Crusader Formula No Longer Obtainable

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As some of you heard during yesterdays recording - the formula for enchant weapon crusader is no longer obtainable in game. The few mobs that dropped this formula have been removed from the game due to the shattering. 

This creates a "glyph of mage armor" effect, where there are recipes still out there that were obtained pre-shattering that are going for low-normal price, when they should be listed for extremely high prices. If you see a crusader formula, instantly buy it out and flip it, those who really know what's going on will most likely be willing to pay top dollar for the formula.

As far as the actual scrolls in game ( if you already have the enchant learned ), you can sort of create a monopoly and control the market as less and less people will have the actual enchant themselves. Crusader is a rather popular enchant for BOA's, so the demand is there it's just a matter of time before the supply won't be there due to the lack of people who learned the recipe before it was removed. My suggestion is to take advantage of the formula no longer being obtainable and try to control the market it shouldn't be too hard and it could potentially lead into huge profit margins.

This has happened before as some of you may know ( glyph of mage armor ), where Blizzard removes something, perhaps by accident or whatever and insane profits can be made from the mistake. Take advantage and don't miss out on this opportunity, it won't ever happen again and it shouldn't be much longer before Blizzard fixes this issue.

Sorry for the delay folks, blogger took a mind of it's own this morning and decided not to publish the scheduled post at 8:00am.

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  1. Here I was in the middle of writing a scathing remark about being late. I guess blaming it on the host site is acceptable....this time. :) A great way of really controlling this market is to buy all the cheap formulas and just hold them. This means fewer and fewer people on your server have them and you can just pump the scrolls out and name your price. Eventually it'll be worth dropping a recipe on the AH, but I wouldn't for a least a month or two.

  2. And you say this 5 months after the shattering? Wow, fresh info man.

  3. Taba, not everything is always caught instantly, some things slip through cracks and such before they're discovered

  4. This "news" has been around since December.

  5. Not everyone knows about this. I still think Mage has a good post here to be honest.

  6. What Mage should be broadcasting is get rid of the enchant while you can.

    I had previously been farming these before the shattering as they'd sell for a few thousand gold each. I sold my last 2 patterns I had laying around about a month ago @ 25k each, and that was a lofty number to me. Some servers may be able to sell them for more!

    What you can count on however is that Blizzard will reintroduce this enchant in a future patch. We've seen countless items "accidentally" removed only to be re-added to the game a short time later.


  7. I just Snatched 5 off the's for 500g Each, Sold 2 off them for 30k Each.

  8. The enchanters who know the crusader already will not magically disappear, even when the next expansion comes, there will still be enchanters around with the crusader enchant learned. And as many have pointed out, blizzard will most likely re-introduce the enchant to the game, so the scroll market wont be that great, and not at all like the mage armor thing was.

    The formula however, is totally worth having on your snatchlist :)

  9. If you can no longer get crusader orbs, then knowing the enchant will be meaningless. Herein lies the question: Do crusader orbs stick around?

  10. Will righteous orbs stick around, that's the question.

  11. According to the comments on Wowhead there are reports of people claiming to have spoken to GMs who have verified that the recipe does indeed still exist. Of course those GMs aren't willing to tell people which mobs now drop the recipe. If this is true you shouldn't be expecting a fix. Of course we can obviously tell the item is at the very LEAST a rare rare drop. Considering what people are asking for shield - lesser block....


  12. I am sorry guys and gals, i have been reading this blog and all the others that are linked to this site,and for the last three months all you are doing is copping each others information and brinning nothing new. Accept for Stokpile!
    Writing a blog and copying some one else's information is very sad, if you don't have anything new to contribute just don't post on that day. We the readers will still follow your blogs!

    Regards, a long time reader of over two years!

  13. I have had a different experience with this one so far. After reading the post, I checked my AH (Dalaran Alliance Server) and saw two listed for 500g each and bought both of them. I listed one up for 25K, checked on it the next morning and someone had listed one for 15K. I reposted mine and checked again later and someone had listed one for 5K. Now, there are about 10 listed between about 550g and 800g. Trying to decide now if I should just dump for the small profit or hang on to them for a while.

  14. I have had quite the experience also. I saw this post, went to the ah, found it for 4999 99 99 and bought it. UJ said that it's mean on my server was 20k so naturally I thought /cheer! It didn't sell for a week, so I even resorted to some dirty tricks, still nothing. I just now sold it not five minutes ago for 5500g and mine has been the only one on the ah this entire time. A lot of folks just didn't know I suppose or didn't care. But nonetheless, i got rid of it, made 500g ish and now can move on! lol

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