Combating The Khorium Supply

Khorium, I simply love this market, it's very lucrative and not many people are in it - why? Because Khorium is almost always in short supply and it's always in demand. Khorium is a very, very hard ore to farm nowadays. You won't see it posted it the auction house in bulk because it's simply that rare.

How do we combat it's rarity? We to a source that can be camped - a source we can log in and check if it's there and then proceed to log out if it's not. We go to Qiff, a goblin located in Netherstorm. He's an engineer that can sell Khorium Power cores at the low price of 5g per core.

I manage to sell these Khorium Power Cores for as much as 500g per core. The cores are needed to craft several items such as the epic engineer flying mount and field repair bot 110G, which are needed in order to craft Jeeves. The demand for these cores is there due to the lack of Khorium supply in the market.

Qiff also sells other items that I buy, namely the Fel Iron Casings, Adamantite Frame, Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, and any smoke flares that he has. They can be flipped at the Auction house for a nice amount of gold, so don't hesitate to buy them if they're there.

I have an alt camped at Qiff, he's also able to fly up to Dealer Rashaad and restock up vendor pets sold by him. It's a great way to net myself an easy 5-1,000g if I manage to snag the Power Core.

An in all, if you have an alt that can be used to camp qiff - do so, you can net yourself an easy 3-500g for simply logging in, what more can you ask for?

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  1. Low level markets... Never underestimate them..

  2. Have you ever seen a Khorium Power Core from Quiff? I haven't. I camped him for days when I needed one for the Netherdrake quest. Nothing. Then tried again when I was questing in the area for Loremaster. Nothing. If he does sell them... the respawn timer is super low.

  3. The respawn timer is either super super long or else someone on my server has it timed nearly exactly. I have camped Quiff for months, literally months, checking at least once if not more often per day. I spent several weekends where I checked every 15 minutes during daylight hours. (I was sick and had nothing better to do.) I finally figured that the khorium power cores were mythical. Then one day about two weeks ago, one popped up. I nearly fell out of my seat.

    So if you're counting on khorium power cores from Quiff to make profit, it might be a loooooong wait.

    I am less than thrilled with the khorium market in general, though, because it sells very slowly. I camp the khorium on the ah and buy when the ore gets below 30g each then sell either bars or cores. The cores don't sell very quickly at 500g, but when someone starts buying them, they tend to buy all that are on the ah. The bars sell a little better but at a pretty thin markup vs the cost of the ore (even factoring in that I'm buying at a discount to the normal ore price).

    I'm thinking of getting out of the khorium market just because I get a better return on my investment on items with lower profit margin but higher turnover (like herbs).

  4. ^ Or someone's snagging them right from under your nose lol. I've managed to get a few, but just barely. Maybe 3 times out of 20 visits.

  5. I had Khorium bars sitting in my bank forever. When I switched my DK from Skinning to Engineering, they came in handy. I noticed no Power Cores on the AH, so I made one and sold it immediately for over 800g. I flipped 2 or 3 more that way, despite a competitor sometimes putting up 6 Cores at a time at 600g each. I just timed it right.

    I was pretty impressed with myself, but dang, an NPC that vendors them for 5g? Good to know!

  6. Khorium Power cores, ahh the secret market i never posted about so i could hopefully control my own little niche. I think you guys underestimate the power of khorium being so rare. Power cores are needed for transporters and mounts so if there is no khorium or primal fire on the ah, guess what if you have power cores listed, people are going to have to buy them because it could take a week to farm enough khorium for 8 cores.
    500g a core you say, good job but i kept our Ah so depleted of khorium ore i was selling single cores at 1100, and one week i thought i would just be cocky and rude and try 2100 a core and guess what i moved like 9. Quiff has been a friend of mine since BC, yes he has a long respawn timer for the core but they are definately there.

  7. Dimensional Ripper - Area 52

  8. Great post Mage. It looks like BC content really is a good money maker these days. Think I'll have to move a toon there and explore BC content and markets again.

  9. I forgot about these. Never could get lucky like you guys. Mage, have you tried selling the bots? Wonder if that would be a market to check out. The recipe makes 5 bots, some buyers might miscalculate and assume that jeeves requires 10 power cores total.

    Since I'm here, I should point out that the consortium blog link is still bugged, the real link is

    Also, Zenith's link points to the consortium, and not to his blog!

  10. Great post.

    Sunwell Isle is nice for Khorium, just saying ;)

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