Producing Cost Effect Heavenly Shards

AHeavenly Shards have risen in price on my server so I started to think of ways to produce cost effective heavly shards to either sell them raw or use them for enchants and boy what I stumbled upon is a gold mine! There are multiple items that you can craft/buy and then DE for heavenly shards that will yield you profit.

First of all enchanting materials are still in a relatively high demand due to patch 4.1. With patch 4.2 well on it's way you can expect an even higher demand for these shards thus producing cost effective heavenly shards is an extremely well way to make gold.

The item that you'll be crafting if possible will be Stormforged Shoulders. They require 2 folded obsidium and 8 Elementium bars. Ore at the moment is absurdly low ( 20-30g on my server ) thus allowing me to craft these for under 30g per shoulder. It's basically 40-50g profit per heavenly shard produced. To me, this is the best item to use to produce cheap heavenly shards.

That's basically the only item that I managed to find that's cost effective to DE into heavenly shards. You can try to craft some Blue JC rings by crafting the nightstone & hessonite jc rings/necks. While the chance to "proc" a blue ring/neck is relatively low ( about 1 in 20 ) you'll be essentially be crafting a heavenly shard for under 20g.

A valid strategy is to check the AH for blue quality items at the AH that DE into heavenly shards. Check the tailoring pvp gear, I found that most of it sells for way below craft costs with some of them sometimes under 50g. You can also buy the above mentioned blue JC rings/necks. People AH these for 30-50g and there are loads of them posted at the AH at any given time.

That's about it folks! Craft those stormforged shoulders and check the AH for items that are listed for below their DE value, you can make heaps of gold by doing so!

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  1. Heavenly shards would lose you money on my server, but the idea of looking for craftable disenchantables that yield a profit is nevertheless valid ;-)

  2. Exactly the tip I was looking for - Thanks Mage :)

    Enchant Scrolls are back in business!

  3. Nice Post, Also good for use in making Lamps, making them all the more profitable. I sell 5-6 Lamps a day for 500+ profit each. This Idea will make them all the more profitable!


  4. Careful with the hessonite and nightstone JC jewelry procs. You would probably make more than the heavenly shard's cost just by selling those blues on the AH, then you could buy the heavenly shard and still have turned a net profit.

  5. I was always hesitant about de'ing my blue jc procs, because the market price for them was much higher than what heavenly shards went for. But the procs hardly ever sell and the shards always do, so now I just d.e. everything.

  6. Heavenly shards have been one of my best sources of income since the release of 4.1. I haven't been crafting them myself but I may start seeing as how I've recently sold out of them. I was lucky enough to catch a huge price crash on my server and buy up a huge stock of them. I was going to use them in enchanting scrolls but after the announcement of 4.1 I held on to them and have been making 40-70G pure profit per shard.

  7. I've sold a lot of JC blues in the 150-250g range on my server. So, for heavenly shards, I look rather at DE low priced blues off the AH. I still buy shards at the AH if they are less than 60g; it's still a huge profit when you sell the hurricane enchant or enchanting lamps cross faction.

  8. What I did mage, Is by using TSM, with it's Snatch List I bought out any Heavenly shards, listed under 40g each. With my selling list, anytime they were above 40g, I'd sell them, stacks of 1, 5 at a time max.

    When 4.1 rolled around, and prices spiked, I wound up having over 150 Heavenly shards, that I bought at rock bottom prices, that I've now been selling/crafting, and selling for insane amounts of gold.

  9. TYVM - Prices of HShards on my server have gone up drastically (in large part thanks to you and I).

    Pre-4.1, I would get a sufficient number of HShards by buying any listed on auction house for under 15g (and from DEing cloth items that were being liquidated by tailors and elementium dragonlings and hessonite bands, for under ~20g (I've been willing to pay a little more for DEable items than shards themselves because of the level 23 guild perk).

    After 4.1 the HSahrd price quickly went up to 30g, sometimes even 40g, and I was having a hard time finding enough shards especially a couple weeks after 4.1 after those who stockpiled HShards ran out.

    Your tip was invaluable... both types of ore can be purchased in huge amounts for 25g a stack most of the time, so I made a couple hundred shards @ around 25g each. At the same time, I bought all shards (a couple stacks worth total, priced between 35-50g each) on AH and repriced them at 100g (only listing 8 to make them seem rare). After mine sold, competitor listed similar amount for 125g. I undercut him, and then continued to add more shards as they sell (and undercut anyone who undercut me). When people undercut me by 5g or more with a few shards, I buy their shards.

    I'm pretty much the only person on the server with a large stock of HShards, and the price has not gone below 70g since I read your post. I can sell scrolls seemingly at or below cost since I have an unending supply of HShards at one-third of AH price. When people ask me to do enchants, I tell them to buy scrolls on AH because the scrolls are cheaper than the cost of mats and they thank me for pointing that out! :) YMMV Enjoy.

  10. Hi, Mage ! A bit late, know. But do you remember ?

    Still sitting on 1000+ pieces bought at an average of 14g. Now selling at ~80g.


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