What would you do if you reached the cap?

I got an e-mail a couple days ago that really caught my attention, it was a suggestion for the next JMTC Blogging Carnival, read the e-mail below:

" Hey Markco - Mogul here of wowmogul.  Can I suggest that a topic for a future carnival might be "What will you do with your million gold?". This topic would allow comment from bloggers who are chasing cap and hopefully get a few comments from already capped players.

You could intro it with "Are you capped?  Do you going to be capped?  We want to know 'What will you do with your million gold'? This is a more fanciful topic but it could be fun. "


Personally I think this is a great topic that bloggers can write about. I'm almost at 600k, what would I do with my million gold? Trading Card Game mounts for one, I've had my eye on a swift spectral tiger for a while, and a mottled drake & a riding turtle wouldn't hurt. I'd also probably buy a couple achievements/mounts that are obtained through raiding, mainly Invincible and Mimiron's head. I'd also probably hand out some gifts to my friends, mainly choppers and sandstone drakes.

Bloggers, this is your next carnival topic: What will you do with your million gold?

Readers, what would you do/ how would you spend 1 million gold if you had it? Would you buy anything in specific?

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  1. I'd be bored all day if I reached goldcap, so I'd probably look for creative ways of using such an amount of gold. Mounts and Gear get old so fast, everybody does that, so why not buy everything on the AH and relist it at a 1 copper bid for 48 hours? Maybe buy a (couple of) level 25 guild(s) or pay people to level the guild(s) for me. Write an addon to send 100 Gold to every player online in my faction (depending on server-size) in one-gold mails and so on.

  2. Heh, I have a feeling that I'm not the only one like this......once I reached a million gold the only thing that happened was that became my new zero that I wouldn't spend below! LOL

  3. Well, last december I actually did reach the new cap.
    But I didn't really have much use for it ingame at the time and am still making enough gold that 'losing' a million didn't hurt me.
    Also WoW didn't run as smoooth on my old PC as I'd liked.
    So I sold the gold on eBay and got me a real nice gaming rig for the money.

    Obviously I wouldn't recommend doing that to anyone and I probably won't make any friends over it but having WoW run better was definitely worth every copper to me.

    Which leaves only the question of what to do with my next million. already halfway there...

  4. I already heared about the 999.999-goldcap.

    Is that cap for each char?
    For all chars on one realm?
    For all chars on the whole realm?

  5. I reached the gold cap in february.
    I decked out 2 of my chars in the available BoE epixes, bougth them the sandstone drake, and as a poster above me i sold some gold off to some RL friends to get myself a new PC.
    Now im on a flashy new computer and back up to 850k gold.

  6. The 999999g cap is per char, so each char can have an almost-million.

    I've always bought my status symbols along the route. Hence the various alts with stupidly rare mounts and achievements, and my never keeping more than a half-mill in liquid gold.

    Being an old codger now, I would invest my 1 mill in the bank and start over on another char or maybe another server with 0c and compete once again against myself.

  7. Chap is for each char

    I got 1 million at february
    atm 1,3 million
    try 2 millions an more :)

    greets from german server

  8. its a quite interesting qutestion. im about 400-500k now. and don't know what to do.

    buying boe's is almost not worth it since i dont play much. and the things i buy will be useless soon.

    selling the gold wont give me much cash.

    so .. the question is good

  9. I had just over 400k gold last weekend and someone dumped a bunch of trading card game mounts into the Auction house. I bought the Rhino mount for 80k. I've never ever seen one of those in the game. I'm just very sad that I missed the chicken mount that the user listed the night before for 100k. I would have paid 200k gold for that mount!

  10. Go for the next million obviously.

  11. I've noticed quite a few TCG mounts on my realm lately. Does anyone know why this is?

  12. I would drink a cup of coffee and pat myself on the back. ..and maybe drink a glass of water. Its not likely, but I might go crazy and eat a cookie aswell.

    What good are 1 mill if you are going to spend it all? Dont you know money = happiness?

  13. I'd buy an El Pollo Grande - if I could ever find one available! All the other rare mounts seem to be either ugly (not a fan of the rhino) or pallette swaps (crimson deathcharger, while awesome, isn't that much different from rivendare's). That being said I don't have a bike or a tundra mammoth yet either, so those are definitely on the list too (even though they are much cheaper).

  14. If I reached the gold capped I would just sit still in front of my computer and stare at the amount, and when I got used to it I'd keep on making more :)

  15. As a poster said above, "go for the next million." I think the thrill is in the chase.

  16. I'm only at 800k liquid and probably could empty my guild banks and cap if I wanted.

    I agree with it will become "the new zero" - the new baseline.

    Cataclysm is clearly the worst WoW expansion ever so the gold is not about buying anything. It's more just habit and because it is clearly the most enjoyable part of WoW atm.

  17. I'm still a noob at the gold game and 1M is so far away that I can't even imagine it. I'm still working on 30K... but I'd definitely go collect mounts and pets and stuff, maybe then spend some on gear and possibly buy a guild or something.

  18. I hit 1 million a few days before Cata, 2 million 3 or 4 months later. Now I'm shooting for 5 million.

  19. I hit the 1m cap a few days ago and decided to relax and let my stock run down and take it easy.

    Its not as easy as i thought as i still cant resist bargains i see on the AH and curse myself whenever i start buying stacks of cheap ore or herbs etc.

    Did you wow millionaires keep your achievement(it should be shouldn't it) of reaching the gold cap to yourselves or tell all what you did?
    I just told one person(had to tell someone lol) and already he is asking me if i would like to sell some to him.

  20. Got 1 million gold in oktober, spent like 300k at the start of cata on getting professions up / gearing chars in BoEs.
    Now I'm sitting on 1.3 million again and just plan on never going bellow 1 million.
    I'm still doing gdkp runs now and then to spend some gold.

  21. Someone put Reigns of the Swift Spectral Tiger on the Auction House last night for 999,999 gold. I talked him down to 318k. Now I'm broke. Whaaaaa! lol

  22. I have seen the cap come and go. Working my way back up and sitting at 900k again. Geared out 5 toons in boe epics and only focus on gems and minimal play in secondary markets. The lack of demand for gems currently really shows that the amount of people gearing up has dropped dramatically.

    There is nothing special to buy with the gold other than instant gearing at each new tier of content, as well as the ability to power level any new proffession or alt. I have all the mounts, titles, and achievements, so it is simply fun to be a goblin and play the AH!

  23. One million..hit it a while ago. I intended to quit making gold..but there isnt much else to do. My raids take all of 4 hours or so a week and I have leveleled 5 chars to 85 with two more alts to go from 80-85.

    I have bought a few vial of the sands for myself and my two sons. I have all the mounts etc you can spend gold on.

    My next goal is 10 million. There really isnt a cap once you have a guild bank. Extra goes there.

  24. @Brent
    dont think you can put a million in a gb. I tried and wasn't able to.

    Will let you put all but 1c of a million.

  25. I would buyout everything on the Auction House and sell it for 10 times the price, then get gold capped on every character.

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