New Valor Wrists & Other BOE Gear in 4.2

 Update: Silly me didn't read the fine print and Blizzard slid a low ball in, You can't stockpile valor for 4.2 as it will be converted to JP once 4.2 hits. Sorry folks!

That's right folks! Most of the new ilvl 378 valor rewards coming in 4.2 will in fact be BOE! What does this bring to the table? An excellent gold making opportunity! 

You'll definitely want to stockpile whatever valor you possibly can for patch 4.2. If you're currently using your valor points to buy something else, I suggest that you stop and start stockpiling as much of it as possible. There is a total of three different types of BOE's, Thrown weapons, Wrists and Necklaces.

The cheapest are the thrown weapons costing only 700 valor points but to be quite frank these will most likely be hard to sell at the AH or any class that uses them *cough rouges *cough*. Next up in line you have the necklaces and wrists, they will be costing 1,250 valor points.  This is what you're most likely going to want to snag and sell to others.

If you're on of the first to throw these items out there you can easily sell them for thousands of gold. Heck even if you're not one of the first to attempt to sell these I'm sure you'll at least be able to sell them for 10-15,000 especially since they're ilvl 378. These puppies will become the new sort of current " Valor Boots "

What are your thoughts on having 3 different type of valor BOE epics? Will you stockpile your valor points?

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  1. Current valor points are being converted to Justice Points in the next patch.

  2. Aren't they converting all Valor to Justice points with the 4.2 patch, or did they change that? If so, it really won't do you much good to 'stockpile' points.

  3. Unfortunately, I have to disagree with the suggestion of stocking up on Valor Points. It's listed in the patch notes that "All existing Valor Points in the Currency tab have been converted to Justice Points." As such, trying to stockpile VP for 4.2 will be a huge waste of effort.


  4. Imbalance-Twisting Nether said... May 29, 2011 at 12:26 PM

    When Patch 4.2 is released, your existing Valor Points will be converted to Justice Points.

    No point in stockpiling valor points infact get rid of them and sell valor boots when you can all valor points will be converted to justice point this means you will not be able to buy any valor items rightaway when the patch is deployed to live servers.

  5. via MMO-Champion: When Patch 4.2 is released, your existing Valor Points will be converted to Justice Points.

  6. Since valor points will be converted to justice when 4.2 drops, there's no reason to stockpile vp now.


  7. Sorry, but you can't stockpile Valor Points. They will be downconverted to Justice Points when 4.2 (or any new raiding tier) is released.

  8. Hate to shoot down your idea for stockpiling up Valor points, but Blizzard is ahead of the gold makers on this one. The last time I read the patch notes about 4.2 ALL valor that anyone has in their possession will be converted into justice points. This is, I assume, to keep the gold farmers from trying to flood the markets, raise prices up, and to keep monopolizers from controlling the prices of the new BOE items.

  9. How can we stockpile valor now,as you suggest, when all the current valor is going to be converted to justice points when 4.2 hits?

  10. Valor Points are being converted down to Justice Points in 4.2 so unfortunately there's no point in stockpiling them for these particular items. Interestingly enough, the Valor items are converting down to be purchasable with Justice Points, so this may give those with extra Justice Points the opportunity to buy the BOE 359 boots.

    However, for those looking to make some good gold with Valor Points earned after the patch, the items in the article are a great opportunity, especially the Thrown items which they also have for Warrior tanks and Warrior DPS which are hard to come by.

    Great idea though!

  11. You just forgot one thing, all Valor points will be converted to Justice points as soon as 4.2 hits.

  12. Except when patch 4.2 comes out, all valor points will be converted to justice points. You won't be able to stockpile them.

  13. Gues you forgot Valor Points will be turned to Justice Points when Patch 4.2 hits the live servers.

  14. Wont Valor points reset? It seems to me, every time they do a patch like this, points shift and change, and everyone gets reset. I seem to recall that all valor will be turned to Justice, at a loss, the day this goes into effect.

    THAT might need some looking into as well, before jumping on this train.

    Deathwing US

  15. You can't stockpile Valor for 4.2, the patch will reset all Valor points to Justice. Which means everyone starts at 0 Valor when 4.2 hits.

