Primal Might & You

This is one of my secret tips that I haven't shared with anyone. It's transmuting and selling Primal Might, this is one of my favorite ways to make gold, I can turn 150-200g into an easy 400g whenever I want.

You'll need Burning Crusade materials to transmute this, namely primals. I can get all five primals for under 200g, and sometimes even less when I combine motes together to create one primal. Always check for the mote of said primal, who knows you might save yourself some gold.

If you're an engineer, try farming your own primal air in Nagrand with your Zapthrottle Mote Extractor. You can reduce costs by farming your own primal air greatly. It's simple & easy.

Primal Might is used in two main things:

Both keep the demand for Primal Might there, and it always will be. Enchanters will always need the rod when leveling up, while alchemists need 4 ( CHA-CHING! ) Primal Mights to turn for the Transmutation Quest. I think the best part of this is that this transmutation doesn't have a cooldown! It's great, I can craft as many as I want, whenever I want. Generally I keep 4 up at the Auction House, this is because alchemists normally buy them in pairs of four.

Furthermore, if you don't have the recipe go pick it up at Shattrah from Skreah, and be sure to snag a couple extra to list at the auction house to flip, extra gold never hurts!

So check the market out, especially if cataclysm alchemy isn't doing so well on your server.

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  1. Don´t talk me about the primal might :), I had to spend a staggering 700g to get mine for the enchanter rod.
    None of my contacts in game could make one wend I needed, so I ad to spend this much money in getting one.
    I know now the potential in it, But since i don´t have Alquy, still have to wait lots of time to try to get in this market.

  2. Also if you're transmutation specced, you can proc extras, which is nice...

    Been selling these for a while. The motes and primals are in my snatch list.

  3. FIRST. Great job- I've loved the past three posts, good stuff. Anyway I've been in this market for a while and it's great profit. Although Primal Airs seem to be the most difficult to pick up, on my server they are usually 50g each- I wait until someone who doesn't know lists them for 20g and I buy them up. Keep an eye out for those Primal Airs

  4. Nice timing, I actually ran into this market two days ago on my server. The only catch on my server is the primals. I ended out going and farming most of the mats in Outlands to make my 4 primals simply because there was no Mana or Fire on the AH, and the Airs were listed at 200g each.

    I don't think I would make them regular farming spots simply because I've hard trouble moving the motes/primals, but the drop rates were excellent, it only took me about an hour'ish to farm the mats for 4 primal mights (minus the Primal Earths, they're cheap).

  5. Looking forwRd to trying this one! I am new to JMTC but I have to say I'm really glad I found y'all. I have been playing 3 years and have never had more than 5k in the bank. Now just 3 weeks with you tips and I have tripled that and have a guild bank full of some of the best selling mats on my server!! Thanks to all the great tips!! Some work some not so good on my server but overall I am well on my way to becoming a wow millionaire!!

  6. A lot of Alchemists are figuring out that you don't actually need the Primal Mights to be a xmute spec.

    You just do potion/elixir which ever is easier, then you drop it for 150g and you go learn xmute. No primals needed, just a 150g cost to drop your previous spec.

  7. "pairs of four"


  8. This post makes me happy! =P Im new to the gold making scene, and have been reading your blog, as well as many others over the past couple months, and using many of the great ideas i find. I actually noticed the insane prices on these my self, the other week. I thought to myself "hmm, there's a lot of gold to be made here...i should sell these." one of the first times I've noticed an opportunity myself, without reading about it first.
    Lo and behold, a few days later... I read about it here! i guess I'm on my way to thinking like a true goblin!

  9. So I have been in this market since the early days of Wrath and it has been very profitable for me with listings ranging from 400-800 for a single primal might. However with more and more people learning our little secrets i have stopped making the mights and now concentrate purely on the motes and primals. As with my post on khorium yesterday by keeping the ah void of primal/mote of fire you can create a license to sell them for what ever you like. After depleting the Ah I can typically sell a single primal fire for anywhere from 150-300g. Airs are the same. Its just a my response to the new ah campers who buy cheap motes, make a primal and undercut my mights to a lazy 200g each. Take away their supply, they generally wont go and farm there own mats so depriving them of any at all has been a successful technique for me.

  10. This is 1 of 3 alchemy transmutes that have had their CD removed. One was removed in 2.4.0 patch, Primal Might was removed in 3.0.2 patch, and the third were removed in 3.3.0 patch. I wonder when Truegold will follow..
    I made a little article about the alchemy transmutes without CD here;

    It is indeed a lucrative business to find this little "forgotten" secrets.

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