Buying and Selling At The Right Times

I've been asked this quetion and have seen it been asked a thousand more times in other places such as the forums. When is the right time to sell stuff? How about buying?

Well the answer is and always be the same. It's server dependent. You need to figure this stuff out for yourself, the is only a couple times I can think of when you should buy/sell stuff, apart from those couple times you need to figure out what the best times to sell and buy things are.

When to Buy
There is a number of occasions where you should be buying stuff. The first is weekends. Weekends brings whole bunch of activity to the AH and most of the time it turns into an undercutting war resulting in extremely cheap stuff. The slur of casuals who don't have enough time to play during the weekend shows in the prices of items during the weekend. You should be buying this cheap stuff ( whatever it is ) as you'll most likely not it this cheap until the next weekend.

The next time you'll want to buy things if possible is right at the crack of dawn. This is where I personally pick up most of my deals. People leave their auctions up overnight and they're undercut multiple times overnight, resulting in cheap materials. Not only this, but this is the time I pick up the cheap stuff that's posted by the botters. 15g Obsidium Ore stacks? Check.

Last but not least, Summer. Summers lets all the kiddies out of school and allows them to play even more than they could with the restricted game time they had while they were at school. You'll be amazed how cheap you'll be seeing stuff this summer. Hell I personally expect ores to drop below the 15-20g mark easily. You'll definitely want to buy during Summer as it's a one time event that lasts a month or two and only happens once a year.

When to Sell
This part is mostly related to your server. You're going to want to do some research on your server, see when items are posted by people via The Undermine Journal.You'll generally want to sell when prices are on the rise. Beware for market manipulators, if you spot one find their threshold and start listing like a maniac. Aeg managed to make 85,000g in a day due to someone trying to manipulate the belt buckle market. Hats off to him.

One thing I can suggest though is to sell raid related things during raid prime times. Gems, Flasks, Enchants, Etc will sell the best during those prime raid hours ( 6-9pm ish server time ). Raid related items sell especially well on Tuesday's as raids reset and you'll see the major raiding guilds wanting to jump back into the content, thus creating a need for gems, enchants and such before, during and even after the raid.

You definitely do not want to sell during the weekend as this is where you will see the lowest prices during the week. Simply wait out the 1-2 days and sell during the weekdays. You'll get the most bang for your buck this way and not come out short handed.

In the end, sure there are a couple times where you can safely buy and sell materials, but be careful when you see that cheap ore and drop 25,000g on it only to find out that next week the same ore you just bought at 25g per drops down to 15g per. Know your markets before spending a large amount of gold on anything, and always, always , always ask yourself: Why is this happening rather than what is happening. Without the why you could possibly be buying yourself into a market that just died ( TweetyBird said this and I 100% agree ).

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  1. In the linked post Aeg claims his profit was 2046g from sales totalling 10373g with 5 belt buckles out of the 42 purchased.

    As shown in the image at

    Still a decent profit over a few weeks but way off from the headlined 85k gold in a day.

  2. He made that much but I couldn't find out where he said that. I talked to him and he didn't want me to directly reveal his main. You'll have to go by my word until he comes and leaves a post. Trust me he made 85k in a day due to someone buying his belt buckle market/supply

  3. Great info. In general with the pet market boom we should see with4.2 do you think pets will be affected the same way with lower prices on the weekend thus the best time to sell being during the week? Or will sales move better on the weekend while the kids are on?

  4. Lockyoarse said... May 27, 2011 at 8:55 AM

    Will the new pet market demand in 4.2 fluctuate down on the weekend in your opinion like other items do? Do you think in general they will sell for better profit during the week?

  5. The link that was posted has nothing to do with Aeg making 85K, except for being the same item.

    I'm the original author of that thread, and dont see why it got linked here since Aeg doesn't even play in the same region as me, maybe a mistake by the author?

  6. For glyphs, I tend to make most my money of the week on weekends. Probably because I have more time to cancel/repost.

  7. The best tool to help you decide when to buy and sell, in my opinion, is the undermine journal. It shows you a graph with the price on your server for the last two weeks so that you can put today's price in context and decide whether it's low (so buy) or high (so sell). There's also a shortcut indicator with a little black dot which, when it's all the way to the left generally indicates a good buying opportunity. All the way to the right indicates a good sales opportunity. The ability to create a favorites list of all the items you typically buy/sell also is a marvelous feature. I am in no way affiliate with the undermine journal, but I use it every every day and highly recommend it to everyone.

  8. There's an addon that can help you find trends and hence the best time to buy and sell as well. It's called market watcher. I use it as well, but it's only as good as the number of times you log in and run the scan. Just thought I'd mention that too.

