Risk vs Reward; Stockpiling.

Have you forgotten about this nifty little "pet"? Well I'm here to remind you about him and the great gold making opportunities this nifty item brings along with him. My relationship with the Haunted Memento dates as far back as Wrath, roughly a year or two ago where everyone and their mother had one, now? Not so much. I snagged 5-6 of these at 3-500g per and just let them sit there because I knew that sooner or later the supply was going to slow down thus causing the price of this item to slowly rise ( also note the fact they're no longer obtainable ).

Nearly a year and a half later I value these puppies at 3-5k per. That's a 600% ROI on this item for holding onto it for nearly a year. My suggestion to you is to have this item on your TUJ snatch list ( which you should already ) and just snag it whenever it's cheap then proceed to flip it.

Another item that I've been holding onto for a bit is the infamous Orb of Deception. During Wrath and the cataclysm beta there were numerous reports that this orb would become unobtainable. I panicked and picked up four of these at 1500g per to simply keep & sell at a later date on my never played secondary bank alt. Now adays this item is worth nearly double and sometimes triple of what I paid for it. It's much harder to obtain than it was pre-shattering and pre-cataclysm.

The moral of this post? Stockpiling is almost always worth it. To make good amounts of gold you need to take risks. Taking risks is what is going to make you gold, You need to decide for yourself is the risk greater than the reward. If so, because about investing but if it's not; invest and invest hard. I'll give you an example, one of the most talked about topics in cataclysm thus far: Epic Gems.  

If Epic gems come from pyrite ore, those who heavily invested in Pyrite will be making THOUSANDS of gold literally overnight. It will be Glyphmass 2.0 ( except renamed Gemmass 1.0 ). The ones who didn't invest? They get zero. But what happens if epic gems don't come from pyrite ore? The ones who invested will have a way to make their investment as close to "risk free" as they can, in this case my guess would be they would diversify the ore and try to sell it all off as other goods ( Belt Buckles, Rare Gems, Volatile Earth, Etc )

Sure there are ways you can make sure your investments are "risk free" but there aren't a whole lot of options, and if they are most of the time they're limited and rely on a single item, thus bringing you back to square one; Risk.

I'll give you another example: Dirge's Kicking Chimera Chops. This recipe was said to be become a vendor item for a couple silver during the Cataclysm beta. What ended up happening? The recipe was NOT sold by a vendor and the quest line for this recipe was removed. Those who took the risky route and bought those 3-5k recipe are now selling them for much, much more than they originally paid for them. I've seen a couple go for as much as 150,000g on several servers via The Undermine Journal.

How much is too much? How much is too little?
You'll have to figure that out on your own. I can't help you out here, it really depends on what item you're stockpiling. When stockpiling for something big, you'll typically want a good amount of surplus. Trust me you don't want to have too little when you realize that you're getting a 2000% ROI on your investment. You want to have a "fair" amount when stockpiling anything, you'll want somewhere in the middle where it's not too little, but it's not too much.

On the other hand, don't dump all your gold on a single item. Rule #1 of making gold like a pro: Diversify. What happens if your investment fails? Nothing good I can tell you that much. You're left with too much of a useless item that simply won't sell. Unless you can diversify with said item you're pretty much screwed.

At the end, investing in risky markets is what has made me thousands of gold. Sure I've lost some gold due to some of my deals falling through the floor but the reward almost always comes out on top when it battles risk.

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  1. Okay, I'll reveal my ignorance. I can't figure out which pet you're talking about in the first paragraph and now I'm dying to know, just so it stops bugging me!

  2. Sooo... what's the name of the pet?

  3. Of all the posts you made, I have to say this is the most relevant and most actually interesting ones.

    Item-specific tips are so server dependant they more often than not won't be worth following, but rather they'll be worth investigating.

    However, this is an overall true concept. Stockpiling is the way to go for serious goldmaking. Always.

  4. Whats the name of the pet?

  5. OK I'll bite.. which nifty little pet? you don't mention the name of the pet at all in the first part of the post.

  6. Hey Mage, did you forget something? The first item you talk about, that "nifty little pet", has no name. Did you mean to link the word "pet" to something?

    Stockpiling, just like any monetary venture we partake in in WoW, has it's risks. Before The Shattering/Cata release I went around and collected many recipes (of 5-10 of each) that were supposed to be going away. Some of them have sold, and some not. I still post them however in the hopes of that one person looking to complete his/her recipe tally.

    What's funny though is that since the last patch, I've actually sold one of the recipes (two times for over 2.5k each) that have made it back into the game and is now learned by the trainer. The recipe is Deepdive Helmet. I was originally posting them for 9k+ because it was a recipe that was "supposed" to be gone. None of them ever sold before the patch. It goes to show that people are lazy, or don't know where to look for info.

  7. Not sure which pet you are talking about in the first few paragraphs there mate, you haven't mentioned a name. I'm guessing there was supposed to maybe be a screenshot of it or something to go along with the post?

  8. What "pet" are you talking about in the first paragraph? Admittedly my brain is half awake, but I don't see where you actually say what you're talking about.

  9. I edited the post :P. I kind of cheated, it's not really a pet, but it kind of is. I was hoping someone would guess it but it's not a valid pet. It's the Haunted Memento

  10. Most of what you say I agree with, but I'd throw an extra bit of caution in there.

    What you say worked liked clockwork in previous expansions but Blizzard has changed the rules and have a recent track record of making radical changes that can turn investments upside down.

    Check out my posts on the forums with regards to pets. This was an extremely lucrative investment for me for a long time but this all changed when Blizzard did the following.

    Took the rarest BoE pet in the game and made it a common zone drop.

    Went out of their way to make sure BoE pets that were becoming extinct in Cata were reintroduced through some other means. (Eg: Razzashi Hatchling).

    Made every BoE pet available as rewards in bags for running any dungeon with the CTA system.

    Since having one of my long term investments systimaticaly nuked like that I've been a lot less willing to invest heavily.

    On a whim Blizzard could quadruple the drop rate of volatiles, or make epic gems only purchasable with JP, or make Haunted Momentos a common drop from mobs in Stratholme.

    I'm not saying that you are wrong, only that Blizzard have been pretty ruthless recently when it comes to profiteering. I guess that is why I only have four bank tabs of pyrite ore and not forty ;)

  11. Stockpiling really has helped me out quite a few times. I farmed the Baron's mount for a long time pre-cata and picked up tons of large brilliant shards. At first it seemed like I was the only one doing it so I could sell my LBS for 20g each. But the market slowly became saturated and the prices fell slowly, ending at nearly 2.5g each. This was unacceptable to me, so I kept my shards and deposited them into my back, ending with nearly 8 stacks of them when cata hit. And when cata hit, it lowered the instance levels of a few places where LBS dropped. LBS are now selling for 40g each on my server and I am selling my supplies, so happy that I waited.

  12. It's the ghost. You throw it at people.. Now you all remember, right :)

  13. Lifedream of Black Dragonflight said... May 23, 2011 at 9:04 AM

    Hi guys,

    Pre-cata, I stocked up on Black Tabbies. I have about 15 of them (still). Even though they are 'extinct' I cannot get more then 2K for them. So, my question, how long should I hold on to them. I really hate the idea of 'dumping' them at 2k (or less). I dont really fancy the idea of buying more of them.

  14. @Lifedream

    The Black Tabby is not an extinct pet. It is a zone drop, from random mobs, in Hillsbrad now. You might not be able to get more than 2k for this pet. I'm not quite sure of the drop rate of it, but I would imagine it is not as rare as it used to be when only Horde had a small chance of getting it from a rare spawn in Silverpine.

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