Do you have too many Justice Points?

I've personally had my justice points at a cap for roughly a week now, just waiting for 4.1 to drop so I can snag some maelstroms, but in the meantime I'm still earning more JP and I don't want them to go to waste so I looked around and thought of things I could buy with my JP that would be worthwhile.

I gave it some good thought before I came up with the idea of turning in some of my JP for primordial saronites. You read correct, that old crappy stuff that still goes for 100-200g at the AH still sells constantly. I've managed to snag 10 in the past week or so and I've sold them all for about 150g per.

Check out this graph that outlines the prices of primordial saronite across all US realms:

On some servers the price for primordial saronites are well above 200g, and sometimes as high as 4-500g. There is still a slight demand for this item as you need a ton to build the legendary item Shadowmourne. I personally know of six guilds on my realm that are currently trying to obtain this legendary and they buy the primordials off the AH whenever they can.

So if you have some spare JP or you're JP is capped, spend some on primordials to make sure that your daily heroic isn't wasted.

P.S. A recording of last nights meeting will be posted later today as me/we're having some issues with it. Check back later today. Sorry folks!

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  1. Or buy the old WOTLK gems because of all the 70s buying brutal gear these days. Been selling Cardinal Rubies for 100-150g for weeks now.

  2. Or you can use your JP to buy the rep tokens for the Northrend Factions(each token gives 525 Rep, and only costs 16 JP. It goes down to 8JP after the patch I think)

  3. King's Amber is one of the old WotLK gems which regained a bit of value (1) from the last expansion. Cuts aside engineers need it to craft Jeeves (2).


  4. OMG i love you for this...!!! I tried this today and made almost 5kg from my JP capped mage!!! TY TY TY

  5. Sadly, we have a right numpty on our EU server who is obviously JP capped and have bought up a load of these. Rather than post at the 199g mark which would have undercut most of the competition all 27 have been listed at 60gold.

    Whilst I'm tempted to buy them all up flip and re-post a few I'm unsure if I'll get burnt by this as more people catch on.

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