Need Enchanting Materials?

Crappy PS Skills... I know xP
 While swiftly browsing through the Consortium forums yesterday I managed to find a brand new amazing guide that was simply too good to pass up and link to you guys. The guide goes in dept on how to acquire enchanting materials easily and which items will yield X dust or X essence.

" The Consortium does it again "
Yet another awesome quality guide from the Consortium forums. This enchanting guide is really you're one stop shop for everything regarding enchanting materials. Personally I will never have to wowhead X item to see that it disenchants into; or if I want to mass craft some materials to DE into X essence or dust I can simply go to this thread, find that item I need and see what craftable item will yield me the best result. Thelegend, you are truly amazing!

If you've never checked out the consortium forum, please, please, please do so right now. That forum is simply jam-packed with so much great information that it'll make your head explode!

I've done a couple posts back in the day on the consortium forums, again if you've never checked them out do so right now, and hell even if you do check them once in a while check them right now because it's a forum, it's updated by the hour, new stuff is posted every couple minutes!

6 comments: on "Need Enchanting Materials?"

  1. Thanks for the link Mageshadow, it is indeed a very nice compilation that TheLegend has made.

    Your photoshop skills are coming along hey! I think the picture looks pretty cool with such simple effects :)

  2. Thanks for the kind words Mageshadow.

    It's nice to be able to give something back to a community that has given me so much already!

  3. Geargrinder said... May 19, 2011 at 11:55 AM

    While browsing the Consortium page yesterday I also found this guide well not the same one because the one you found was 'amazing' and I just found the good one. What was cool was I left the guide there because I don't have a blog and if I had the time to write a blog well I'd write my blog rather than 'borrow' from another source. This 'borrow blog' is bombing bigtime. Please try to come up with your own topics. I'm not telling you how to do your job because if I could do your job better than you it would stand to reason that I would be doing your job. Simply put I like new content from my blog roll every day. I hate reruns and when I get a rerun on a blog roll well a part of me dies a little. Maybe next time you see a great post somewhere that you'd like to direct traffic towards you can give them some page time and then provide us with a guest post or something. I mean it seems a little presumptious of you to think that all your readers only read this one blog.


  4. Awesome site (Consortium), but... Grrr!

    I definitely liked it better when this kind of information wasn't so readily spoonfed to the masses, because then the AH winners were rightly the ones doing the work (research) ourselves.

    Maybe WoW needs a patent system! Nowadays it's so easy to sell pretty much everything, and it's almost down to who can camp the AH better.

  5. @geargrinder - While I understand your desire for new content every day, recognize that Wow inherently has a limited amount of content to talk about by virute of the fact that it is a game created by designers. There are probably a couple new ideas or pieces of information out there that can still be found and they eventually will.

    The exception to this being obviously when blizzard patches in new content then things change, but to be honest a lot of the gold making information is out there already and it boils down to how you deal with it.

    In addition likely a lot of people here do not read the consortium forums on a daily basis and as such this is a very good thing to link over as it is brand new and usefull to someone looking for enchanting mats.

    To expect a blogger to put out new content every day is unrealistic in wow and to be honest if you are at a level where you dont need to see the rehashed info since you are checking every feed why not just remove the site from your blogger.

    The last time Mageshadow did an analysis of someone elses blog that he linked to them he got bombed with "It is wrong to have your own opinion, don't call that blogger bad" posts. I would suggest if you want to see more analysis and thought provoking discussion you look at those commentors and perhaps bring some discussion to the table yourself.

  6. Geargrinder, not everyone reads the consortium forums, just like not everyone reads every single blog. You might, but thousands of other will not. Some people simply don't have the time to go out and do research or browse the forums, and me making a post linking them to a blog or post isn't terrible.

    Yeah some posts might not apply to you or you might already know the information because you're already a gold guru. You know the ins and outs of possibly many markets and most of the stuff that's posted is simply re-hashed info, for you. Keyword for you.

    Thousands of others aren't like you, they aren't all knowing gold gurus. They don't have time to go browsing the forums, etc etc. There's nothing wrong with that to be quite frank, but that's what I'm here to provide. Content for the masses, not the gold gurus who already know their stuff.

    I apologize if this article did not please your taste, not much I can do about it.

    P.S. Writing for a blog is much harder than you think.

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