A Great Item To Add To Your Snatch List

This item can and will make you thousands of gold. It's very heavily in demand and can be bought out for absurdly cheap prices, because people don't know the true value for this item. It's been around for almost three years and now the demand for this item is higher than ever, especially since the supply is very, very low. One person will need roughly 60 of this item to stop needing said item, and people are willing to pay absurdly high prices for said item, as it will yield them thousands of gold over the span of several weeks.

What could I be talking about? Is it profession related? Or is it just a vanity item? Why do you need 200 of them? What the hell is it, Mageshadow?

Books of glyph mastery. You read correctly, these books are literally gold mines. They're very scarce in supply but their demand is insane. Scribes need 57 of these books to completely fill their profession book with every single glyph that's currently in game.

I've had this item on my snatch list for months, 3 months before Cataclysm to be exact, I managed to snag roughly 150 before cataclysm, and I've been steadily selling them off at 600-700g per book. It's made me thousands upon thousands of gold.

My suggestion would be to add this book to your The Undermine Journal notification list as well as your auctioneer/auctionator snatch list and buy them when they're below 2-300g, then flip them. You could also control this market very easily as the supply is extremely short, due to the lack of people playing wrath content; with the exception of levelers simply leveling through the zones.

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  1. Pristine Black Diamond?

  2. What about Adventurer's Journal?

  3. just to clarify, there are 54 glyphs you can learn from these books

  4. Scribes only need 57(58?) of them, as there are only 57 Glyphs learned from them.

    But still yes, quite the money maker.

  5. A scribe originally needed 57 of them to get all the original patterns, not hundreds. I haven't kept track of changes to that number over the years but it may be as low as 50 and as high as 60 now.

    But besides that detail, the advice is still good. The books only drop in Wrath content. The patterns they provide are found nowhere else. And several of those patterns are bread and butter for their respective classes.

  6. Just noticed a Book of Glyph Mastery in my bag that I must have got from a dungeon. I never realised how much they sell for until I read this, and then I looked at my AH. 600g each ^^ I sold mine for that much within 5 minutes. If you find one of these, don't vendor it! Fantastic item to sell, no doubt about that.

  7. Shoosh You!! I've been snatching these FOR my scribe. ;-)

  8. I only learned inscription 1.5 months ago. I'm half way through the 90 days of daily research and I am at 37/57 books learned. I had to buy all 37 books. Fortunately, I've been setting up alerts and gotten them anywhere from 10g-400g. Right now there is 12 books on sale buy for 1000+g each so I just have to keep waiting until it's under 400g again. So I've only spent 6K for the 37 books as I buy from of them in bulk or under 100g.

    Fortunately, inscription has given me big returns even though I only level it 1.5 months ago. I have made 200k profit from it. So the cost of the books isn't a big deal. I can only imagine how powerful I will be once I complete the 90 days of research and read all the books. Yes, I have to relist 1-3 times a day to even have a chance to making sells. It's part of the game.

  9. Another thing you can do is hoard them, don't sell them; to keep a monopoly on the glyphs that are created by them.

  10. Got into a discussion with a fellow a couple days ago who said he's been getting the Books for free, out of trade chat, in exchange for cutting a couple glyphs to the donor...

  11. One of my bigger AH-mistakes relates exactly to this wonderful item.
    I sold off about 5 stacks (100, yes, 100) at a price around 15g during the final time in Wrath.

    An ohnoes! On my server in the range of 350-600g apiece now...

  12. I'm the guy earlier that mention i made 200k from glyphs.. i want to add more to it.

    Another reason I picked up inscription was for Mysterious fortune card, fortune cookie, and especially Darkmoon trinkets.

    This is my 1st faire; I will probably do one more and that's about it. I went all out. I made 45 trinkets. I completely owe the trinket market on my server and sold 30 of them already. So I probably made 250k+. However, I farmed about 85% of the mats myself and probably spent 100+ hours farming whiptail on my druid. Obviously this is extreme and I have no life lol. I used blackfallow for mysterious fortune card and cookies when I can but had to trade some for infernos as I had too many of them.

    Also before I undertook adventure I did the math. It takes about 3 hours of farming to make 8 random cards. The mats I gather from 3 hours is worth
    10k of which 7k goes to Darkmoon. The extra 3k is from ores, gems, and extra volatiles because I mine along the route. So I can say at most a single trinket cost 7K to make. The secret to get the cost down is to turn as many Blackfallow Ink into fortune cards. If you turn them all in you effectively get free infernos. This reduce the cost of the trinket from 7K to 2.5k. Obviously since I made 45 trinkets there was no way I can make that many fortune cards with the Blackfallows I had. So I will say my real cost of the trinket is about 5K of mats which I farmed myself. Earthquake goes for 7k, hurricane/volcano 10-15k, tsunami 18-22k. So i really score big on my 1st darkmoon faire as the expensive of having no life and farming for 80+ hours but that's another story.

    If anyone cares, I had 145k on 12/7/10 and 1.2 mil liquid on 3/9/2011 before my darkmoon adventure. As of today I have 1.6 mil liquid and I think about 18 trinkets and 4 raid BoE(i flip them) yet to be sold.
    Inscription is now 25% of my profits, JC (12%) , mine/herb farming (25%), playing AH(buying low/selling normal, flipping epics) (25%), the rest is from BS/enchanting/alchemy.

    Thanks for reading!

  13. As a leveling inscriptionist who easily pulls in 5k a day from glyphs, you have just made my life much, much harder.

  14. rubiksguy

  15. This is a secret you keep until you know all the glyphs from this book. I guess mage just got his last ;)

    Personally I've "snatched" them up for 200g or lower, seen many at 30-50g, but for that to happen you have you buy out the 2-300g ones, and then people will come along and post them very low cause they have now clue. You can easily reset the price up towards 6-700g. Its a nice little secret you just ruined for us Mage. :P

    With great power comes great responsibility ;)

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