Rift Supremacy: Guardian and Defiant Leveling Guide Review

A Rift in Readership?

Hey guys, it's Markco again! Today I have something that is a little off key but it is a review that I feel needs to be done for this audience. Every single day I see people leaving wow for rift, in fact, over the course of the past three weeks over two hundred subscribers have unsubscribed and left a note similar to "Quit Wow for Rift." You may remember how prior to the release of Rift, JMTC was growing at an incredible rate and to be honest the rate of new subscribers has not changed at all, but the number of people unsubscribing for rift has taken its toll on our growth here.

Since so many of you have either left wow, will leave wow or are going to play both wow and rift, I decided to get in touch with one of the few online marketers I actually trust and asked him to develop a Rift leveling guide. It is incredible the number of dishonest guide authors out there who prey on new players in order to make some money. If only these marketers put some time and effort into their products then they would really be successful without having to rely on the uninformed members of a community. This is why I have entrusted Chris to write, record and manage a new Rift guide called Rift Supremacy.

Rift Supremacy Review

Many of you have purchased and enjoyed my own guide for making gold in wow known as 20k Leveling and it probably blew the pants off any other guide you ever purchased online previously (FYI: A large number of updates to 20k leveling are coming after 4.1). There were videos, written walkthroughs,  images, audio commentary and a free membership for all updates. Rift Supremacy will include all of these and much more as Chris continues to update it on a sometimes daily basis. Since so many of you enjoyed the video guides in 20k leveling, I have asked Chris to make the majority of his guide video based as well. That being said, you can still get all the videos in written walkthrough form should you prefer to read instead of watch them.

So far Chris has added complete video walkthroughs for the Guardian Leveling Guide and Defiant Leveling Guide, and he has ambitions to add a platinum (gold) guide as well. Needless to say, this is definitely a guide you're going to want to buy now before he starts realizing just how valuable it really is (just like I did with 20k Leveling). What's more, the earlier you buy this guide the more valuable it will be to you as he consistently adds value over time through updates.

Click the image below or here for the Rift Supremacy Leveling Guide.

Have you noticed a large number of friends or guildies leaving for Rift or at least trying it out? What has your experience been with Rift, if any?

17 comments: on "Rift Supremacy: Guardian and Defiant Leveling Guide Review"

  1. If Chris' Rift guide is anywhere near as successful as Marko's 20k leveling then you should definitely go out and grab it.

    Want to know what's going to happen come 4.1 with botters switching over to herbs? Read input from an actual botter here.

  2. I actually just left Rift to come back to WoW. The world event they just had was an utter failure, the game needs balance fixes, the end game is meh, zerging Rifts are neat the first few times. I might check it out again in the future if they clean up their act.

  3. RIFT is definitely a better game than WoW is. It reminds me of how WoW was relative to the MMO offerings of the time. I play both WoW & Rift currently though. Anyways, once you figure out how to make gold in one MMO it easily transfers over to another one. Marco's showing his genius again by offering this gold guide though.

  4. Currently, Rift, like other online games (Star Wars, anyone?), doesn't have a mac platform. Which means macophiles such as myself don't really have any other option other then wow. Or everquest -.-. Reminds me of -this- video that describes its charm at the end..

    Oh yeah, and um.. Runescape. Yeah. Good luck with that -.-

  5. The "friendly botter" is on the blogroll? Seems like a really poor decision, especially if you take into account that bots aren't talked about at the forums.

    No need to give cheaters an audience, is there?

  6. My daughter and I both tried Rift in the Beta, and were very disappointed with it. The graphics have a strange glow around the characters that is hard on the eyes and annoying. It just seemed like a poor World of Warcraft rip off to me. Maybe it has improved after the beta, but we will not be trying it again for a long time if ever. Lots of luck on the new Rift guide, I am sure it will be as awesome as 20K is.

  7. I find myself now subscribing to Rift and WoW - Quite enjoying both games.

    Warcraft at the moment as i am levelling up a new Warrior mainly using the Dungeon Finder and having a lot of fun.

    Rift im just levelling up my first toon and enjoying the scenery and of course doing some Rifts.

    No time for haters for either game but i come from the old days of Snes and Megadrive hate and really you can love both and WIN WIN....much better than WIN WHINE

  8. Anonymous,

    You're right. Actual botting is not discussed on the forums.

    Competing with botters/using botters to your advantage is.

    As an active member of these forums I have seen many discussions on what the "bots" will be doing next.

