Preparing for Patch 4.1 - Coming Soon™

Well guys, the PTR has been updated with a release candidate build, what exactly does this mean? We can expect patch 4.1 as early as next week tuesday, now this isn't official yet but it's a very educated guess.

Now, don't panic, you still have a day or two to get prepared for the patch, I'll do a short outline on what things you need to do in order to prepare for patch 4..

  • If you still have obsidium/uncommon gems, get rid of them. Markets will be unstable for a least a couple days, if not a week or two.
  • Go into ZA and farm whatever you need/want in there, especially if you're an enchanter, snag yourself the executioner enchant.
  • Get ready for pet demand - there are new achievements coming out with patch 4.1, so pets will be in heavy demand, craft engineer, snag vendor pets and get ready to sell in unusual quantities for at least a week or so. Also, if you have time, park alts at nest locations for free/easy gold.
  • Stock Volatiles If possible - stay away from volatile life though, as they'll most likely crash due to botters going over to herbs. 
  • Get ready for gem demand - new gear from heroics = people need gems, static stats will sell best.
  • Get ready for enchanting scrolls demand, again, new gear from heroics will increase the demand for enchanting scrolls. Check the loot tables for ZA/ZG to find which enchants to craft.
  • Craft any other type of craftables that will be in demand due to new gear from ZA/ZG, namely belt buckles, spellthreads, leg armors and such. Have a good/hefty stockpile for at least the first we days/week.
  • Save up honor/justice points and turn in ASAP for Maelstorm Crystals and sell for normal prices I.E. before they crash to oblivion.
  • Park alts at locations of Cataclysm Zone Rare Elites and camp their spawn/check every so often. Their loot tables got updated, and can now drop epics & even a BOE mounts.
I do believe that's all, have I missed something? If so, drop a comment below!

That's a pretty hefty list if you ask me, so why don't you get to it and start to prepare for patch 4.1? You've got roughly 48 hours before the patch hits ( hopefully ) so what are you waiting for?

18 comments: on "Preparing for Patch 4.1 - Coming Soon™"

  1. "Save up Honor/Justice points and turn them in for Maelstrom Crystals".

    Err, what?

  2. Dumping JP/HP (through conversion to JP) into Maelstrom Crystals would be absolutely idiotic if WotLK raw epic gems sell for anything remotely similar to what they sell for on most servers.

  3. I'm not sure I follow:

    "If you still have obsidium/uncommon gems, get rid of them."


    "Get ready for gem demand - new gear from heroics = people need gems, static stats will sell best."

    Wouldn't a viable strat be to xmute uncommon gems into Shadowspirits and Infernos? Everyone needs metas and red gems!

  4. In regards to the gems, I think this means if you have hundreds and hundreds of uncommon gems, cut down your supply quite a bit. While we will most certainly move some rare gems, if you are sitting on tons of them, it will be difficult to transmute enough/sell enough to counter the new vendor value for uncommon.

  5. Generally speaking the cut commons @ 9g times 18 are worth much more than one uncut blue gem. I haven't transmuted common gems in a long time. Anyone else?

  6. Ok to the comments above. Save the HP/JP to turn into Maelstrom Crystals because you will be able to buy them from the Honor/Justice vendors now. Secondly, what does WotLK epics have to remotely do with Maelstrom Crystals? Maelstoms will keep a higher value than Wrath epics all day long. I am still getting rid of my stockpile of Wrath Epics for under 100g each and it's pretty much the same on almost every server that I've seen info on. Finally I have to agree with anon3 that the uncommons should definitely be xmuted up into rares and/or metas because there are definitely some new helms to be gemmed as well as everything else that has considerable amounts of gem sockets. I expect my stockpile of 250 of each rare cata gem to quickly disappear.

  7. I've been hearing about selling uncommon gems and not stockpile them. Why not? You tell us to stockpile in enchanting scrolls, those green gems can be used for enchanting materials also turned into shadow spirit diamonds. Just because they won't sell to vendors for 9g anymore doesn't mean they are going to have no worth. I understand if vendor price goes down people will begin selling green gems in AH for cheaper but if botters switch to Herbs, the limited supply of Ore means things green gems are used for will not be effected.

  8. You do not want to be left with stacks of uncommon gems, why? The markets that you will be using them will most likely tank. You will not be able to move hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of gems/dust/essence in a single day.

    You'll simply want to cut down your stock, perhaps not dump all of it, but for sure vendor whatever gems you want to vendor before 4.1

  9. Yes, you could transmute your uncommon gems, but for many people this is not a viable option. I don't know about you, but on Grizzly Hills gems are hard to sell, especially on horde as there isn't a large enough population to actually sell to. The best we can do is sell nightstone at 30g each when the JC dailies hit, or sell inferno rubies at 50g each. I know Catharsis and I (more-so for him) have stacks and stacks of uncommon and rare gems to move, and no matter if you xmute, or if you sell to the public, it's too risky. You can guarantee profit from vendoring, and save the rare gems from prospecting to sell as cut when the patch hits. But personally, if your server is anything like mine, or if you don't have a good understanding of the population you're selling to, then i think stockpiling to much may be a bad move.

