Crafting Dust of Disapperance, Yes, Crafting

You read the title correct you can craft the dust and still make insane amounts of profits. During Cataclysm's launch crafting these would be downright insane and just stupid but now you'd be stupid not to craft these. Since Cataclysm's release this recipe has received multiple buffs to make it more profitable.

First you get three dusts now instead of 1, meaning you normally sell dust well below vendor price and still make profit. If 1 blackfallow is worth 5g you're able to sell the dust as low as 1.33g per and still break completely even.

What I've noticed is that if I list my dust for under vendor price ( 8g or so ) that people won't undercut you. This is because they got their dust by buying it from the vendor and if they sold for below what they paid for the dust they'd be losing gold. This is an excellent way to control the market and a great alternative to get rid of that extra blackfallow if converting them into Inferno Inks isn't very profitable on your server.

If you sell your dust at 8g per you're basically valuing a stack of 10 blackfallow ink at 240g. This is because like I said above you get three dusts out of one blackfallow thus 10 blackfallow would yield 30 dust. If you can sell one Inferno ink for 240g, be my guest but to be quite frank I doubt you'll be able to come anywhere near that unless you make DMF cards with that Inferno ink, at which point it will be "valued" at 180g per inferno ink.

While I DON'T suggest that you convert 5-10 stacks of blackfallow into dust, it's always handy to keep a stack or two laying around. Converting blackfallows into dusts is a great alternative market to get rid of a couple stacks of blackfallow ink per day; as the dust sells, but at a slow pace.

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  1. Personally I started just "having a stack or two" but when I would sell out stacks at a time all day I started converting tons.

    Someone apparently thought I'd bought them from the vendor and quickly bought out all my 7g ink and reposted for 19g. I just made more and reposted back at 7g. He whispered me telling me how stupid I was to be losing gold by selling them for lower than I was buying them. I love noobs. :D

  2. This method works very well. I've been posting 120 dusts (40 inks) on the AH yesterday in stacks of 1,2 and 3 for 7.5g and they've all sold out because it was raid night. No competition at all easy market.

  3. I think you mean 1.66 instead of 1.33..if a blackfallow ink is worth 5g and you get 3 dusts..each dust is 1.66.
    5/3 = 1.66

  4. lol, you don't make "insane" profits doing this. I don't know why you always inflate things, Mageshadow. You writing style makes it sound like you're trying to sell something. You should be more real.

  5. @anon - look at shamaenei's comment.
    120 dust/day at 7.5g/per

    900g in one day. For what? A couple minutes worth of work?

  6. hm, can Tradeskillmaster manage Multiple sell lists for one item?

    so you can list single dust and 5 stacks and 20 stacks?
    dont fund a way to do this.
    i can only one sell rule per item.

    can anybody help?

  7. I have been using this method recently. For some reason, they sell particularly well if you advertise they are under vendor price because you over stocked. Maybe I just have a lit of players on my server happy to take advantage .. or perceived advantage ;)

  8. Nice tip !
    Made like 300 dust yesterday and posted for 8g , one hour before raid times.Once i started to advertise on /2 about the price, while specifying that its UNDER vendor price...i sold ALL of them in under 15 min.
    No point to say that after that i made 500 more and just let them in AH, because i had to go raiding also.They probably already sold:)

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