Patch 4.1 Preparation

Well this is it folks! 4.1 will be tomorrow according to a handful of trusted sources ( no, mmochamp isn't one them ). By the time you read this post I'm sure the US servers will be down so this post will for the most part be a "check up" to see if you're prepared.

First of all - did you stockpile the top 5 best items to stockpile for patch 4.1? At least some of it? No? well when you log on you'll still have an hour or two before things start to go crazy on you, so if you haven't stockpile anything check the prices and see if you can buy anything cheap/worth flipping.

Last week I also did a mini guide on what you should be doing to prepare for the patch. Have you saved up some JP/Honor? Run on over to the vendor and buy some maelstrom crystals with that and sell them ASAP! You'll be able to make some quick bucks if you're the first to post! Have you parked some alts at the location of the cataclysm rare spawns? No? Better go check on them, especially poseidus as he'll give you the chance to drop a BOE Epic mount which can be ah'ed for thousands of gold!

Do you see any cheap elementium geodes at the auction house? Buy them and flip them! 4.1 brings new achievements as far as pets go and those who don't already have this pet will be willing to buy this pet for a little above it's normal price.

Also, don't forget to check out the JMTC blogroll, there are tons of other blogs that are putting out tips and tricks on how to make gold with patch 4.1.

I hope you guys are prepared for this patch! If you did you could make THOUSANDS of gold selling enchants, pets, gems, spellthreads, volatile and any other item that would be worth stockpiling. If you haven't, hurry! be the first to log onto the servers and buy whatever materials you can while they're still cheap! You've still got a small window of opportunity!

4 comments: on "Patch 4.1 Preparation"

  1. Has the patch hit US yet? Is the gem change live?

    -excited EU'er!

  2. who else is SUPER excited to see that Blizzard didn't think to fix the price of UNCUT GEMS!!!!
    100g a stack to vendor as opposed to 75 silver each. THANK YOU BLIZZARD! Those of us who didnt quite get through all the gems before the shutdown are thoroughly thrilled!!!!

  3. p.s make sure to get it done before restarts! They're fixing it asap!

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