June Blogging Carnival Information

Hello folks! I simply wanted to remind you about the upcoming blogging carnival for the month of June. The topic is what is your most devious gold making strategy?

Personally I think this will turn out to be a very interesting blogging carnival as well get to see what devious ways bloggers are using to make their gold. Personally I love my own and special favorite gold making strategy of turning in Sulfuron Ingots for the plans for the Sulfuron Hammer.

It's a very devious strategy as I buy the ingots for 500-800g per turn them in and sell the plans for triple and sometimes quadruple of what I paid. I've sold a number of them in the past months totaling for up to 46,000g in profits. The only downside to this method is that you can only turn in the ingot once per character and they have to be 55+ in order to enter BRD.

You can easily counter this by either asking a friend and tip them a little ( I tip 250g ) or make some DK alts and get them out of the starting zone, then turn them in and either level him up or delete him and make a new one.

What is your most devious gold making strategy?

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  1. Lifedream of Black Dragonflight said... May 27, 2011 at 12:15 PM

    Hi gang,

    This is a great topic, I can't wait to hear what you guys are doing.

    I think that this is slightly devious. A good goblin, without the needful tradeskill can still move in on any market. I do it for a number of things. My three biggest would be the Ebonsteel Belt Buckels, PVP Armor and Magic Lamp/Enchanted Lantern markets.

    For the Ebonsteel Belt Buckels; and being without a Black Smith (BS), I buy the mats and hire one (a BS) thru chat. I tell them I am buying (some item) for my guild and that I need 20 of them. I pay 10 Gold per buckel (I think that is fair), then sell. Mats cost me 90 gold, 10 gold for the BS, and I sell at about 210.

    I dont understand why my hired BS's (and other trade skills) don't see what I am doing and do the same, but they don't. I am sure many of them understand that I am not buying these for my guild but just for myself for resale. I have done this 100's of times and only once has a guy told me no. It was a Jewel Crafter (JC) who told me he wouldn't cut my 20 gems because he sold those and didn't want the competition. Now that made sense to me and I say 'good for him'! Of course, I just found another JC and got my cuts anyway. But I fully understood his position and thought he was wise. I personally never craft anything for anyone else (except friends, of course) on my server.

    Enchanted Lanterns & Magic Lamps; I can craft the Lamps myself, the Lanterns I simply buy off the auction house on the other side. Transfer both thru the neutral AH and sell on the other faction. Buy at 900, sell at 2500. I sell about 1-2 each week on both sides. Not devious, but it is another example of moving in on a market even though you don't have the tradeskill that is needful.

    Crafted PVP Armors are very profitable. I tell crafter's that I want a set of PVP armor(s) for my main, hire them to craft the armor(s) then sell it, ... very profitable (and only slightly devious).

    Good Hunting

  2. Silverthorn said... May 27, 2011 at 1:11 PM

    OK, I've been saving this one up for a while. My secret is [hushed voice], "Nightmare Tears". The real question is why?

    Nightmare Tears have stayed incredibly popular since Cataclysm came out. +10 to all stats is all very nice, but it doesn't compare by even half to +40 in your primary stat, so why are they selling hot off the shelves at 300-400g a piece?

    Because players are very, very uninformed about certain basics regarding gems and sockets. They think, hmm, yellow socket needs yellow gems, blue socket needs blue gems, and red sockets need red gems! Right?

    No, it's not. You can socket nonmatching gem colors. All you lose is your socket bonus, if there is one. If there is no socket bonus, there is no reason not to put your best gem in, regardless of socket color.

    So.... following this spurious logic, what do you suppose must go in a prismatic socket?

    That's right, a prismatic gem! Players everywhere are socketing Nightmare Tears into their Eternal Belt Buckles or their Inscription relics with sockets-- because they don't know they can use their primary stat rare gems for much better effect.

    Even worse, when they have both a belt buckle socket and a relic socket, a lot of the time, one or the other goes completely unsocketed, since you can only equip a single Nightmare Tear.

    It's for a limited time only, however. When the new Cataclysm something-Tear comes out, presumably with the epic gems, the demand for Nightmare Tears will drop.

    For the future, start stocking up on those cheap Chimera's Eyes and Hypnotic Dust. My guess is those will be the mats for the new Tear.

  3. This is a trick I'm trying out. I make darkmoon cards. As anyone who makes them knows, the price for the decks is roughly set by the total of each individual card added together. The individual card market is much more competitive than the deck market, as the "weak-hands" are often running into cash-flow problems, and this causes downward pressure on my total deck price. So how do I stop people from making decks from cards? Simple, I make sure to buy out one card from each deck, say the seven of embers, over the weeks before the darkmoon fair. This should stop most causal players from making decks before DMF, and thus increase demand in my completed deck market. Then I'll just resell the extra cards at the end of DMF to recoup part of my cost. Anyone else try this?

  4. I like to purchase Enchanting Vellums at 10 silver and then sell them on the AH for a min of 1G a piece...sometimes its as high as 4G a piece!

  5. My plan has been activated...I grinded rep with Consortium in Nagrand and Area 52 to get honored rep just to buy the Bag of Jewels tailoring recipe.

    I think it is going to be the best value bag for jewelcrafters in patch 4.2 when gems stack.

    I'm listing it on the auction house now for 475 gold and I'm pretty sure many folks are scoffing/laughing at the price. Who wants a 24 slot gem bag when gems don't stack? Regular bags work fine!

    I'm the noob listing Bag of Jewels for too much right now. Posting the bags now is really just to create an awareness of the bag.
    Some jewelcrafters may not know it exists.

    The new Luxurious Silk bag in patch 4.2 will have 36 slots for jewelcrafters to stack gems in.

    26 slot Illusionary bag which is just a regular bag, but requires 8 dreamcloths to craft is posted on my server's auction house for 7800 gold.

    Who knows how much Luxurious Silk bags will sell for, but the mats like volatiles will be in high demand for other professions.

    Bag of Jewels requires imbued netherweave and knothide leather to craft. I'll be making Bag of Jewels and selling them to jewelcrafters who can't afford Luxurious silk gem bags.

  6. @Gorelick

    That is a great trick. There are a couple of people who do that on my realm (me included). It takes a bit of starting capital in order to pull off but it can definitely be worth it.

  7. Silverthorn, I pray you're right on Chimera's as I had over 100 now because prices were rock bottom - 50 or more under 100g...

    Part of me feels they're an easy way for Blizzard to introduce epic gems in the next patch....

  8. @Gorelick
    I saw that suggestion and thought of you, then low and behold I saw your name as the poster.

    As far as "devious" goes Neutral AH snatching is as about devious as it gets. People often post several of anything thing that they're transferring cross faction because, why not, no one knows when they're doing it or what they're transferring but if you can catch the auctions at the right time, you can buy things for WAY below market value. It's also a great way to scare a cross faction seller out of your market.

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