Post Fail + New Prof Recipes Locations!

First things first. I simply want to apologize for yesterdays post. It was incorrect information that I should of looked/researched a little deeper. It's something that I should of caught on earlier, so I apologize for that. Even though yesterdays post was a complete failure one of the comments really caught my eye:

" Wonder if you bought "valor" gear before you logged off and then revendored after the patch if you would get valor or justice points. I did this with pvp badge gear in wotlk with unintentional success.
With the valor earned/week cap though, I'm not sure it would work for more than one or two pieces; it may not allow the refund beyond the cap. Just curious, any thoughts. "
- Suite Dreemz

That could very well be a possible way around stockpiling valor, though it's semi-risky but the reward is huge. It's a simply possibility that could very well work out in the end ( like  said it worked for him in wrath )

I also wanted to talk about the new profession recipes that are coming in 4.2. They will in fact be coming for reputation vendors from the new Firelands raid/zone. If you're even remotely interested in getting these recipes I'd get your alts quested through the entire Hyjal zone and once 4.2 hits do the quest hub/dailies until you have the required rep to get whichever recipe you'd like.

Once you get the new daily hub done according to mmo-champion the things that the three vendor sell will in fact be buyable with gold. How much who knows but I'd definitely pay in upwards to 5-10k for the new profession recipes. By the looks of it, Blacksmiths will be able to buy 8 new patterns from the vendors, engineers get 2, Tailors will have access to 1 and last but not least, leatherworkers will have access to 2 recipes from the firelands daily quest hub.

If you're one of the first to obtain and craft these recipe you're going to be making a killing for the first couple weeks or so.

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  1. Nice idea about the valor gear, worth a shot, assuming Blizz doesn't read this and remove the bug.

  2. Since the recipes appear to be BoP, reselling them won't be an option.

  3. My concern about buying VP gear and trying to refund it would be getting suspended/banned for exploitation. It's clearly against the spirit of the rules if not the letter.

  4. Rip Shaman said... May 30, 2011 at 11:19 AM

    One way to possible get around this Valor issue is to buy the BOE Valor Boots before the patch, and then get the refund after the restart as Suite Dreemz said. This would work well in 2 ways. 1: If you can not get a refund then you can still sell the boot for some kind of profit. 2: If you can't get a refund, then you can trade the boots for something else, or trade them to get them DE'ed, which may sound crazy, but sometimes on certain realm a maelstrom crystal might be worth more than the boots themselves (Rare, but not unheard of). Either way it seems to me like you'd be in the "clear" so to speak. Also, how can Blizzard, ban you for exploitation, when it is indeed a BOE item, and you just wanted to honestly sell it for gold, or perhaps you changed your mind and thought another item looked a little nicer?

  5. After seeing the recipes that will be offered from the quest hubs I can see the reasoning behind stockpiling truegold but is it still worth it to be stockpiling pristine hide for a couple of bags?

  6. Hi Mageshadow!

    I have three very random questions:

    You're often writing about barking. This just makes me wonder if not a lot of other players will start trying to sell the same item(s) when you do?

    Which realm are you playing on? And is 'Mageshadow' your name there? And no, I won't come ruin your auctions, I play on EU realms :P Just interested.

    You really like niche markets and such. What I wonder is if you're doing pretty much all those "tips and tricks" you're writing about? Won't that take a lot of time?
    Is making money all you do in WoW or do you enjoy other aspects of the game too?

    Thanks in advance :)

  7. You wouldn't get suspended/banned for doing so.

    Any eta on 4.2?

  8. Does this mean.. No need to stockpile volatiles for craftable gear anymore? Since none of those recipes seem to require them, except the mining bag.

  9. Ignore the bags for a second:

    [x] New Raid teir
    [x] New PvP gear

    Charscale Leg Armor &
    Dragonscale Leg Armor

    Should be reason enough to stockpile your Pristine Hides ;)

  10. any word on JC/enchanting recipes? any database collecting this info from test?

  11. For those wondering how much of the Mount Hyjal quest chain they will need to complete:

  12. @SuiteDreemz: What badges and which patch are you talking about?

  13. We know the cost of the recipes: just multiply the sell value by five. For example, for the tailoring bag recipe, it sells for 60g, so the recipe will cost 300g to buy.

    As for the fact that "there are only bags", these are the rewards you can buy when you unlock the Molten Front vendors. There are going to be a LOT of other plans and patterns whose craftables require both Truegold and Pristine Hides.

    And as someone above said, Pristine Hides will continue to have demand anyway because of leg armors. :)

  14. Oh dear....Need i say more. Well i will, i am sure that everyone who read through the comments of said post would have had their eyes drawn to the comment in question, but why not just leave it there instead of now every dog and their d**k will have seen it and if it hadnt been picked up by the powers that be, now i am sure some do gooder who is unable to get the amount of valour/conquest they want, will be reporting this possible issue to spoil for the rest of us. Im not saying that i had thought about this myself bu seeing the comment was interesting and i would have given this a try and probably still wil but IMO this is not going to happen now. Hmmmm!!!

  15. In case you are wondering how long left you have until 4.2...

    I reckon it will be about 4 months to go, so October - maybe a little earlier. If you look at all of the content patches, they get slower and slower to release - started with about 3-4 months (BC) and in Cata it has taken 6 months to get 1 4.1 out. 4 months to go sounds quite reasonable, I think. So don't worry about stockpiling Valor quite yet, but do get as much as you can. And I doubt you would get banned/suspended as it is not exploiting the game in any sense. Buying an item and reselling it to the vendor is by no means an exploit!

  16. There is one flaw I see in this:

    Blizzard don't usually say when there is a patch coming out - they don't give the exact date. Does this mean we have to cap VP and buy gear/resell every single day after a while until we reach 4.2?

  17. Patches are deployed on tuesdays. And you WILL know when the patch is coming out if you follow and WoW news sites.

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