JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting Recording

Alright folks, I'm sorry for the long delay but here is the recording of last weeks meeting. I had some small issues obtaining, so I apologize for the wait. I won't keep you guys waiting anymore, use the stream below to listen to it instantly or you can download it from Rapidshare if you want to listen to it on the go

Timestamps are credited to Prncesspwn ( as well as the recording of the meeting! ) so really, thank her for running last weeks meeting.

Note: They might a little off as Teamspeak cuts out large audio gaps where no one is talking which results in the audio & timestamps not being exactly in sync, this is not prncess's fault! It's Teamspeaks :P

0:00- Intros
0:04- Pyrite ore prices
0:07- start a partnership in wow
0:09- Any hidden niche market
0:13- Getting into glyph market
0:15- Finding a supplier
0:17- Stockpiling dreamcloth
0:19- PVP gear
0:25- Mobile guild chat
0:30- Enchanting scrolls
0:32- Profession kits
0:33- Upgrading DMF trinkets
0:36- Any point in lvling a JC past lvl 75
0:40- What to do with a stockpile of herbs
0:46- More enchanting scrolls
1:00- Patch should be tuesday
1:05- Blue gems
1:07- New glyph coming out
1:12- Blue gems cuts
1:20- Outro

2 comments: on "JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting Recording"

  1. OMG guys I am so sry to keep you waiting on the recording. I tried uploading the meeting like 7 times throughout the weekend, but the midwest (Indiana in particular) has had intense storms since last Tuesday(the 19th) and it has literally been raining from the 19th and is supposed to continue raining until Thursday! Needless to say, my internet has been less than thrilled! But I finally got it to work, after I came home from Easter! Again I am truly sry for the wait!

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