JMTC Meeting 5/14/2011

Alright folks, here is the recording of last weeks meeting. Mageshadow was unable to attend this meeting, so XanderEragon and Prncesspwn took care of it this week. Here is the Multiupload link.

Timestamps are credited to Prncesspwn ( as well as the recording of the meeting! ) so really, thank her and Xander for running this weeks meeting.

Note: They might a little off as Teamspeak cuts out large audio gaps where no one is talking which results in the audio & timestamps not being exactly in sync, this is not Prncess's fault! It's Teamspeaks :P

These are the timestamps for the meeting-

9:05- PTR new datamined stuff
9:15- herb prices
9:26- Pets
9:30- Truegold
9:41- Jewelcrafting
9:45- Decline in WOW players
9:51- TSM
9:54- Markco comes in and says hi
9:56- How soon is too early to start stockpiling for patches?
10:00- How much is too much stockpile?
10:04- Inscription
10:08- why do things sell?
10:12- Vendor items
10:15- Goldthorn
10:18- Undermine Journal
10:28- Farming crusader enchant
10:32- Sporagar rep
10:35- rep items
10:38- Find me and I'll give you gold
10:47- Outros

Markco (GASP!)

P.S I currently do not know the media player that Mageshadow usually puts the meeting on, so I will hopefully have a player on this post later this weekend! Here is the Megaupload link as well.

10 comments: on "JMTC Meeting 5/14/2011"

  1. Is it just me? Or did everyone else's anti-virus software go crazy when you tried to load the megaupload codex? Seems full of trackers, trogens, etc. I gave up after 4 warnings.

  2. It's me again, confirm on the viruses, changed my homepage, disabled my internet tools, etc. Gotta do a full scan now.

  3. Much better! I'd recommend sticking with one of these guys as host. No offense to Mageshadow, but you don't have the voice for this.

  4. I downloaded the megaupload mp3 as soon as I read this and ran multiple scans with my own anti virus ( I run two total ) and neither picked up anything

    Check that pic out, Kasperky says no threats and you can see I just downloaded the mp3 from megaupload.

    The virus you have isn't from us, it's from something else. Run those virus scans brother.

  5. @anon #3 - Heh no problem

  6. It's funny to me that people like that Xander and I "ran" this meeting. I always think it sounds horrible when I do it!

    Prncesspwn’s AH

  7. OK, I'll try again. But I got the gen.2 trojen last time. LOL, I really want to hear this meeting!

  8. I stayed up late to join in this meeting, but flaked out with tiredness in the end. Hope you had a good time guys?

  9. Thank you for an abolutely great meeting folks, you hit practically everything that's of interest to me. And a special thanks for prncesspwn for posting the time stamp so I can refer back easily. I'd like to mention that I fall into the "I love Undermine Journal" camp because I typically deal in low volume/high price items. Having individual sales data available helps me know who my competition is both quantitavely and qualitatively, and gives insight into pricing that I just can't get with simple mean/median/standard deviation data. But I also liked the suggestion about scaring your undercutters, I think tonight I'll post my 17 volcano cards just to show 'em who's boss. Analytics isn't everything you know. ;)

  10. One of my favorite meetings along with the one with Flux and Euripides.

    Good topics, good discussions and not too much jewelcrafting.

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