Enchanting Lanterns - Get Rid Of Maelstorms!

Well.. maelstroms have crashed by the looks of it on almost every server. On my server they're retaining their value at roughly 3-450g per. There is so much gold to be made of maelstroms - weather it's enchants of using them to craft the enchanting lanterns, and the best thing is people don't want to touch these things simply because they're "volatile".

The best thing to use maelstroms for is by turning them into the enchanting lanterns. The lanterns are going for 1-2k on my server and even more once they're transferred cross faction. If you're not making these then you're losing out on thousands of easy gold that requires almost zero time to craft and post. If you're not an enchanter see if you can snag some cheap maelstroms and have either a guildy make you some lanterns or tip someone to craft you a couple.

Next you're going to want to craft some of the high end level enchants - especially the new bracer enchants. These are great to sell at the AH as not many people have the pattern. The weapon enchants are also great to use maelstroms. I simply love the high end weapon enchants as they still sell for a small fortune.

The maelstrom market is better than ever right now! Don't be afraid to buy those maelstroms right now, they're golden bricks!

8 comments: on "Enchanting Lanterns - Get Rid Of Maelstorms!"

  1. Trying to move these high end enchants but the competition is high on my server for the vendor bought recipes and the bracer enchants (I have all three) seem to move very slowly :(

    I will have to try the pets...

  2. Imbalance-Twisting Nether said... May 6, 2011 at 1:11 PM

    I am currently crafting Enchanted Lantern on horde side sending it to my ally character and crafting Magic Lamp on ally side and send it to my horde character simply crafting and selling these pets in crossfaction Auction House. These nets me around 2-2.5k profit each pet.

  3. Cross faction pet selling is probably lucrative, but the competition on my server from same faction pets is fierce. There are 9 Magic Lamps on the AH right now and as many Enchanted Lanterns on the other side. Cross faction is the way to go. Each side has 0 of the opposite faction pets at the moment. Time to dust off my horde toon.

  4. Man, i wish I could try this but there's one guy on the server that has scrolls locked down. He spends many, many hours a day running back and forth between the auctioneer and the mailbox so that he can constantly undercut. It is impossible to break into his market.

  5. Anonymous said... May 6, 2011 at 7:27 PM

    @Dan Prosser, if you're on Mal'Ganis, I share your pain.

  6. Anonymous - Cenarius, but I'm sure there's one on every server. Doesn't hurt me though, I already do well with glyphs and ore shuffling. Just every once in a while I end up with some scrolls I'd like to get rid of, and I can't, lol.

  7. Anonymous said... May 7, 2011 at 7:05 PM

    In theory this method sounds great, but inventory in the neutral auction houses doesn't move quick enough to be truly lucrative.

  8. I just came back from tUJ, and I can catagorically state that there is no money in lanterns. I sampled 23 servers, and the average # of sales (for BOTH factions) is less than one (.95) for a 4 day period. On most of the servers, there was only one or two posted, and they had been sitting there ALONG time. This might be working on one or two servers, but as a global "gold making tip", it's no good. You just can't make gold with such a low volume of sales.

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