Addicted to Azeroth Podcast Episode 4!

Morning Folks! I'd simply like to to remind you guys to listen to the Addicted to Azeroth Podcast Episode #4 is out and released. The episode was recorded last night so the information is up to date. We have a full 6 man crew which includes myself working on the podcast. We are on itunes if you do not want to listen to it through the browser/podbean. Please be sure to leave reviews & comments on itunes to support us!

I won't hold you guys back anymore, below is the embedded player go ahead give it a listen. If you have any question, concerns and or comments be sure to drop us an e-mail at addictedtoazeroth AT gmail DOT com. Also be sure to follow us on twitter @AddictedAzeroth

  1. The quality is so bad I wanted to listen to this podcast but after a while my ears hurt and I had to stop sorry

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