One Of My Favorite Niche Items To Sell

If you guys should know something about me it's that I simply love niche markets, they're great ways to make gold and almost every single item/market always has great profit margins and generally low competition. I've been selling this item since the start of Wrath; ever since I found out about it. It's a great item that sells well at the auction house when it's barked for and it is crafted by inscription. Can you guess what the item is? It's not Mysterious Fortune cards.

I'll give you another hint, the recipe is BOP and requires a couple minutes of farming to obtain. It can be obtained by killing level 73-74 mobs. Still doesn't ring a bell?

Well if you haven't figured it out already, the item is Rituals of the New Moon. That's right that old offhand tome that's from wrath. This item peaked during wrath but I'm sure ( in fact I know ) most people forgot that this item even exists, that's what is so great about this item there is little to no competition.

I can craft these items for dirt cheap using old materials that I've got stockpiled from Wrath. I've got truckloads of herbs that are simply sitting there and on top of that I've also got thousands of Ink of the Sea just sitting around. I manage to sell these at 150-200g and they often sell after I bark in trade. "Barking" is basically advertising to those of you who don't know the meaning.

If you're looking for more info/tips on this item check out this old forum threads that dates back to Wrath times: The Wonder that is Rituals of New Moon. It's got great content and ways to market this item as well as just awesome information that you should read before trying to actively market this item.

If you're looking for a nice niche market that has great profit margins then go ahead and give this item a try.

  1. I've sold like 10's of these already, I've tried barking them which helps speed things along as well. I find half of the buyers just get it for the transformation.

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