    The other point that might be worthwhile making is that some items get cheaper on the weekends due to oversupply and constant demand and other items get more expensive on the weekends due to constant supply and increased demand. It somewhat depends on how difficult the item is to gather/manufacture. That's why I prefer to go off of historical data rather than a rule of thumb having to do with the date/time. If you have historical data that charts the price swing for something and you see the price is currently as low as it's ever been, it's pretty safe to buy, regardless of date/time.

    Now I really gotta get back to the ah....


  9. Lifedream of Black Dragonflight said... May 27, 2011 at 11:37 AM

    Hi gang,

    If you ignore all special cases, then it's simple. Buy in the morning, ... sell at night.

    Good Hunting!

  10. Hats off to the blog butcher. Editor on strike? Writer on meth? I'm a school teacher and have a lot of crappy writing passed across my desk every day. I could barely read that post. Words omited, words spelled incorrectly, incorrect use of capitalization (unless summer is the name of a young lady). Overall a hack and slash jam out a post job. Maybe I'm getting cynical but seriously this blog is turning in to a third rate shit show. This is a rehash of forum discussions nothing more. You're providing no information except a link to Consortium again. So why not just route JMTC directly to the Consortium. Maybe we can pay mageshadow to not write posts? Bloggers claim they have all of these ideas in the works, partially completed posts and what not. I'm not seeing quality here folks I'm seeing crap and not even the good quality stuff. You know the crap that occasionally has a kernel of corn embedded in it. Nothing, nadda, zip, zilch, zero. Yay for quality forum users because the blog aspect of this site is well...
    So as a blog responder I am not entitled to an editor nor a proofreader. As a result I self-edited and proofread my work. Cheers for me putting more effort and time in to my response than mageshadow put in to his post. I fully expect the blog rage to begin and I welcome it. Realize I probably won't respond as my esteem for mageshadow and markco is waning quickly.


  11. An e-mail would of done better Gear, but thanks for the input.

    I was going to go ahead and write up something to say to you, but meh. You have your opinion and whatever I say isn't going to change it

  12. Gear was rude, but I will say that I really do wish you would ask someone to edit your posts before you put them up.

    Your writing has a lot of problems that some tutoring could correct. If you won't do that, then AT LEAST get an editor or a friend with good basic writing skills to review your work before you post.

    I know you mean well, but when you post stuff that's so consistently full of errors - even in your headlines, sheesh - it brings the quality of the whole site down.

    JMTC deserves quality on all levels.

  13. I've recently tried resetting the market with greater celestials and admittedly have not had much luck. For the past few weeks I've been selling a lot at the 50 gold mark, and with all the new gear coming in 4.2 I don't see the demand waning. People are always undercutting the 50g/essence price to 35g or less (sometimes much less), and I've been buying them up for 35g or less and relisting for 50. But for some reason this week people have been flooding the ah with them. Who knows, maybe bad market to fix? thoughts?

  14. Gear should I point out the grammatical errors in your comment?

    I think that an email to Mageshadow would have produced more effect rather than shouting for the collective critique of everyone else here as well.

    Is this how you treat students?

  15. @Gear

    You're a teacher and this missive is an example of your writing style? I hope its not an example of your teaching style.

    I'm a bit of a grammar fiend myself. But I can forgive you the three style errors I spotted in your response.

    It's the tone I have trouble digesting. It's exactly the kind of mean-spirited tone that discourages people from writing; especially those who might have the imformation you're demanding.

    Pay Mage to ~not~ write? How much does it cost you to read the stuff he does write?

    And resorting to using crude scatalogical references...well, I can only assume that you're either young....or you're trying to connect with younger readers.

    We all know the old saying, "Those who can, do. Those who can't, become teachers so they can bitch while claiming some level of authority in the matter."

    P.S. You probably have a small dick.

  16. I just wanna say Gear that if you do not enjoy someone's post then in my opinion a constructive critique is well and truly welcomed by all and any bloggers.

    However a rude and outright childish rant, that mainly showed a lack of depth in your ability to discuss your opinion without demeaning or belittling someone else's post, showed us that you do not want to offer your own posts but will freely complain about those that do.

    So if you feel that Mage is lacking in grammatical and stylistic quality, then don't sit back and complain instead invest soem time in making you're own blog and showing people something better. Until that point I suggest keeping things civil.

    As they say if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.

  17. Gear is absolutely correct. Mage's writing is sub-par and often confusing.

  18. Awww man don't group all teachers together. Gear may teach Physical Education!

  19. Aeg would've had to have sold over 140 Belt Buckles at 600g each (with all mats to make them being completely free) in one day to make 85k. I've never sold more than 3 or 4 in one day, let alone when prices were 3x higher than normal. They're just not that high selling of an item.

    Part of what discredits so many posts on JMTC are the inflated numbers on reported profits. It's just BS.

  20. Thanks for your excellent blog on when to buy and when to sell. It was very useful.

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