Patch 4.1.0 Gold Tips

Dun Dun Dun!

The wow gold guide has seen one of its largest updates yet, with over five pages of content added by none other than Alto from Alto's Goldish Advice. For current gold guide members, now is a good time to go check out the new chapter on Patch 4.1.0 gold tips. Afterwards, and if you haven't done so yet, you should take a look at Alto's blog as well as his gold making mini-guide which is actually an excellent complimentary guide to 20k Leveling.

Alto Who?

So who is Alto and why should he be updating the content of 20k Leveling for patch 4.1.0? First off, Alto is a millionaire in wow, and the speed at which he has learned his craft has been impressive to say the least. He has mastered every profession and created systems with addons that make him a pro at all aspects of making gold in wow. What I like most about Alto, and the reason I decided to ask him to be the primary updater for 20k Leveling, is the way he has taken my methods and improved upon them in his own unique way. You can see in his writing on his blog where my previous writings have influenced him, but over time he has also come to develop his own unique voice and system for making gold in wow.

I am very excited to have Alto on the team here at Just My Two Copper and will be looking forward to having him make additional updates to 20k leveling with new patches and any upcoming changes to the auction house, along with my own additions to the guide.

Patch 4.1.0 Updates

Check out the new 20k Leveling updates for Patch 4.0.1! If you aren't a member yet, consider becoming one and using the promo code "JMTC" to get 10% off your order (enter it into the little white box with the word 'code' on it on the 20k Leveling home page).

Warning: 20k Leveling is a gold guide, not a leveling guide. Although it will help you to make a ridiculous amount of gold from 1-85 and then onward with multiple professions at level 85, it is not meant to show you the fastest possible routes to level with. If you want a leveling guide I would suggest looking into X-Elerated or Zygor.

16 comments: on "Patch 4.1.0 Gold Tips"

  1. Ok, just so we're clear, I'm not a grammar cop. That said you've got some serious typos.
    You keep referencing 4.0.1 when I am QUITE SURE you mean to be typing 4.1.0. I've been up all night too, so I recognize the symptoms. Slam two Full Throttles and you should be good for another 12 hours!

  2. I do want to remind everyone to get to Winterspring and talk to the new vendor Michelle DeRum in the inn (that sounds weird...) to get your Winterspring Cub. They are 50g from her, so check your AH first, and of course, make sure that you toss one on the Neutral AH while in town.

  3. I'm sure this is an excellent addition to the 20k guide.

    Alto's blog is something I have read for a very long time.

    He always seems to have some of the best advice.

    Good job guys.

  4. Poultryized said... April 27, 2011 at 9:56 AM

    It's possible I'm totally blind, but I can't find an actual link to chapter 14 at 20kleveling....

  5. Yeah.. this pretty much comfirms that Marcko doesn't even play wow anymore.. hes having someone else totally unknown to most of us to be updating his gold guild v.v

  6. Woops! Yes being up until 4 am adding the new content didn't help with my grammar. I corrected the 4.0.1's and turned them into 4.1.0's.

    At the very bottom of 20kleveling is a button for chapter 14.

    Thanks for the catches guys and girls!

  7. Alto isn't "unknown". He's got his blog which has been up for months, he is also very active in the community both in the weekly meetings and in the IRC. He is also a JMTC Coach. On top of that he's also in the Addicted to Azeroth podcast ( which I am also part of ). If that's unknown to you... uhhmmm I'm not sure what to say

  8. Wow...filtering legitimate comments. That's pretty low, guys.

  9. I haven't filtered any comments. I never do unless they're spam.

  10. I listed one Winterspring Cub at the time, cause I didnt want to flood market. I sold two in less than five minutes. So I'll park an alt in W- spring til it get more known. Thanks for tip. :). Braidy

  11. I filtered two comments that were certainly not 'legitimate.' Complaining about free updates to the gold guide and attempting to insult the authors involved isn't exactly adding to the conversation.

  12. No one is complaining about a "free" update for a paid gold guide. The comment is/was simple. People subscribe to your daily gold get a daily gold tip. A daily gold tip that suggests buying your guide...isn't really a tip at all. I think this is a legitimate comment. If you're going to filter out comments like these, you may as well disable all comments and just write your own.

  13. Alto unknown??? To you maybe

  14. Harold that is a total matter of opinion. Your opinion is a complaint, which is fine but it doesn't have to be published.

    Keep in mind that over 6,000 people own the guide and many of them are subscribers to the blog. This is why you don't see a hundred negative comments when I post about the guide, especially when it comes to updates.

    Thank you for your opinion on the matter, however, it is better to send me an email when you have concerns like these.

  15. It's all a matter of opinion. That's what comments are... opinions. I think that's the whole point.

  16. Yes, it is the whole point, which is why Markco said that "it is all a matter of opinion" as well.

    Your comments don't have to be published, and he has no problem with you emailing him, is all that Markco tried to convey.

    It's his site, and I'm pretty sure he's earned the right through building this community to use his site as he sees fit. If you choose to read another gold blog as a result, well, that is entirely your option.

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