Potential EU The Undermine Journal Style Site

Horray! The EU region will hopefully be getting their own the undermine journal if all happens to go well. The site will hopefully be up and running ( I do believe the bare bones are already running ) but this will be a huge plus for the EU community.

I first caught a glimpse of this while browsing the Consortium Forums, a thread was made by a fellow Wi.nd Trade: Kathroman. The original information came from Kaliope's WoW Crafting Blog where she had a user by the name of  Acy. Below is Kaliope's Post on the new site:

" I received an email earlier this week from Acy on Hellscream, who's just launched an auction data site for EU players. This site works a bit differently from our Undermine Journal, in that Acy is relying on crowd-sourced data. Wowhead uses a similar system, where users upload their data files to provide the raw numbers for statistics. So the site is only as good as you guys make it! I know there are lots of EU players out there who've been begging for an auction data site of their own. Now is your chance to jump on the gravy train =) This new site uses Auctioneer files for the raw data. Since I know all of you are using Auctioneer anyway for your own personal price tracking, this is a painless way to contribute to the EU community.

You can visit Acy's new auction site @ wowTrader.org.uk. He also has a blog for the site where he announces new features and other interesting tidbits. The blog is hosted at wowTrader.wordpress.com. "
- Kaliopelane

If you're interested with these news be sure to check out the front page of the Consortium forums in the upcoming days as Sterling has stated that the author for this new site will be making a statement regarding the site and such soon.

This is great news for the EU community, I will make sure to keep following the story and the site and I will keep all of you guys up to date! What are your thoughts on this new The Undermine Journal type of site?

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  1. This is indeed good news, if everyone can upload there scan data it might start to build into a useful tool for highlighting potential profits :)

  2. How does undermine journal work if it don't rely on users upload ? I'm curious.

  3. Finally!

  4. @Anonymous: I believe TUM is using armory data via the remote auction interface.

  5. I hope this works out for the EU players as TUJ is an excellent resource. Unfortunately, the folks who made Auctioneer tried to do this "crowd sourced site" once too. Not enough people continued to upload their data to make it useful, and the project was eventually abandoned.

    Perhaps the user-base is more committed this time round?

  6. I think for this to work you'd need to have a background app that periodically uploads the auctioneer data.

    BTW - I don't run auctioneer scans anymore, they are too slow and it adds about 20 seconds to the time it takes my character to log off.

  7. I was a bit late in posting this, been crazy lately, but I had a few moments with the author of this great site, follow the link if you are interested in hearing a bit more!

    Alto’s Goldish Advice- Interview with the Creator of WoWTrader

  8. Nice. Will keep me busy when i return to gold making. The Auctioneer part of this project might be the Titanic. Time tells. Good luck!

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