How did your patch 4.1 go? I made 63k.

Yep that's right. I made 35k in a matter of a couple hours yesterday. How? I was prepared and I managed to pull another awesome 28k today as well. I knew what the patch was bringing but did you? were you prepared? I'm going to tell you how and what items I sold to pull in an absurd average of 31k/day in the past two days.

The most profitable market for me has been cut gems, especially Inferno rubies. Wow these things are a gold mine. I sell them 130-150g per and they sell in batches. These new heroics really upped the demand for cut gems and I sure was ready for it. I've pulled in 40% of my "profit" in the past two days from gems - that's right 25k from gems in two days.

My next most profitable items were enchants & leg enchants/spellthreads. Both of these sold extremely well due to the demand for them because of the new heroics. I'm completely out of tailoring materials as of right now because I simply didn't expect the demand to be this high. I've pulled in 25% of my "profit" in the past two days from these puppies. I expect the demand to keep up for another week or so, when people will have already farmed their desired gear and the demand will slowly but surely plummet.

There's still 35% left mageshadow, whered that last chunk of gold come from? I'd have to say Glyphs, Pets and other miscellaneous items such as chocolate cookies & volatiles. The biggest chunks would have to be glyphs and volatiles. The new glyph of frost armor has been selling exceptionally well. If you don't have it already - it's learned through northrend research. Volatiles are also selling well, especially fire volatiles.

I also found that vendor pets are selling exceptionally well. I had a small supply of vendor pets and I actually had to go out and buy more from the multiple places that you can acquire them from. So if you're looking for easy gold try selling some vendor pets.

Last but not least, I checked the Cataclysm rare spawns... and found none. If I see the mount on the AH for under 15-20k I'll buy it and most likely flip it. It's a nice niche item that can be flipped/sold for great profit. Remember when the Sandstone drake first reached people on your server? It was going for 75, 90, and at time 100k+. People will pay to be one of the firsts to own such mounts, trust me.

Well that's what I did to pull in roughly 63,000g in two days, what have you done? How much have you made? What items do you find are selling well? Drop a comment below!

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  1. I made a respectable - for me - 10k. About 50% of that from Glyph of Frost Armor. Quite easy when you're the only one on the AH with the recipe. It wasn't until today that another scribe started posting it, so the price was mine to command.

    Most of the rest came from cookies - sold about 400 at 4g each to one guy, who proceeded to try and flip them. I had even more cooking tokens spare, so put up another 400 more, which also sold.

    Most other things, the competition is too fierce for me on my server, but I'll get there

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  3. Gratz...I can't get auctioneer to work. I have updated auctioneer, tsm and zeroauctions...and i can't get any addon to work..
    I missed out.

  4. @Rachel's Dad

    I had a problem where I would open the auction house and nothing worked. I closed the auctioneer window and clicked the auctioneer again and it worked fine. I have had to do this everytime I want to do anything at the AH.

    Maybe this solution works for you?

  5. I certainly didn't make that much, but I'm churning out enchanting scrolls and leg armor sooo fast. Weird things happening to the AH - mfc's are selling much higher and no one is competing. People seem to be so enthralled with the dungeons that no one is spending time making money. That's good business for me.

  6. I made a whopping 6k, and that was only due to a Peerless Stats enchant selling. The gem market on my server hasn't budged. Cut inferno's sell for between 80g and 90g, and the undercutting competition is impossible to keep up with. Other gems haven't changed in price, and ore and volatiles have all gone up in price. It's rather disheartening.

  7. Whitewold is having some issues posting and he's asked me to post this for him:


    The temporary fix for it is to open and close it...then open it again. I hear that they're working on a permanent solution.

    Re: 4.1 Sales

    I logged in to find I had about 130k in my mailboxes. About 1/3 was from Argent tourney pet sales, and 2/3rds from DMF trinket sales.

    On a hunch, I'd posted extra tanking trinkets, figuring that a lot of tanks would be dusted off for the Call to Arms LFG change and sure enough, Earthquake and Hurricanes sold well.

    Post 4.1,I sold about 20 of the Winterspring cubs in the 500-1k range before the unwashed masses started to undercut each other.

    Despite some extinct recipes being returned to the game on trainers, I somehow managed to sell a couple I had posted for 2k each, before the servers went down.

    I was completely taken by surprise that Blizz took the high-end crafting patterns and put them on major city trainers. I went on a spree and wound up spending close to 30k to level several lvl 75 alts.

    Actually, that change alone has made me reconsider the short and long-term projections for the wow economy. I no longer think ore values will plummet. In fact, I see all mats being ~very~ active for the first week or two just from people finishing off profession levelling. If you've got warehoused mats, now would be a good time to post them.

  8. My gold was made with leather leg enchants and blue gems. Right now, Obsidium ore stacks are @ 20g, so I bought 80 stacks, Elementium ore is at 30g a stack and I bought 100 stacks. Im am still shuffling at these prices and transmuting Carnelians into Rubies. I can't keep gems in stock, so far I am up 17k from yesterday. Thanks for all the info Mage.