    Which is why I decided to create a blog just to showcase what one part of the botting community does.

  9. Market-wise, Rift will take some time to develop. I'm watching it cursiously. Good luck on the guide.

    Just like the dedicated players in the early days of WoW, I'm going to stick it out in Rift.

    Remember, WoW didn't get to where it is today without its community. If people didn't wuss out on Rift, they'd ensure its success as well.

  10. Dear ("friendly") botter,

    "You're right. Actual botting is not discussed on the forums.

    Competing with botters/using botters to your advantage is. "

    And that's actually interesting, nothing to say against that.

    But then, there's a differemce between this and what you write in your blog:

    "What I am here for is to help eliminate the stigma that everyone has towards us botters. "

    That's something completely different and tbh, I don't think that this has any place here. Keep your stigma, you deserve it. :)

  11. Dont know anyone that has stayed with Rift. Lots have tried it but thats it. When wow came out I tried it and went back to FFXI. It was another year before I came back to wow. Rift has issues which need to be resolved before I would go there.

  12. RIFT may have issues, but so does every game, console / pc or MMO.

    WoW has a great many issues. It's been a great game, a great ride and a lot of history for me. But the time has come to move on.

    I tried RIFT on a weekend pass, and by the end of the weekend I bought the game and cancelled my WoW sub.

    ~former Blizz fanboi

  13. There are a great many things which slowly killed wow for me, but it ended when they banned my account for something which was erroneous and unjustified. I recovered the account.. but never went back. Somewhere in cyberspace, site 7 level 80s.

    Rift, brought my mmo playing back to life. Some of you might talk about how Rift has issues. I remember when WoW was first released, and there would be bugged herbs. We would try to gather them, and get stuck, bent over and had to relog till it was fixed, 2 months later.

    Each MMO has their own peculiar bugs, and annoyances. However, this particular game, is better on release, the most games these days. Most games are rushed and because of their faults, they die... quickly. Rift isn't like that. There are a few bugs, but overall it's been pretty darned polished.

    As for the comment about the glow around npc's... disable it in the settings, rather then just complaining about it.

    To those who think Rift is a WoW rip-off, I want to remind you, that WoW is a rip off as well. In fact the game warcraft, was based on warhammer the tabletop game. The first mmo's were MUDs, and every game, has borrowed something from every other game since, WoW included.

    Rift is one heck of a game, and I have a 6 month sub. I won't be going back to WoW. WoW, is dead to me.

  14. Anonymous wrote:
    "What I am here for is to help eliminate the stigma that everyone has towards us botters. "

    That's something completely different and tbh, I don't think that this has any place here. Keep your stigma, you deserve it. :)

    I don't agree with that. The way I see it, if a bot can do something in the game, it's probably because it's rather boring and monotonous and to be honest, if botting were allowed, I'd probably be doing it myself.

    People complain about bots making their gathered goods worth less, and people complain about machines in the real world making jobs harder to come by, but I think the real problem isn't bots or machines, it's human greed and what that does to societies; the rich get richer and the poor get further indepted type thing.

    WoW is just a game, so the solution to this, in my view, would be to make it so that botting was allowed and make the real pricey stuff only attainable through things like instances, where botting is rather harder to do I'd imagine.

    In real life, as far as I'm concerned, it would be ideal if machines could take over all the dull jobs in the world and leave people with the more interesting ones; maybe one day that's just how it'll be like.

  15. And how do you think that would affect the market, and prices??

  16. Having examined both Rift Supremacy and Xerxes Rift Guide (which I believe is still the biggest selling and most 'popular' guide to Rift- although someone may want to correct me here if I am wrong) I personally reckon Supremacy is a notch above.


    Because of its strong focus on things such as power leveling, which help you rapidly progress past the monotonous task of leveling up. Also, it does a good job at explaining some of the more unique things about Rift, such as invasions/rifts.

    As far as comparing this game to WoW goes, it's a tricky one. WoW has the massive player base, and time on its side (more time to iron out bugs etc) However, I like the 'freshness' of Rift; whether this feeling changes or not could take a while to work out though.

  17. A lot of hate for Rift on these comments it seems. Although there are some annoying features of the game, I feel it is still a lot of fun. In fact, I enjoy playing RS much more than WoW, just because of some of the quirky features that the game brings.

    And @thefriendlybotter- I think Chris' Rift guide will be very successful, I bought a copy and its pretty decent.

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