claim ownership of a name worthy of notice, anywhere on the internet.

    2) What have you done to improve the World of Warcraft community other than crying about posts like this? Where are your guides? Your contributions? Your efforts?

  4. In all due respect, I agree for the most part with Anon 1. I keep up with quite a few gold blogs, the Consortium being one of them.

    I actually save JMTC for last, mostly because it was the first gold guide I visited and has been my favorite out of all the rest. It's just kind of a let down when I go through my list of guides and get to JMTC and it's more or less "Hey, read what you just read already."

    I understand wanting to link these guides and the great info to the new gold makers, or possibly even vets who haven't heard of the rest, but it just seems a little lazy.

    I think you've got a great thing going here, and my respect has grown for the site and its contributors since I first started visiting JMTC. It's all just constructive criticism in the end, nothing to get frustrated about, but I really appreciate the daily original tips from JMTC and not so much the more frequent links (as of late) to other sites out there.

    I mean no offense, just contributing how I feel. Thanks for everything you've done thus far and I look forward to more great posts in the future.

  5. If you read into the consortium forums you'll find that they're getting ready to start a contest. Bloggers can't invite you to register and post there to help them in the contest but are recommended instead to point the forums out to you in the hopes that you'll vote for them down the road.

  6. @anon #3 - You've got to be kidding me if you think that's what I'm doing. In the first place I didn't even know there was a contest, second place, even if there was I'm not going to participate in it. Third and foremost, and I've said this a thousands times, I blog to help people, not for money. To. Help.

  7. This is just getting silly now.

    I can confirm that Mageshadow has entered no post into the Competition Forum on The Consortium yet, nor has he ever to my knowledge participated in any of the competitions on The Consortium Forums.

  8. Mageshadow and JMTC has linked to plenty of other blogs both actively and passively (through the blogroll). If he wants to highlight something from the Consortium because it may help readers, that's a good thing, and it doesn't stop people from checking out the other blogs on the blog roll.
    You'll also find that writers tend to address the same issue a lot simultaneously because of a new change that has popped up, such as the recent datamining of the change to the obsidium shuffle. This isn't because they are lazy, it is because they may have a different take on the issue. It is just as much the readers job to glean useful information from these kinds of posts as it is the writers job to put the information out there.
    Keep in mind as well, not everyone reads multiple blogs - some only follow one. I follow multiple blogs, but JMTC is actually my starting point for my daily reading because of the blog roll.

  9. I have no problem with you linking to other sites but I do prefer sites that have original insight. Marco was very good at this and he would link to others.

    The other aspect that I appreciate with Mageshadow is negative comments don't disappear. Reading stuff with Marco vs gevlon was interesting. Presently I notice gevlon definitely not approving posts from me. My posts are aimed at pointing out facts and inconstancies with his views. To Mageshadows credit he takes it all.

  10. I personally rarely get on the Consortium because I tend to forget about it >.<

    I found this post as a helpful reminder and a nice quick way to get to these links instead of having to search around. Thanks Mageshadow :D

  11. I don't mind the links to other sites, it is sometimes a reminder as this site is the only one I have bookmarked.

    I find it ironic, however, that the list showing "The Best Locations for Quality Gold Making Guides, does not include a link to the hometown guide.

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