Utilizing Your Alts - Camping Nests For Gold

Pets have always been a great item to sell in WoW. Most of them have high markups which allow for huge profit margins, and the best thing is that people are willing to pay absurd prices for some pets. Vendor pets, Hatchling, Whelps, Oozes, you name it there is probably a pet for it.

One thing I simply love doing is utilizing my alts, how? I park the at the location of the hacthling nests - which give me a chance of making an easy couple hundred gold if not more for simply logging in and checking if it's there. There are/is a total of 4 hatchling nests that can be "camped" - I will name them below and show you the possible spawn/locations of the nest below.

Location: Un'Goro Crater

Location: Wetlands - Inside a cave
Location: Dustwallow Marsh
Location: Northern Barens
As you guys can see 2/4 of these can be camped with an alt that as low as level 20, the other two you'll need an alt around the 50's ( for Un'Goro ). This is a great way to make gold, all you have to do is log into your alt, check if the nest is there, if it is, grab it then log out and check back again a couple hours later.

If you have a lot of alts, I suggest you give this a shot - the hatchlings can fetch a pretty penny at the Auction house, and they sell rather well on my server whenever I list them.

4 comments: on "Utilizing Your Alts - Camping Nests For Gold"

  1. Definitely an easy way to make gold daily. Not to mention very minimal time sink.

    Can also be sold on both AH's since everyone needs them. Most have roughly a 6 hour respawn.

    Also remember if the named Raptors are running around, do not kill them. Just look for the nest, unless you like being a dick to the hunters of the world.

  2. There goes one of my few sure gold making routes. I sent this in during the contest and didnt even get an honorable mention whats gives?

  3. Nice tip, picked two up since I read the post.

  4. I got a few, but for the time pets sell bad on my server. So I'll continue look for them and hope to sell when patch is coming up :)

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