  16. Pre-4.2 VP gets converted to JP when 4.2 happens so the strategy is wrong here.

  17. Err i thought Valor Points are going to Be converted into Justice Points in 4.2?

  18. Pre-4.2 VP gets converted to JP when 4.2 happens so the strategy is wrong here.

  19. Valor points will be converted to Justice points - you cannot stockpile for any of the new tier's gear, other than gold :P

  20. Valor get converted to justice right?

  21. You know when patch comes Valor Points will be changed to justice points, which means you can't stockpile. And current VP gear will be bought with JP

    Don't give wrong tips

    Uskollinen - Saurfang EU

  22. I have read in patch notes that they are turning all valore points into justice points. So I am taking this as a valore point reset, so that all your banked valore's will now become justice. Which makes sense to me or everyone will be banking there valores and would be in full T12 right when the patch drops. Or am I reading the patch notes wrong?

  23. Aren't valor points all conerted to JP on the day 4.2 hits ? I'm quite sure they are.

  24. When Patch 4.2 is released, your existing Valor Points will be converted to Justice Points.


  25. Thatkindaorc said... May 29, 2011 at 12:50 PM

    Valor is converting to JP in 4.2. Stockpiling is useless; you'll be able to buy the same 359 boe boots, I suppose, but you could have just stockpiled JP.

  26. Anon Y Mouse said... May 29, 2011 at 12:53 PM

    Valor gets converted to Justice when 4.2 drops. So, no I'm not planning on stockpiling it.

  27. No need to stockpile valor points. They will be converted to justice points come patchday, so everyone starts at 0 valor.

  28. One thing you forgot - You won't be able to stockpile your VP for 4.2, it's going to be converted to JP when the patch hits.

  29. I guess you missed the line where all Valor Points will be converted to Justice points. There is no Valor Point stockpiling.

  30. all your current valor points will be converted to Justice points, you cant stockpile valor for 4.2

  31. Stockpiling valor is just wrong. Valor will convert to justice come 4.2 and you will lose any justice converted over the 4k cap.

    Such a fail post.

  32. aren't they converting existing valor points into justice points? in which case, you can't stockpile.

  33. You know any valor you have when the patch comes out is supposed to be changed into justice points right? Nice try though.

    Also how is it that you've recommended like 4 or 5 different gold guides? How much are they paying you to spam their crappy guides with old information?

  34. You can't stockpile valor for 4.2. Whatever valor you have when the patch goes live gets converted into justice points.

  35. You cannae stockpile Valor, since, come 4.2., they will become Justice Points. At best, one could suggest getting a raiding group to cap on Valor each week, but no more.

  36. Chill out with the negative comments, yeah sure I made a mistake and dind't read that, I didn't know the valor would be JP's come 4.2. Give me some slack, I'm not a robot that computes things 24/7 and is always 100% right on the point. The strategy would of been valid if Blizz didn't do that.

    One thing to remember, I'm human and humans make mistakes from time to time, no need to get angry and flame me/the blog.

  37. Wow. Did it really require 30+ people to reply with the basically the same comment over the course of an hour? On the other hand, Mageshadow, more attention to detail would not hurt this blog one bit. Markco does everything possible to direct traffic here and even overlooking your Valor Point error there are tons of grammatical errors every post. I expect at least a minimal effort toward proofreading what you wrote. Yes, any idiot can write a blog and nobody cares about a professional looking product these days but I really don't like to wince while I am trying to read something. Flame away...

  38. Mageshadow I for one was not trying to burn you but was trying to just clarify the info. With all the patch notes being released it was an easy mistake. A lot of people are confused by it, thinking that valore points are gone for good. And there has been much QQing going on about it. But they either had to reset the valore or bring in a new point system to make it fair. Keep up the great work and don't let the "horde" get you down.

    And to all you anonymous QQers strap some balls on and attach your name.

  39. Conquest points get reset too, right?

  40. Mageshadow, get off your high horse. Just read all of the comments, and there was 2-3 negative comments about this post. Everyone else was simply letting you know that you cant stock VP for 4.2. Plus, if you cant take any stick for making a mistake as a blogger, you shouldnt be a blogger.

  41. 2-3 negative comments that were published. 10-15 more that weren't because they were simply way too offensive containing cuss words, derogatory terms and such.

  42. I Think it is sad that there are only this many posts when people feel like they have the opportunity to correct someone else. Would like to see this much participation/discussion on a different post.

