JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting Recording

Howdy guys and girls, last night we had another fantastic meeting. A wide variety of topics were discussed during the meetings, and I'm really happy with the outcome. I've decided to stop using podomatic since someone gave me access to their hosting, so I'll be using that from now on, now don't worry you'll still get your stream, it'll just be a little different.

Do not that I had to leave the meeting early due to a small emergency ( non related to my sister as prncesspwn said during the meeting ) no harm done though the crew & especially prncesspwn kept the show running while I was gone. She also did the timestamps, so be sure to thank her for the hard work!

To those of you who wish to download the meeting instead, follow this link to find yourself a multiupload link. Hope you enjoy it!

0:05 - How to prepare for 4.1- What should you stockpile and unload?
0:14 - Books of glyph Mastery
0:16 - Executioner Enchant
0:18 - Making gold on a new server with no help
0:21 - How often do we all Spend making gold?
0:24 - Can engineering make you money?
0:26 - Any definite news on pyrite ore containing epic gems
0:27 - Can you be too aggressive in markets?
0:29 - Do you dress up your bank toons? Is there a market for vanity items?
0:30 - Green gems after patch
0:35 - Moving 1500 mysterious fortune cards
0:40 - Quanity of ore on AH
0:42 - Top 5 vendor recipes to sell on AH
0:48 - What to do with rare gems0
0:52 - What to focus on when you have all professions
0:54 - Do old-world items still sell?
0:59 - Selling low-lvl greens in cata
1:01 - What to do with all of your pyrite?
1:02 - What is the best server combo to make gold?
1:11 - What the trend with gold on your server? Do people have it?
1:15 - Will ZA/ZG kill off crafted epics profits?
1:18 - Tanking a glyph market, does it work?
1:25 - Inferno ink and cards
1:31 - Making a lvling guild to benifit from the perks

Contact Info:
Alto - Alto Goldish Advice - @Altosgold
Sinku - Exploiting My Server - @Dollada06
Mageshadow - Just My Two Copper - @Mageshadow @Mageshadow1 ( Skype )
Nossdeath - @Nossdeath
Prncesspwn - - @Prncesspwn
Xandereragon - Xanders Gold Mine
Bangkok Bill - Bangkok Bills World of Gold - @Bangkokbill555
Chris - Addicted 2 Azeroth Podcast
Cold - Cold's Gold Factory - @ssmith0911
Vince - Bank of Wukam

13 comments: on "JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting Recording"

  1. CAnt listen it. Somewhy it doesent work

  2. Wont play for me either, DL also did not work

  3. Truly sorry about that, it seems that it doesn't like spaces in the name of the stream, had to re-upload it without spaces, it's been fixed and should be working.

  4. Anon, please try it again

  5. Its working for me now ty

  6. I love the epic silence after the engineering question. I wish Id' been there. xD

  7. Yeah. I also liked the engineering silence. I could have driven a seige engine through it without scraping the paint. :)

    As for Books of Glyph Mastery...

    I ~may~ be one of the original sources for some of the confusion surrounding Books of Glyph Mastery and what patterns they can/can't teach you.

    I wasn't all that rich when Books of Glyph Mastery were first introduced to live servers, having somewhere between 5-8k gold. (Yes, I was poor once.)

    Many non-scribe players didn't know what they were, so I was able to purchase my first 5 for under 100g each, giving me 5 temporary glyph monopolies.

    Within a day though, due to increased tradechat conversation, they were being posted in the ah for up to 1000g. There was no way I'd be able to quickly grab 57 (originally 58 but they cancelled a rogue glyph at the last minute) of them at that price so, in order to diminish my competition's enthusiam for buying them, I had one of my anonymous alts "postulate" in trade that if someone hadn't done all their researches already, the books ~might~ only teach you a research glyph....or you already knew.

    It had the desired effect. As AH inventory increased, tradechat offers went down to 500g...then 400g...and so on, as others picked up on my disinformation and spread it as gospel.

    Meanwhile, my glyph monopolies were generating 400-500g per glyph. However, as soon as a competitor also got a given pattern, prices on that glyph would dive down to 100g. As soon sales afforded me, I'd scoop up additional books.

    I also spent a lot of time building a small spreadsheet to keep track of which glyphs had been discovered on which faction and which ones were no longer monopolies. I made a few trading deals cross faction to import ones lacking in my home ah, to give the impression that I'd learned more than I actually had.

    It took about 5-6 days but I eventually had all the new patterns and immediately made a point of advertising that fact in tradechat. That knocked any remaining wind out of my scribe competitors, who saw no logic in paying 1000g for Books that could no longer give them a monopoly. They were quite public in stating they wouldn't pay more than 200g for a book from that point on.

    Latching onto that, I bought a few extra books and posted them at HIGHER prices on the AH...1500g. And kept reposting them at that price for a few weeks. Human nature being what it is, the other book sellers dug in their heels and would justify their 1000g prices by pointing to my 1500g listings. That kept a lot of books out of the competition's hands for a while longer.

    So, as one of the frst people who did learn all the Book glyphs, I can confirm that once you've learned all the patterns in that family of glyphs, if you try to use an additional book, it won't let you. It's always been that way.

  8. I have to ask Mageshadow: Are you recording these episodes at 4-5am? You always sound so tired at the start of the episodes :P

    Good show though, especially the guild discussion at the end. For those wondering Wowhead does show a list of glyphs that require the Book of Glyph Mastery (1) and you can get an awesome addon called 'Ackis Recipe List' (2) that shows you which glyphs your scribe is missing and how to get them (book, research, etc)!



  9. DL Link not working for me. Says URL not found. I always look forward to listening to this driving to work sundays, but sadly it never really works out for me. Thanks for all the hard work though, I enjoy these meetings thoroughly!

  10. I am listening now and with the talk of herb prices tanking I was wondering if anyone had done the math on fortune cards. What is the EV of a card and how cheap do herbs have to get before making them to use them is profitable?

  11. Someone during the cast said you could turn in an inferno ink for 10 blackfallow. This doesn't appear to be true (but I'd love it to be).

  12. Time stamps are off by a few minutes it seems (i was trying to find that awkward engineering silence at 24mins, but it was actually at 19mins). I'm assuming you edited something early in to cause this?

  13. Engineering can make a lot of money. If you use it in conjuction with mining, you get a TON of volatile airs whilst getting your materials. With the trade skill perk in guild, you can find 3-4 max at a node. These sell for 20g-25g a pop, coupled with pyrium and elemtnium. It can make serious gold when farming.

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