Pet Achievements in 4.2 - New Pets

I'm sure most of you have checked the front page of MMO-Champion by now and you've all seen the new pet that you'll be able to receive if you manage to collect a whopping 150 pets. Of course, you also get different pets if you manage to collect 100 & 125 along with other goodies, but what does this mean for us gold makers?

Sell, Sell, Sell.
You better take advantage of this. Start buying some cheap pets, namely the talked about elementium geode which nearly doubled in price on most servers due to the new 4.1 pet achievements. With 4.2 buffing the achievements even further I can definitely see people racking in thousands of gold in several weeks.

One thing that I'd do for sure is try to snag any rare pets such as the rare whelpings or anything that doesn't hit the AH too often ( firefly, black tabby & others come to mind ) and start stocking them up for 4.2. People will want these pets in order to achieve the 150 pet mark and since they're rare you'll want to put a nice shiny price tag on the, most likely people will be desperate and pay upwards to 5-10k for some of the rarer pets.

I would also stock up on any vendor pets, cats, snakes, owls, any and all of them, and make sure to have plenty as they should be flying off the shelves if priced correctly.

Alto from Alto's Goldish Advice recently did a great post on pets. I suggest you guys go check out his post: Alto's Got Himself Crabs?! One Stop Pet Shop for Warcraft Pets!

What do you think about the new pets being added to the achievements? Will we see a big spike in demand for pets? If so, will you be prepared?

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  1. Hey, looking forward to these new achievements, I have 138 pets and I recently spent some time making a 3 minute movie about how I buy and resell pets on the auction house to make delicious piles of gold.

    It's up on Youtube or at

  2. Thanks for the headsup. This will certainly be something my engineer will have created and ready...the de-weaponized one or something lol. Also i tend to have my mages hearth set in area 52 so i can check for power cores,casings,and bolts, and then i go over to the pet vendor in that eco dome thingy to restock.

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