Enchant Gloves: Gatherer & Pattern: Herbalist's Gloves

As some of you know I recently started up a project to see how much gold I could make leveling a toon 1-85. I hit a small bump in the road when I reached level 60 and was prompted to go to Outlands, but my gathering professions weren't up to par, they were in the mid 250's and I needed them around 300 or so. 

I started to think and came up with the idea of going over to the AH and buying an enchant called Enchant Gloves: Gatherer. To my surprise there were none at the AH so I barked in trade and found an enchanter with the enchant and had him make a couple ( 6 to be exact ) for a 50g tip. 

The enchant itself only costs 1 Greater Cosmic Essence to produce, thus costing roughly 10-20g per scroll. This is where the gold comes in, I've already managed to sell two of these enchants at 100g/per. I've made back what I paid for the whole lot of 6 plus the tip by selling two enchants. Check this enchant out and if they are none at the AH, craft some and list them around 100-150g/each and see if they sell, most likely they will if you throw up a bark or two such as:

" Need to level those gathering professions faster? Why not put [Scroll of Enchant Gloves: Gatherer] on a pair of gloves and level much faster! "

I didn't stop there though, I went even a step further and found a good old favorite recipe/item that I used to sell: Herbalist Gloves. These puppies give a +5 bonus to herbalism when worn. How do you get this recipe/item? You need to do a couple quests here and there and you'll be able to obtain it. The best part? The pattern is on a spawn timer of roughly 15-30 mins and it's a very niche market; not a lot of people know about these gloves. 

Follow this small guide to obtain your very own Pattern: Herbalist Gloves:

Now go ahead and camp that spot out for a couple patterns. Do note that the horde do not have access to this pattern so you can easily sell this item cross faction for a couple thousand gold or so. I haven't sold this pattern in a bit, but I can safely tell you that when I did it sold in the 3-400g margin and it sold often. People can't be bothered to go and complete this quest line to obtain this pattern so they're willing to dish out 3-400g per. I've listed two at my auction house at 350g, I'll keep you updated via twitter if and when they sell.

I haven't tried selling the actual pair of gloves as I do not have a leatherworker ( nor a LW friend ) but I can imagine if you slapped gatherer on a pair of gloves you'd be able to easily sell it for 2-300g per pair. Time is precious to others a +10 herbalism boost and +5 mining boost is priceless when you're leveling gathering professions.

That's all folks,be sure to craft that gatherer and list them at the Auction house. Also be sure to snag some herbalist's glove pattern and sell them at the Ah for easy profits!

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  1. unfortunately, gatherer can not be put on those gloves since they are not high enough item level, but you can put the vanilla enchant "advanced herbalism" on them for an extra +5. i have been selling scrolls of gatherer on my auction house for 180 gold each since the beginning of cataclysm, but my question is, what do i do when some bumbling idiot lists 20 of them for 30g each when i know they sell at 180?

  2. unfortunatly there are half a dozen peeps doing this on doomhammer the enchant is selling for 17-21g a time

  3. sadly you only have three options when dealing with undercutters....
    you could buy them out and repost, but these enchants probably sell a few at a time, you could wait for your competitions stock to expire in AH then repost, or you can undercut them.

  4. I logged in on one of my abandoned LW'ing alts to try this. Wow. There are some felslayer's nearby to get the medium leather necessary to craft these. There is also a boss there and a sturdy chest for some nice AH epic fodder.There was also nobody near here, so it's makes for good farming while waiting for the pattern to respawn. Thanks for the tip. I cant wait to see how the patterns and gloves sell.

  5. I am currently selling Gatherer on my server and I fetch between 600-700g per scroll. Its amazing and I love it.

  6. You have to be lvl 55 to use gloves with gatherer on them.

    Much better to put advanced Herbalism/Mining on a pair of grey gloves so you can reuse them, or put the pre-WotLK enchant on the herbalist gloves.

    Gatherer is inferior to the original enchants.

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