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"Hi Marko,

A while ago I sent a rather large rambling praise filled email about your wow gold guide and my (then) new membership.  Well, get a drink and a comfy chair because now you are getting a detailed feedback, and (I hope) an ego boost to make your Thursday awesome.

Ok, the site is very digestible in it's chapter lesson plan based format.  This is great for people like myself that are information dyslexic (not a real condition, just scatterbrained). The other nice part is you are not restraining your client base to only do one part at a time. All great things.  I am an audio based learner, so your audio commentary only helps to cement the knowledge.

Now for my minor critiques, the video/sound quality on the tsm video is a bit low.  I'd wish for an HD version to be able to see your settings, or perhaps just a post of screenshots or simply a printout of your choices for settings.  I know it's subject to economy, but a launching point for the uninitiated would be great so we can model after one of the best wow Donald trumps out there.(you, duh. ;) ). Anyway, that is pretty much in ways of nitpicks.  Would love an import of your group breakdowns though, but not sure how much of a pain that is for you to post.

Now, all that negativity aside.  I have to say OMFGWTFBBQ, I am loving this guide.  I started the vendor search for a week and amassed seeding funds to finish off my engineering leveling, made him a skinner as well. So volatile airs abound, and electrified ethers amaze.  But beyond that, I took the tsm addon and used what I gleamed from you and compiled that with ages other gold blogs' info and now have practically automated my bankroll in the glyph, AH posting, and toon mailing departments.  I have never felt a synergy like this among my toons before.  Love that a lot.  As of this writing, I have not only broken through my fear of spending money to make money, but I have broken through my psychological gold limit.  I am now sitting at 9.7k in bank, with 11k in assets on top of that.  At most, I used to do 4 or 5 auctions at a time.  Now I have over 250 going on.  I have been able to focus on finishing up leveling some of my "forgotten" toons, and I am jazzed to get them into my gold making schemes.

Now I am sure that you are swamped with many emails daily, and I apologize if this one finds you annoyed with yet another long email to read, but I can't help but gush about you and your sites.  Thank you very much for providing (for those brave enough to take that first step) a concise "for dummies" approach.

In closing, as summer comes and my non wow life becomes more relaxing (don't ever adopt 5 kids, your days are filled with stress, and gaming is my stress releaser), I am planning on releasing a site for aging gamers such as myself (35 yrs old) to address in weekly blog format understanding of what it's like to be an older gamer and a father of budding gamers.  Mostly I want to touch on philosophies for a zen gaming life and how to apply multiple methodologies to a gamer who is stressed with life and is taking it out in-game.  My wife calls it a vanity project to further develop my lust for writing.  But anyway, I tell you this as I will most definitely address WoW in some posts and will provide a portal to influential blogs that I have personally found beneficial.  Yours and your accompanying paid guide will beheld in high praise with an affiliate link provided.

My hope is to touch, at least, one person's gaming experience and make it better.  But if I can show them the way to your site and product, all the better and I hope they (the hopeful future viewership) embrace your guide.

Well, I have gone on long enough, and my focus is probably losing it's edge by this writing's end.  I wish you well, and hope that you are having a great day.  If you are not having the best Thursday ever, then I hope you are having the best thursday this week. Lol

With best and sincere regards,


You're Welcome!

Thank you for the email Daichiko, you and many others have found the new guide format to be both easy to digest and even easier to put to use. I am very happy for your continued success and innovative use of the guide. I'd also like to reveal to you the awesome news that I found someone who can go into the guide and make further updates for patch 4.1. I'll be releasing the name of the person once the update is ready to be published. Until then, happy gaming!

Your Gold Tips

If you personally have any ideas about the up and coming patch 4.1, including speculation, please feel free to comment about your ideas.

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  1. Loved this post, as a 50-plus gamer, I also play to chill out and relax. My daughter introduced me to World of War Craft a little over a year ago and I have been playing ever since, will probably be playing with my grand kids someday. I need all the help I can get and Marko's wow gold guide is awesome!

  2. am 51 and love this place for gold tips etc, currently sitting on 86k. not quite mastered it yet

  3. I'd be interested in checking out this guy's site about older gamers. Hopefully he contacts you if he gets it up and running and asks you to post the url.

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