How do you make gold with low Capital?

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How do you make gold with low Capital?

Nerf Faids
" This is definitely my favorite way to jumpstart gold making with a low amount of gold to invest. Not everyone can afford to dump thousands of gold into shuffling but pretty much anyone can afford a few vendor recipes for a couple silver each. Give it a shot, I think you may be pleased!" Or something else like that from the post.  I just feel the first paragraph isn't really inclusive of the topic. =]  Whatever works best for y'all though. "

Bangkok Bill's World of Goldcraft

" I think the answer really varies with the situation but the above subcategories should give enough variety in the answers that one of them should be able to get you gold quickly. So for the answers to the questions... How would I make gold if I had low capital and I was below level 85? " This is a pretty easy one. First download and install Gathermate2, and RecipeProfit (also don't forget to get the Gathermate 2 data).

" I Mmt a player today via trade chat. Super nice guy. He was selling some Primals, which I buy whenever the price is right. They are great for flipping, can be useful in crafting and if nothing else can be turned into Primal Might which sells for around 325g per unit. Phuggly and I began chatting. ((and he gave permission to use his screen name)). Seems he was trying to raise gold for Cold Weather Flying. "

The Gold Queen
Farming has had a bad rep over the last few years. Usually because of gold sellers / hacks / botting, where you find a character repeating the same mind-numbing path in a high-profit zone picking up loot from mobs, killing and skinning creatures, or gathering ore and herbs.  Woah, back up a minute there, did you say ‘high profit’ ? There’s a clue to why they choose that spot to farm.  No capital is needed to go and simply lift gold off mobs bodies, rip the gold from them in the form in leather, or grab gold from ore or herb nodes.

Loot Crazed
" We all have to start somewhere and its not like the game just gives it to us. Ok so maybe it does after years of doing it but if your reading this you are most likely not a WoW Gold Millionaire. So here it is sit back, relax and read my blog post because it's what all the cool kids do these days. There is many ways that you can really make this happen but today I will be explaining my favorite and most lucrative way at a low level or even a maxed level character that just doesn't have the capital to really dive into the wider aspects of gold making. "

Power Word: Gold
" We will be buying Alliance-specific cooking recipes from Kendor Kabonka ("Master of Cooking Recipes") and selling them to the horde via the neutral or horde auction house. These recipes have very low vendor cost. Alliance players at any level can take advantage of this with little or no capital. Head to the Old Town area of Stormwind . You are looking for the Pig and Whistle Tavern. The tavern entrance is directly above the "O" in the words "Old Town" on the map. "

Exploiting My Server
" The single most foolproof way to get your business going is to go with a guarantee.  What I mean by this is go with something that you know 100% of the time you’re going to sell within a 24 hour period.  Go with the professions that you can do both at the same time. Herbalism and Mining!  Obviously if you’re starting out the easiest and most cost efficient professions you can have are Mining and Herbalism. They are 100% profit. "

Xander's Gold Mine
" Well this is right up my alley as I do have low capital which is my own fault because I’m always spending.  But I’m spending to make gold if I can’t make a profit off of it then I don’t buy it. On to the More important info. So how to make gold with low capital? Well there are a lot of things you can do to make gold with little gold. You just have to make smart investments and not dump all of your gold on one item and hope it sells. In some of my older posts I mentioned flipping vendor items for profit, flipping trade goods, The Obsidium Shuffle. "

The Vayaz
" You know that city, I’m sure of that. But do you like it, now that the portals are removed? Personally, I do like it very much. Not only is it a beautifully crafted city, but there also are various opportunities to make gold. For obvious reasons, most of them are usually uncovered: It’s really annoying to get there if you’re not a leveling character in Northrend. Today I want you to think about Dalaran, since you should be visiting it sometimes… more regularly if you happen to be a mage. So, what’s in it for you? "

That's all for this month folks! An excellent set of submissions from the blogosphere, be sure to drop by and leave a comment or two on their blogs! Also be sure to check out the past JMTC Blogging Carnivals for even more great stuff to read!

8 comments: on "How do you make gold with low Capital?"

  1. Everyone had great posts. Thanks for checking mine out. And thanks JMTC for making the Carnival a priority on the site today. I had a blast writing my post for this months. Hope to see you all next month. -Joel (Loot Crazed)

  2. I always get so excited seeing my name in a post like this, I'm such a little kid sometimes! LOL.

  3. "" This is definitely my favorite way to jumpstart gold making with a low amount of gold to invest. Not everyone can afford to dump thousands of gold into shuffling but pretty much anyone can afford a few vendor recipes for a couple silver each. Give it a shot, I think you may be pleased!" Or something else like that from the post. I just feel the first paragraph isn't really inclusive of the topic. =] Whatever works best for y'all though. "

    LMAO, I love that the last sentence with my request made it in there too. xD

    Thanks for keeping the carnivals up, I love participating. Now to read all these great posts!

  4. It's simply amazing. The one time I did not participate, a post of mine was linked immediately (though at the bottom), whereas all the other times when I did, it wasn't included (i.e., overlooked).
    How did you pick one, when there was none mentioning the JMTC Carnival, 'cause that's what I do when writing a post dedicated to the Carnival topic? :O

    I really appreciate the "free" link, but I feel like that post's content doesn't exactly fit with the Carnival topic.

    Of course, it's not completely off and could be applied in that scenario, but a real Carnival post would've been... better.

  5. regurgitated info in a couple of posts =( c'mon I know you guys are better then that.

    I liked the posts without having to drop my professions or get another add on, or worse, pay some real life money for an ebook.

    Maybe the topic should have been more specific like How do you make gold without addons or how to make gold without being 80+?

  6. Vayaz, I picked that specific post because it was the most on-top post that I could find. I wanted you to be in the carnival even if you didn't put in a submission, I apologize if you didn't want to be included

  7. @waipahu

    How to make gold without addons: Do exactly what you do with addons, just spend a lot more time and do a lot more math. So, instead of having TSM automatically tell you, based on current prices from the scan you just did, how much you stand to profit from X scroll, go search for the scroll, search for the mats, add up the cost of mats and subtract that from the cost of the scroll to get your expected profit. Need to post 50 gems? Manually drag and drop and price with the default UI. Need to cancel auctions you've been undercut on? Manually search for each item you have posted, check and see if anyone has undercut you, cancel, run to the mail box, shift-click each item, then go and repost.

    Pretty sure that's about it, so there you go!

    There's pretty much no point in doing a post about making gold with addons. If you want to make serious gold, you should use addons. The only reason I could see for not using them would be as part of a masochistic experiment.

    Also, I believe a lot of the info in the posts this carnival can be used by people below lvl 85.

  8. Well, what should I say? Thanks, probably.
    It's just that I feel like that post is rather poor when compared to the real Carnival submissions, since it was intended to be a small "filler" post without much significance.

    Anyway, suppose I better write a real Carnival post for next month.

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