  10. Boy does this sound like panic mode. Uncommons, get rid of half. we still don't know if the gem price is dropping hard or not. Maelstrom crytstals will still be in demand mainly because some folks (me) have not gotten to cata enchants due to price of said gem.

  11. I agree with Mageshadow regarding the uncommon gems.

    Like many other JC's I've been prospecting massive amounts of elementium and obsidium ore. On average I can cut and vendor the common gems (except for the carnelians which I keep for transmutes) and cut and sell any rare gems for pure profit.

    Yes there have been other avenues for making additional gold including selling the common gems needed for the daily quests and DEing jewellery to sell the mats, but both those markets seem to be pretty delicate and can easily be swamped if one tries to move too much.

    I do think there will be a profitable business to be made when the market settles and a new average price for ore is reached, but in the mid term I would say it is unwise to sit on large stocks of common gems and even enchanting mats is a vulnerable market to have large stocks in.

  12. Do some math and you'll see that even at 100g per Wrath (uncut) epic gem it is more profit to go that route than to dump 3750 jp into a maelstrom crystal that sells for 1-1.8k. The maelstrom crystals won't hold value simply due to people wanting to finally buy their formulas, it will be from people who are now willing to enchant their gear with the best enchants once it will no longer require taking out a 2nd mortgage on a home.

  13. I'm glad to see that we have similar preparation lists. Just as a question which markets do you see as having the longer instability?

    I'm guessing gems will crash fast, pet demand will slowly increase (people serious about this achievement are buying now), volatile prices will go up in roughly a week, and the enchants/buffs needed for the new ZG/ZA content will be a very short lived but profitable market. Do you see any of these happening quicker/slower?

  14. @Nigel

    Panic? No. You should have taken a view/position on nearly all of the stuff mentioned. Act on YOUR decisions. Whether the decisions are right or wrong will be determined in time.

  15. It's all a matter of scale and position.

    If you're sitting on a lot of ore, you might be better off taking a long position and just keep it horded in your bank in the hopes that ore prices spike as farmers abandon gathering it. You always have the option of smelting it or pospecting it anytime if you want to make use of it for enchanting mats.

    If you've already prospected it and you're sitting on multiple stacks of uncommons, now's the time to decide why you're sitting on those stacks.

    If, like me, you've already transmuted a 1000 shadowspirits for backstock, and if you don't have faith in future enchanting mat prices, you may as well cut those excess stacks now and go for the quick gold while you still can.

  16. "Ok to the comments above. Save the HP/JP to turn into Maelstrom Crystals because you will be able to buy them from the Honor/Justice vendors now. Secondly, what does WotLK epics have to remotely do with Maelstrom Crystals?"

    I'm assuming you know that "WotLK epics" means Cardinal Rubies, etc. Those cost 220 JP per versus the 3650 JP for a Maelstrom Crystal. For the same price of 1 crystal, you could get 16 Cardinal Rubies. On most servers, a Delicate or Brilliant Cardinal Ruby will sell for 75g+. At just 75g, that's 1200g total. One crystal will snag maybe 1000g, if you are very lucky (and most likely less, due to the mass undercutting that will begin pretty much immediately due to many others listing theirs as well). So, at lowest price of cardinal ruby and best price of a crystal, you still come out 200g ahead with Cardinal Rubies.

    And if you try to say that Cardinal Rubies don't sell... OH YES THEY DO! I've sold through 20 of them in under 4 days before, at 90-100g each. The AGI and INT cuts still sell quite well.

  17. The price of ore won't increase because farmers all switch to herbs!! I hear this all the time, but think about it. Farmers go where the market is good. If ore prices increase, farmers will come right back to it.

    Farmers, botters, or the lack thereof won't be what determines the price of ore. The market (i.e. the demand) will be.

    For this reason, I'm not too worried about the price of Volatile Life crashing either. As I have four alchemists, I try to always keep a good two week's worth of Living Elements transmutes in stock. That won't change.

    I like this list. Good stuff. Of course, people forget this is largely based on speculation, and is not law. As another commenter posted, use this, but make your own decisions for what's best for you. We'll see what really happens in time...

  18. Any sign on the PTR of the dead recipes (Lovingly Crafted Boomstick, Shadow Oil, Digrat Stew, Deepdive Helmet, Golden Scale Gauntlets, Deviate Scale Belt/Cloak/Gloves, Brightcloth Cloak, Enchant Weapon Icy Chill and Crusader etc etc etc) coming back? Or will these continue as spectacularly valuable collectibles at least for a while?

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