Tailoring Unprofitable? Nonsense!

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Almost everyone says " Tailoring just isn't profitable ", well I'm going to prove you wrong. Tailoring is profitable you simply have to focus on a different market other than epics. On most servers epics are selling for below mat cost, this is due to constant undercutting and everyone doing the same thing over and over again. You need to expand and think outside the box.

This is what will make you gold, thinking outside the box. Any who, If tailoring isn't profitable I want you guys to try this out.
  • Buy cheap Runecloth and craft runecloth headbands - Then disenchant them and sell the Illusion dust, Greater Eternal Essence and if you get any, Large Brilliant Shards.
Runecloth is almost always found in bulk and for very cheap. This is a very simple strategy and can turn out to be extremely profitable. If you do not wish to sell the enchanting materials, use then to craft enchants ( 22 Int to Weapon, Spellpower, Healing Power, Mighty Spirit and others )

Also look into crafting frostweave bags for gold. If you're able to pick up some cheap frostweave, you can make a killing making these bags. Another alternative is to farm your own cloth, but I don't suggest this. If you don't wish to craft frostweave bags, craft Wrath of the lich king greens and DE them, the wrath enchanting materials have skyrocketed to an all time high.

Additionally, see if you're able to snag a rich purple silk recipe/pattern for fairly cheap. These shirts sell extremely well at the auction house and have great profit margins.

Also as most of you know patch 4.1/4.2 is well on it's way, patch 4.2 brings a new raid and possibly new profession recipes ( Think TOC Recipes which are BOE ). One thing you can do is craft your Dreamcloth and stockpile it for 4.2, if new patterns/recipes do come out you'll be able to craft multiple epics and sell them at insane prices.

Additionally, check out the Cataclysm Tailoring Gold Guide, it outlines a couple ways you can make gold with Tailoring.

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  1. Also, the Haliscan jacket, pants and dress shoes sell well too

  2. I've done this a while ago, and after a few times of me happily clearing out all the cheap clothes, sellers "learned" what was going on and stop posting low. Or maybe they just simply undercutting each other. I've thought about baiting it back to a lower price, but didn't have the chance to act on it.

    ps: when price of runecloth rise to a certain level, recipes using gold bars or wizardweave turban using one starruby are better choices. just some extra info to throw out for enchanter/tailors like myself.


  3. I still make a good profit selling netherweave bags and the spell threads still sell for 5-600 gold even tho volatiles have crashed on my server....with the exception of air.

  4. On Mal'ganis, mats for 6 dreamcloths cost about 1400g on AH. I can usually sell epic pants for 3300g.

    What is sad is that I Illusionary bags are not nearly as profitable so I do not even try to make them any more.

    Sapphire spellthread and frostweave bags still sell quite well and mats are cheap.

    Mats for Crusader weapon enchant are quite expensive. A quick run through Scholomance is therefore quite profitable.

  5. I've been saving Dreamcloth on 2 toons for a bit now. I figure if it's not useful in new patterns a bunch of alts will get 26 slot bags.

  6. I've made 10 times more gold from selling pvp cowls, pants and robes. This business is almost dead due to competition but 2 months ago you could sell 1 item for around 1k gold and sell several a day while seeing most tailors struggling to sell even 1 epic for much less then my combined daily total. The only reason i made dreamcloth at all after the 1st month of cata was to provide my guild and yes, i will be stockpiling now

  7. In summary: Yes, it's true, tailoring really isn't profitable. But enchanting is.

    For 90% of the "pure tailoring" tips in the article, it shows it's not worth it to raise tailoring above 450.

  8. I would argue that max level tailoring isn't incredibly profitable right now - BUT if dreamcloth becomes BOE and/or new recipes are added that could change quick.

  9. Other tailoring items that are still profitable include Tuxedo pieces (3 parts) and spidersilk items (boots, drape, and robes of arcana). Icy cloak and dreamweave circlet are also good. I've recently been selling Imbued Netherweavee bags readily too. Key to most of these is to check the AH often to get mats at lowest prices - and keep at it for the long haul.

  10. If you changed the title to "is Cata Tailoring profitable?" would it still be true? Looking just at the cata markets I seem hard pressed to make a profit. Thank you for the post but the dreamcloth market on my server is poop right now.

  11. Man you have no idea. Sold 250 netherweave bags past month, around 40 frostweave bags. Thats as starter

  12. I never see Embersilk bags mentioned in tailoring discussions. They are cheaper to make than frostweave bags and sell at a higher margin than frostweave bags on my server. The margins on frostweave bags is dead on where I play, and the supply of cloth isn't there either.

  13. Keep in mind monopoly of Spellthreads IS possible, simply because of the cooldown on Dreamcloth.

    You can sell more a week than tailors will put up on the AH, at least on a high pop server.

  14. 1. Mats: too expensive.

    On Malygos, cloth is simply too expensive and the crafting markets too competitive. Per TUJ, we're at 40g+ per stack per cloth. In our world, there's no such thing as cheap Frostweave...if you're lucky, once a week you might find a stack at 20g. Judging by TUJ's map, 50g/stack is average for the servers out there - possibly even low.

    (The reason for this is that farming Frostweave is a *terrible* money-making activity).

    2. Gold margins: too low.

    For craftables, I focus not so much on the % profit, as on the actual gold profit per item. I am not going to waste time crafting netherweave bags to make 3g-5g profit each. Life is WAAY to short. Not when I can craft an i346 jc item for 1400g-1600g (by buying mats when they're cheap) and flip it for 2800g-3200g - with only a few clicks.

    I also have a limited attention span for tracking multiple markets.

    Given the many, many ways of making money, tailoring for the most part simply doesn't make it into the portfolio. Gold/hour is too low. To name one better activity, herbing/mining yields more, especially if you can turn the herbs/ore into something more valuable through inscription/jc.

    If you happen to be on one of the rare servers where cloth is cheap and people pay high prices for crafted goods, that's a different story - have at it.

  15. Er..make that 40g per stack of cloth.

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