Investing In Elementium Geodes

Sterling over at the Consortium forums has made a very interesting post that I believe if you haven't read it already I suggest you go do so: Go Long on Elementium Geodes.

To sum the post up, Sterling tells you to go out and buy those pesky elementium geodes that are sitting at the auction house for cheap and hold onto them to flip later down the road. Personally, I think this is a rather excellent tip, especially with the recent data-mined ( well it's on the PTR ) change to cut uncommon gems going from 9g to 75s.

Botters could potentially swap over to herbs, leaving the ore market behind, along with this pet. Less supply for the pet means prices could potentially rise in the long run, thus creating an excellent gold making opportunity. Another thought: There are new pet achievements coming out in 4.1/4.2, creating a slight demand for pets, if pet collectors don't already have this guy you could see them buying them for more than they usually go for.

If your server has lopsided population, you could try to sell these cross faction, it'll work especially well if you're on a very min/max server where one side is very little and contains very few/no botters.

My suggestion would be to put these puppies on your snatch list ( or TUJ notification list ) and pick them up when they're rather cheap, then hold onto them for a bit, and sell for profit if possible, if not hold onto them some more and check back later.

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  1. does not sell at all. i tried ~10 times at reasonable prices

  2. Won't work. Botters usually don't give a crap about gold/hour since botting requires no effort.

  3. I agree with what was said above, but also, I think the price drop in elementium wont be so bad...

    Bottom line, yes the prices will drop, but craftable items, enchants, and the blues will keep the demand...

    Yes it wont be as good as it has been in the past, but I think everyones over exagerating...

    Elementium will still be mined, and the pets will still flood the market...

    I dont see the price in these raising enough to make it worth the investment.

  4. If you think abit further than just the next patch, think next expansion. There wont be botters to mine for those pets, and the prices will skyrocket.

  5. Hrudek@Ragnaros said... April 12, 2011 at 6:48 PM

    So from what Ive read, some people seem to think lots of bots will switching to herbing. This will cause a slight problem in the volatile life market. Personally, I expect a substantial loss if lots of bots switch over. Lets remember how much they dropped when whiptail bugged. Personally, my advice is sell all volatiles and herbs right now, and when they all drop in price, snatch them up! They will most likely rise again in the next banwave or if in 4.2 they add a new ore, thats where the botting will be.

  6. Sponser is right. The best time to invest in these is just before the next expansion.

    I did a similar thing with the argent pets and the Gundrak hatchling which sell well now.

    That said, I'm remaining nervous about staying in the pet trade as the new Call to Arms reward bags include "a good chance" to obtain one of any number of pets.

    The pets that drop haven't been listed but they have said they will be any pet including cross-faction ones. I'm waiting to see what impact this has on the pet market before I make any more investments

  7. I've been snatching these up as low as 90g apiece. Most commonly in the range 100-125g.

    New scans show prices starting at 350g.
    A buy three-sell one for breakeven is an interesting market.

    This will work.

    Besides, wowhead estimates droprate to be 0,1 % - if so, then it cannot be that many as to talk of a flood?

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