Making Gold With Alchemy In Cataclysm

I've gotten a ton of e-mails & people asking me how to make gold with alchemy so I'm going to share with you one of my favorite ways to make gold with this profession. It doesn't require you to be level 85. The recipe/item that is crafted can be bought at the AH for a measly 10g and is readily available.

Don't worry, just because the recipe is cheap and is almost listed at the AH doesn't mean this item doesn't bring in profit. The said item is rarely listed at the AH because people are too busy selling the higher level end alchemy stuff and they completely forget about the lower tier stuff or think " oh.. well it's a vanilla recipe so it simply CAN'T make gold ".

Well they're wrong - I've made thousands of gold off this recipe/item. It's a vanity item which people simply love to buy in stacks - hell myself personally I keep 2 stacks around all the time. The cost to craft the said item is very, very cheap and can be reduced further when you're able to snatch some cheap herbs. I tend to sell the said item at 10-15g/per and sometimes even more when no one has it listed at the Auction House. I list in stacks of 1s, 5s, and 10s - with 5s being the best sellers.

Can you guess what the item is? Hint: The recently buffed and now drops very often in a couple specific zones. Still don't know? Click the continue reading button to find out!

Recipe: Elixir Of Giant Growth.

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  1. Anonymous said... May 5, 2011 at 8:44 AM

    That's probably VERY server specific. On my server ( Garona Eu) these kind of vanity items don't sell for 1g.

  2. Come back and check another day! :P

  3. @ Anon, you can also "advertise" by making a few of these potions for your own use. Run around SW or where every players are congregated, especially on high traffic days like Saturday.

    People will ask you how you got so big, etc. You can also just bark in the trade channel to drive up some interest.

    Many players may not know about the Elixir or may have forgotten. Run a guild dungeon or BG with the potion active just for kicks.

    The more buzz you create the more you will sell.

  4. I think is US specific.No offense, on EU servers are also plenty of players (underaged or simply too stupid) that use that elixir.
    On my server, i know they are enough...but not even close to a number that can make this elixir something you can make gold off.

    I like niche markets, i am not a rookie on AH ( 3 GB x 5 tabs and 1,5 mil gold cash), but this elixir is a no-no on my server.

    I agree, maybe, sometimes, can sell...but the effort doesn't worth the time.

  5. a good tip for gold making on Alch is transmuting saronite bars to titanium. Since there isn't a cooldown and titanium bars are still in decent demand for both titansteel bars and general skillups, i've been having quite a bit of luck with them. Considering the fact that almost no one is in Northrend anymore, that oh-so-familiar Icecrown mining circuit is deserted. Lots of titanium and as much saronite as your bags can hold. I spent an hour mining saronite, smelted them into bars, and muted the bars to titanium on a mute speced alch - profit!

  6. Silverthorn said... May 5, 2011 at 11:40 AM

    I don't know if there's any sales potential in these other items, but I like Swiftness potions (Swiftthistle and Briarthorn) for just that added burst of speed when you need it. Often just the thing to get that flag up that hill in a BG or run away from a lethal mob.

    I also try to have some Tracker Snacks (Shoveltusk Flank + Northern Spice), for when the City Cooking quest has you hunting crabs, crawfish, lobsters, etc. The critters show up on the minimap. It really speeds things up for non-hunters. Not to mention Pilgrim's Bounty's turkey kill achievement.

  7. Ive been making these since this post came out and making a killing on them - 100GP a stack of 10. The fish needed to make them is expensive on AH server so I just spend a few minutes in the barens fishing for them. Likely making 100gp in 30 mins

  8. I agree with the above post, this is extremely server specific and entirely depends on the economic circumstance for these items on your server.

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