  9. grats.

    i managed to sell a few leg patches. most of my stuff aren't moving. the undercutting is extremely vicious this time.

    my items will definitely clear with some profit, so i'm not worried about that.

  10. Made 140k and counting from gems alone. But I have to admit that I spent about 20 hours camping the auction house constantly undercutting my competition to achieve this. It also helped that I stockpiled gems in vast quantities, partly because of the tipps on this site.

  11. I made about 15k. About 4k in chocolate cookies (only one in AH and barking for about 2 hours), gems, and enchants. I had stacks and stacks of gems saved up from all shuffling over the past few weeks. I also got lucky the day before patch and bought 80 inferno rubies at 50g each. Cut and still flipping them at 125-150g each.

  12. I made a solid 35k during the 2 days. I sold Cut inferno rubies and meta gems, as well as spellthreads and enchants.

  13. You're right Mage. Terokkar sucks for earning gold.


  14. So far made around 15K, and if the trend continues I will have doubled my gold position since Monday (only a beginner goblin).

    Basically made most on Cookies, had the AH all to myself for the first 24hrs, then pets and leg enchants. I suspect some of my earnings have been hampered by a lack of stock, I just didn't have the gold to properly fund having a inventory. Something that should be resolved once the week is over :).

  15. If I didnt sell a Brilliant Inferno Ruby in 5 minutes, I knew I was undercutted. It was crazy. I made about 11k. But I only sold 3 spellthreads, was never undercutted, they just didnt sell... I camped that AH like it was only my territory, and I'm very happy with what I made. Pets however its not for my server, I only sold the Winterspring Cub. And some crossfaction.

  16. Made like 10k golds just by selling Personal World Destroyer and about same amount by crafting Delicate Inferno Ruby (bought gems for 20g before patch and now selling for about 80g each)... great blog btw ;)

  17. I must say I thought I came prepared for this patch - but as you report demand is much higher then expected.

    So far I have made 45k in the last two days, mainly selling gems but also sold the last tsunami deck!

    I managed to sell bold and delicate inferno rubies as high as 350g each!!!

    Meta gems are rolling as well - sadly ore prices is still too high for shuffling and Im burning through my stocks so fast!


  18. Made about 11k from gems, mainly from bold and brilliant, about 9k from buckles and probably only a measly 4k from glyphs.Other sales combined from volatiles and , amazingly, from heavenly shards (sold about 250 at 33g when they were 10g medium a day before) and from enchants scrools, about 10k.
    Was an ok day,only diference was in selling a truckload of volatiles and the heavenly shards.

  19. Made about 20k mostly in the gem market and a few thousand in enchant mats. I too found the auctioneer addon wonky but eventually figured like Mage said 'open and close'. There is a key to this here; when you open the AH, look in the upper left and see if you can see the auctioneer's face in the little circle. If you can, then all is good. If you can't, close and open until you do. According to some other addon site that I don't recall, Blizz did some sort of changes to the internal communications to addons so that may be the reason.

  20. I don't really know exactly how much I made since patch 4.1. I do know I've been selling 5-10k worth of cut gems per day. Everything actually is selling well I'm out or low on stock on almost everything. My sales include volatiles, herbs, cut gems, glyphs, mysterious fortune card, flipping epics, clothes, and enchants. Selling tons of mighty stats +15, weapon enchants, belt buckles. But seriously everything is selling like crazy. I've been buying all the insanely cheap herbs posted by them farmers early on the morning and relisting it at 2-3 as much. all selling later in the day. My darkmoon trinkets haven't been moving as well in the last seven days. I only have 9 out of the 50 i made left. Now i'm only make trinkets if the herbs are below 30g/stack and selling mysterious fortune and fortune cookies with the blackfallows. that seems to work good.

    My liquid was 1.42 mil on 3/7. Now three weeks later I'm at 1.92 mil liquid or about 500k gain.

  21. 31k for Friday/Saturday.

    With my one character...

    I need to get some alts up on my new server...

  22. As a rare mount collector, I had made camping for Poseidus my top priority, even more so when I realized no one else was. Was hoping for a big payday by selling the first one.
    However I quickly found out he wasn't spawning, likely due to all the server restarts and so I started the AH camping game late, but I've had an outstanding week regardless.

    I flipped a Maldo's Swordcane for a 21k profit.

    Bracers of Darkpool for 9k profit.

    About 20k+ in cut gem sales.

    About 10k in bag sales, embersilk, frostweave and netherweave all have been doing exceptionally well.

    Hypnotic Dust and Greater Essences have skyrocketed in price on my server, I ran out of supplies within the first 2 hours today and kick myself for being lazy Thursday and not shuffling rings for mats >.<

    Lastly I made about 10k off flipping herbs that I'd stockpiled earlier in the week when they were super cheap.

    Hope everyone has had a spectacular week/weekend and if you haven't, get out there and make a killing!!

  23. Anonymous said... May 4, 2011 at 7:09 AM

    I made about 20k and your tips played a big part in that margin.
    Too bad the price or ores didn't collapse like predicted. They went up 40%. Next patch I'm stockpiling ores no matter what ppl say :p.

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