Profiting Off Leatherworking Bracers

I got an interesting e-mail yesterday that pointed out something that I think you guys should note, especially the leatherworkers out there. Read the e-mail below:

" Hey Markco & Mageshadow,

Just thought I'd give you a shout.. I know LW isn't a traditional heavy-hitter in the gold making business, but I just got started and already had a max level LW.

Here's a quick tip.. Hunters have almost no good Rare bracers options, and with ilvl 346 requirements for the new dungeons, they're definitely selling extremely well on my server. Roughly 300g to craft and selling for 800-1200g. Don't know if it is only a trend on my server or not, but I thought I'd pass it along. "

- Matt

An excellent tip. Like Matt said, hunters don't have many good starting bracer items, there are only a couple and they're very hard to obtain. With the recently release of the new ZA & ZG heroics people will want to "boost" their Ilvl as high as possible and since there isn't a real boost for Hunters... they resort to using the ilvl 346 leatherworking bracers ( Bloodied Wyrmhide BracersBloodied Leather Bracers & Bloodied Dragonscale Bracers - ilvl 339 ). Thanks for excellent tip Matt!

Do you know of any other items that sell well because they isn't good pre-raid gear? If So what items? Drop a comment below!

7 comments: on "Profiting Off Leatherworking Bracers"

  1. Those bracers are leather, not mail. Hunters aren't going to want them.

  2. They still sell regardless. I can def see a hunter buying those bracers as the stats are too shabby for them.

    Rogues could also be buying them.

  3. Since there is a 5% bonus when wearing full mail armor (at least for Shamans, don't know too much about Hunters), they'd rather buy these babies:

  4. Learner Goblin said... April 30, 2011 at 9:46 PM

    Actually not just the bracers are good for making gold from LW. Having recently started on a gold quest (not sure where it will stop) I starting crafting LW recipes (bags, leg armor mainly) and they are selliong like hot cakes. Bags between 150-250g, leg armor ranging from 200 to 1000g depending on the item.

    At the moment there is so much demand I have been thinking I need to find a farmer just to keep me in leather as the AH keeps running out.

  5. Virgulino said... May 1, 2011 at 8:57 PM

    Unless you linked the wrong braces, this is a bad tip.
    Those you linked are PVP bracers. A hunter wearing those on ZG/ZA would probably be kicked for being a huntard.

    So, if you're a hunter reading this, don't use PVP braces to boost your PVE ilvl.

    If you're a gold maker reading this, don't bark on trade to mislead people to boost their ilvl using PVP items. Even if they "sell regardless", try not misleading people for the sake of profits.

  6. Anonymous said... May 4, 2011 at 6:46 AM

    Just what I did on my rogue , i was lacking on the thrown/ranged wep slot measly 318 quest reward bringing my ilvl down to 344 when rest all was 346, so i went and bought the 333 gun on ah for 300g but didn't equip it in hopes of getting upgrade from the dungeons and lo and behold 353 epic thrown from dungeon quest, and relisted it after the dungeon and it got sold for 350g , nice 50g profit .So its not only bracers even ranged/thrown for rogues /warriors are tough to find so craft some of these they gonna sell like hotcakes.

  7. I imagine the Wyrmhide Bracers sell amazingly well. There is literally only one 346 Bracer for Balance/Resto Druids, and it does not have Spirit on it (so Resto's won't really care if they have the 339 pvp or 346 dps). I bought these for my resto druid earlier today, as I just dinged it. They're quite nice actually

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