Stratholme Lilies and You

Have you ever heard of this item? have you ever seen it at the auction house? My best guess is that you haven't, why? Because this item is simply rare. It's not hard to obtain but not many people know where to obtain it. It's relatively easy and by snagging yourself 4-5 of them you'll be able to make some nice profit at the auction house.

First and foremost I'll tell you where you're able to obtain Stratholme Lilies. You can buy them from Sophie Aaren in The Culling of Stratholme. That's right an old Wrath of The lich King dungeon. You have to go back there, but trust me it's well worth it.

First and foremost you can get here easily by getting a portal to Dalaran then taking the portal to Tanaris. Proceed to take the dragon outside the cave down into it's depths. From there locate The Culling of Stratholme. Now once you're inside you don't have to start any of the events simply run in, locate the NPC. To find her shop simply enter the city and keep right till you reach Festival Lane. You have to buy the lillies before the event starts so don't start it!!

One of the best parts is that Sophies not only sells Stratholme Lilies, but a whole bunch of other flowers which I will list below:
  • Beautiful Wildflowers
  • Black Rose
  • Bouquet of Black Roses
  • Bouquet of White Roses
  • Simple Wildflowers
  • Red Rose
    Now since literally no one will have these flowers at the AH you'll be able to name your own price. I typically sell the lilies at 200g/per, that's 180g profit per lilies. I simply love utilizing this strategy because I also get the other flowers which I listed above. They don't yield as much profit as the lilies, but profit is good nonetheless.

    What are you waiting for? Go snag yourself some lilies and make some easy profit at the AH!

    P.S. I promise the recording of friday's meeting will be up today, I'm having some issues with it, I'm really sorry guys :(

    19 comments: on "Stratholme Lilies and You"

    1. Are you just targeting bank alts with this item? How often do you sell them and what is he competition like?

    2. I am having a go with these and we shall see. Got some on AH now.

    3. I would imagine its not just bank alts per se that would be the target audience, as much as it would be for those little purchases lots of people make throughout the year.

      By that I mean simple, birthday and anniversary gifts people sometimes buy for one another in game.

    4. I have a couple on the AH and I will see how it goes and let you know :) On an RP server so hopefully I have a chance.

    5. I've listed the other flowers on the AH for over a month with no bites.

    6. I've had occasional success with these over the months on an RP server but no real big bites

    7. Saying "First and foremost" twice kinda negates its use. This is starting to be a very overused expression.

    8. Interesting tip, because it is honestly an item that I have actually never heard of nor seen, which is rare.

      However, I am a bit perplexed as to who the target audieence would be for this. It seems like it'd be a total chick thing? lol and I am a chick! and find the thought of my banker walking around yielding flowers a bit nauseating to say the least. (though slightly amusing, since he is an orc)

      I have to assume that most self respecting guys, would not be caught dead buying or wearing this item.

      I kinda think this would go over awesomely on an RP server though.

    9. First and foremost this is a shit tip, nonetheless.

    10. @last anon -

      Thanks for your feedback ^.^

    11. @ rude anon.
      I think readers need to remember that what works for some people won't work for others. It depends on the realm type, the population etc. Maybe no one buys it because they don't know it exists? Perhaps an announcement in trade would help- appeal to the horny guys looking to impress an e-whore with in game flowers, or the women who want to make their character look cuter.

    12. P.s Would also like to note that some of the flowers (not the lilies) are available from a flower vendor in dalaran.

    13. Interesting Post.I think this trick will work fine.Thanks for sharing.

    14. I think the more interesting thing will be watching the AH to see how many pop up after this article. Be easy to see who reads the blog on my server!

      This item would probably sell a little better if people actually knew about it. I also, had never heard of it. So sadly the people who would be the buyers don't know to look for it!

    15. I've been dabbling with the "other" flowers (which can all be bought in Stormwind as well) for well over two years now. They are completely a hit or miss item. Over that length of time roughly a handful of other people have posted them as well, meaning the market has been very low. As far as I can tell I've been the only consistent seller. The price ranges have bounced between 1g-30g a piece. I can't speak of the other people's success with them, but mine has been "meh". Over the course of the two years I think I've only had to re-stock my flower inventory 5-6 times, buying 5 of each at each re-stock. I usually list them two at a time.

      As for the Strat Lilie, I went and bought two of them about 2 months ago and have only sold one. My price was only 59g and it took roughly 3 weeks just for the one to luck with the second one selling yet at same price. In the last two months there was only one other person who had this flower listed. (They underbid me of course)

      To me, the flowers are a "spontanious buy" type of item, don't be surprised if you find yourself listing them over and over.

      Also, I've had exactly zero luck selling the Bouquet of Black Roses. Watch out for that one. It costs roughly 50g from the vendor to buy. I've had it listed as low as 55g with no sales.

      On a side note, Darkmoon Flowers haven't brought me much more luck. I obtained 3 of them roughly 5 months ago and have only sold two for around the 60g mark. (I have been the only one selling them to boot)

      I'm not saying this is how it will be on your server, but success on mine has been low with all of these items.

    16. while you are there, run into old hilsbrad and pick up some rum... :-)

      when i go for the rum, i fill my bags, and then store in the bank alts mail box...

    17. I think people buy the flowers for their AH alts. That's about it. This is definitely not an item worth jumping through hoops to acquire. No way no how. I've tried selling flowers in the past and have had little to no luck.

    18. By the time is takes you to get to Dalaran... port to caverns of time... fly down to the instance... go to the vendor... You can make more money fishing than you will ever make on these flowers. That's a promise.

    19. According to wowhead this looks the same as Darkmoon flowers anyway? Could be wrong as i've never seen these in game..

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