  43. Wonder if you bought "valor" gear before you logged off and then revendored after the patch if you would get valor or justice points. I did this with pvp badge gear in wotlk with unintentional success.
    With the valor earned/week cap though, I'm not sure it would work for more than one or two pieces; it may not allow the refund beyond the cap. Just curious, any thoughts.

  44. I never seen so many writing the same sentence in a row...


    :P I'm excited about this, more as a consumer than a supplier, this means my small mountain of gold can buy more crap for my dumb, spoiled alts! =D

  46. I think the most frustrating thing about this is that the Valor/JP change has been known for certain for a while, and heavily implied for over a year, pretty much since the blizzcon where they announced it. To miss that is just the latest in a long line of poor posts. :(

  47. This reminds me of trade chat, in that whenever someone asks an honest question, they get largely ignored. But if it's something "wrong", a dozen people have to quickly correct. Never quite understood that...

    P.S. Its rogue, not rouge.;)

  48. Hahahahaha these comments are awesome... oh and by the way, you can't stockpile Valor Points, as they are being converted to Justice Points when 4.2 hits

  49. I am wondering the same as suite dreemz. Would it be possible to stack up on valor and just before the patch hits spend it all on gear. Then when you log back in you make use of the refund and cash in your valor again.

    Or will the spent valor points be converted back to JP?

  50. I think the reason so many people commented on Mageshadows post is because it's an obvious sign that he is not as knowledgeable as we were hoping he was. We hold him to very high standards writing for one of the oldest gold blogs of WoW and when he doesn't meet those standards, we get disappointed.

    The currency conversion is a common change from one major patch to another. We saw the same happening many times in WotLK and we will see it again in 4.3 and onwards. I'm very surprised this 4.2 change eluded him, because it doesn't just mean he missed some recent patchnotes, it also means he has missed a crucial part of Blizzards "it should be easy to get into current raiding" ideology. Maybe some quality control is in order, to make sure the content jmtc puts out stays fresh, correct and reliable.

    Thank you for a great gold blog!

  51. All of the comments are like a minute or 2 apart. I think someone set you up. They might even come from different IP's but I bet its the same person.

    No worries man, everybody make a mistake every once in a while. It happens. Keep doing what your doing.

  52. Quality control for an internet blog about pixelated gold in a computer game? These bloggers (Mage included) are doing the entire WoW community a tremendous service in sharing their thoughts so freely on the gold game. They have *no* obligation to do anything for us, including write this blog. I'm astounded at the ingratitude of the majority of comments here. They are saving us a lot of time posting their thoughts, but ultimately the only person responsible for how you choose to play the game is yourself. If you want quality control, talk to the FDA about Tylenol. If you want to know what to do with your VP, make up your own %$#@ing mind and quit flaming bloggers who are doing you a very big favor.

  53. Thatkindaorc said... May 30, 2011 at 11:05 AM

    Another reason so many people commented it is that since comments have to be approved before they show up, everyone got up, checked their email, saw something wrong, saw no comments, and commented.

    If Mageshadow would research, spellcheck, or proofread his posts, I wouldn't roll my eyes every time a JMTC post came up. It's either Marcko advertising something or Mageshadow posting something incredibly obvious or obviously wrong, nowadays.

    Add to that the emo-rific whining in the comments, and I'm starting to think it's not worth it to even check anymore.

  54. I kinda have to agree. No one is expecting literary perfection, but the posts are becoming increasingly difficult to read and indeed "cringe" worthy. If I read "I should of" instead of "I should have" one more time I'm going to hurt myself. The posts are littered with spelling and grammatical errors to the point that they are difficult to read.

    They are promoting a professional service and the posts are far from professional in presentation. It's truly not hard to use spell check and/or have someone else proof read for you if you're not a goof writer. It's getting to the point where I don't want to read them anymore, which is a shame because the quality used to be excellent.

  55. If it makes you feel any better I had a good laugh about this post and much more about its replys.
    Beside that I think with some minor changes this is actually a great way to farm some gold in the first couple of weeks in 4.2
    If you can wait it out to buy them for your own chars, you can make alot of gold this way.
    Thanks for the tip.

    Stacking Justicepoints dont seem to be a bad idea, you ll be able to buy the boots with them in 4.2...
    wonder what will happen with the JusticePoints cap, if you have JP and ValorPoints capped, that would mean 8k JP in 4.2

  56. gosh, i missed the part where someone said the points will be converted... really guys EVERY SINGLE comment? imbeciles

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