Why you should reset your data

You should reset the data of your addons once in a while. Why? Things get outdated, their prices change and after a while you'll look at a tooltip and see that obsidium ore's price is 90g per stack, when it's going for 40-50g/per at the auction house. New expansions, patches and other things affect the price of things and if you're running of scans are are 3 months old, or even go as far back to Cataclysm release, you're most likely running on data that's not accurate.

You'll want to reset your addons, and you can either do so by uninstalling and reinstalling the addon, that would be simplest and most effective way. If you're looking to reset one of the most common addons, auctioneer, use the following command in-game to reset it.

  • /auc cleardata ALL
I've been asked a million times if X person should reset your data, chances are if you're asking me or asking the forums if you should, then you probably should. Getting rid of old data is actually helpful, if you scan for about a week or so after resetting your addons data you're going to get accurate and up to date prices on items that otherwise would be inaccurate and could otherwise lose you thousands of gold if you buy them for much more than what their real price is.

If you don't have any data, start scanning! It's a great way to obtain the price of items instead of running to the Ah and looking for said items. Additionally, if you notice that some items are priced below normal, buy them out and flip them! I learned a couple things from Markco myself, and one of those was to buy low and sell normal,  and this strategy works! I couldn't of have done it if I didn't know the price of said item I was flipping.

I simply cannot stress how important it is to have accurate, up to date data in your addons. What are your thoughts on resetting your addon info once every 3-4 months?

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  1. I can say from experience dumping old data can save/make you a fortune. It can also free up much needed memory and improve load times which is always helpful.

  2. I dont reset data. I scan regulary.
    My tooltips only uses the data from the last 90 days.

    I could imagine to clear data, which are older than X days, but I dont want to clear all.

  3. Does this tip apply mainly to auctioneer? I am under the understanding that TSM uses a 2-week average, and therefore clears its own data. Is this true?

  4. I clear my data every few months. Before I clear it I will scan daily on my laptop (comp #2) for a couple of weeks. I then clear the data on my desktop and copy the data over from my laptop so I don't have the down time of having to wait for my database to build up.

  5. If I took a break from the game, or something has happened to change the market I will always clear my data. I've been waiting for the next patch to clear my current data. Nothing worse than seeing a potential profit on an item, only to snatch it up and find out you bought high!!!

  6. Very smart @BangkokBill.

  7. I think you should check the undermine journal for some prices and if there is a significant difference with tooltip data then reset add on data. Undermine journal is a wonderfully useful resource!!

  8. I have setup auctioneer to show tooltips using the simple filter for a 2 week rolling average. This seems to be effective, as old information isn't in the calculations anymore. I still have to watch what auctioneer is claiming to be the "market price."

  9. I was actually considering doing just this, following your logic almost to the t.

    good to know I'm not batshit insane.

  10. I have never reset. I dont rely on the data to buy as I set my own my aims based on the knowledge i have of the markets I want to be in. Typically my best purchases are bought early in the morning with the remote ah which relies solely on my knowledge.

  11. I see the rational behind clearing the data but I don't for two reasons...

    The true scarcity of an item can be seen when auctioneer tells me how many times it has seen a particular item. Wiping that would deny me that kind of information.

    The second reason is that I play on a low pop realm and it would take too long for the database to build up again. I don't like the idea of flying blind for a few weeks to a month and would much rather trust my own judgement when acting on the figures auctioneer gives me.

  12. When using /auc cleardata ALL, does the snatch list reset as well?

  13. I also don't reset auctioneer data.
    I did it only once, when Cata went live on 7th dec.

    I don't need to do it, because i know very well the markets where i am active.

    But, if someone wants to enter a market he never was before, dumping data is very usefull, along with, ofc with 2 scans/day for 2 weeks afterwards.

    So, i think dumping data depends really on what one wants to do in AH.

  14. After I used /auc cleardata ALL, I still had a Auc-ScanData.lua file with size of 10MB.

    I deleted it and my loading times improved.

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