I made 7,000g 1-56 - Helpful Tips While Leveling

I've recently started up a very small mini side project, my task was to see how quickly and efficiently I could level while making as much gold as possible. I picked a Night Elf Druid to level and by the time I got him to 56 i already had a hefty amount of 6,800g. How did I do it? I'll give you some helpful tips on what you can do to help reduce leveling costs and help you make some gold while leveling.

Never Buy Gear. Ever.
I didn't buy a single piece of gear when I leveled. You should NEVER have to buy gear now adays; You can either acquire it from quests or through the dungeon finder. Spending gold on gear will save you some gold while leveling. Another tip: Never buy leveling blues/epics. They're useless after a couple levels so you're never going to get their full use. Just don't do it.

When Buying Bags Calculate Price/Slot.
When I first bought my bags on this toon I didn't go straight away for the Netherweave bags. I searched the Auction house and then calculated the Price per slot ( Price of Bag / Number of Slots = Price/Slot EX. Netherweave Bag : 14g/16 slots = 87.5 Silver per slot ). I did this to get the best bang for my buck, most of the time the 10 slotters were the cheapest at nearly half the cost of netherweave bags ( 30-35s/slot instead of 70-80s/slot ).

Vendor Recipes Are Your Friends
I hold these guys very close to me. They brought in a hefty chunk of my income while I leveled. I got my first 1,000g purely from selling every single vendor recipe around me from SW & IF. I also snagged whatever I could while doing dungeons/questing for even further profits. Rare recipes are your friend, some can yield as much as 2-5,000g. Always price check recipes if you're unsure if they're rare or not.

Dungeons Are Great For Gold
Why? Because you have the chance at obtaining rare recipes, rare BOE blues and sometimes even epics. I myself obtained a handful of recipes that sold for over 100g at the AH as well a blue or two that also sold for several hundred gold. Not only do you have a greater chance at recipes/blues but you also gain a hefty amount of experience and gear while doing dungeons. Do keep in mind that you're rolling on items against 4 other people, but with some luck you'll come out on top.

Find Niche Markets
Niche markets are great for starting out, I dabbled in a handful of markets, rare enchanting formulas ( Crusader, Icy Chill, Fiery, Etc ), Elixirs of Giant Growth, Elemental Water, Air & Earth. Niche markets are your friends, they have low competition while yielding excellent profits. Learn to love these markets if you expect to make gold while leveling

If you're having trouble finding some niche markets or niche items such as rare recipes, the undermine journal is your friend. Set up notifications and you're good to go.

Need starter cash? Gather.
Gathering was one of my best sources of steady income. Grab mining and herbalism and just gather while you level. You have no idea how much gold you can get for some of the herbs and ores; some can go for as much as 50g per stack! Gathering is an excellent way to net some cash; especially at those early levels where you're flat out broke.

Those are just some basic tips and tricks that I utilized while I leveled my druid. I hope and I plan on having enough gold for sandstone drake before 80. That's right, I'm expecting to make around 35-40,000g by the time I hit 80, and perhaps somewhere near 90-100k once I get close to 85.

Have any comments or suggestions on how to make gold while leveling? Leave us a comment below!

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  1. Personally, I would start with herb + skinning as leather is more abundant but sells really well (no medium leather on my AH the other day).

    Then after about 1k gold switch to enchanting (D/e greens from AH and sell mats) and Inscription (selling minor glyphs through research as per previous post on JMTC) and watch the $$ roll in.

    Would have done this on a new server by now, but can't stand the though of levelling without BoA gear :)

  2. I started a Deathknight on a new server (their gear lasts untill level 70 so you can always pick the most expensive quest rewards), got mining/herbalism on it and leveled those to 300 before heading to outland.
    Now level 66 and went from 50G at level 58 to 14K at the end of 65
    People pay insane prices for those older ores as there's nobody mining them

  3. I'd go with skinning too but it slows your leveling down more than herbalism or mining.

    Personally I've made the most gold with a new character by selling profession recipes, from vendors mostly. Crusader and lifestealing are good examples now when you can farm them 20 levels sooner.

  4. Herbing/Mining is a great combo for leveling because it combines ease of gold making with experience gains. Upping the speed of leveling is a great way to make money, because it gets you to level 75 (and the potential for two more capped crafting professions!) faster.

  5. Silverthorn said... May 17, 2011 at 10:47 AM

    There's no reason not to start off your new toon as herbal/mining. You get XP for nodes!

    So, gold from the ore & herbs plus faster leveling. What's not to like?

    Recipes are huge! There's just one problem... there's so many of them. Pick out just a couple and mail them to your Auction Alt. (You do have an Auction Alt, don't you?)

    Specifically buy in sets of 12 recipes and mail them in a single batch to your AA. They can leave the message in their mailbox and pull off the recipes one by one as they are needed to post on the AH.

    Obviously, if you do this for more than about 20-30 recipes, you'll start to have problems reading your mail, so this is a somewhat limited strategy, but it sure beats having them sit in your bags.

    And if you don't have any competition on a particular recipes, don't be afraid to post that 1-2s recipe for 29.99g. Yes, that's over 1000 times the base price!

  6. http://ctlaltdelgoldmaking.blogspot.com/ i started blogging my own project, but its not leveling so much, its just low level gold making, because the priciples cary over...

    If insanity nearly is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a differnt result, then sometimes you have to CTL+ALT delete reset what and how you are doing it... your tips here are great reminders to me and much of what I plan to document...

  7. Buying gear is not always a bad idea. Here's what you should do:

    Any slot that has an item that requires 5+ levels below your current level should be upgraded ASAP. Check Wowhead to see if there's an easy quest you could do. If not, look at which would cost more: buying a piece of gear for it, or an enchant that would bring it up to your current level's stat allocation. Sometimes enchanting is better than gear buying.

    Weapons are always tough for melee. Dual wielders are especially hobbled by low dps weapons, so keep an eye out for a good upgrade that's cheap. Again, look for quests and enchants that are cheap and easy. Run dungeons, etc. But if you don't get anything, the auction house is always there. Of course, if you're using BoAs, then there's no need to do any of this.

  8. I've recently done this on a new server starting with a DK who I trained in mining and skinning.

    I used the tips you gave but also included pets. I've made about 9k along the way whilst levelling my priest.

  9. The last one I made on a new server, I made during the christmas celebration. Sold a nice amount of eggs... I'm sure I was the richest lvl6 on that server :)

  10. Mining can be a great early money maker, especially if you choose the feral spec and take Feral Swiftness. A 20-25 min run around Elywnn Forest (without guild perks) usually nets me 4-5 stacks of copper ore. This gives some good early income while still awarding good XP.

  11. Netherweave bags aren't the only 16-slot-bags. The quartermaster of each faction sells a reputation rewarded 16-slot-bag. Buy the tabards of, for example, Stormwind, Ironforge, Gilneas, Darnassus and Exodar. And then run the dungeons while wearing the tabards. You need revered to buy the bags for cheap 1g60s per bag.

    Good blog, keep going on.
    Greets from germany.

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