Stockpile Truegold NOW for 4.2

Well folks today is a rather big gold making tip for patch 4.2. Patch 4.2 is bringing a ton of new recipes & I was browsing through some of ptr wowhead stuff and I was looking at Truegold. I found a number of items that will require insane amount of truegold in 4.2. I found a total of 7 Blacksmithing Craftables and 2 Engineering schematics that will need Truegold for 4.2. Below are all the items and their respective PTR Wowhead links.

  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hair Trigger
  • Walnut Stock
  • Chaos Orb (5)
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Chaos Orb (5)
Unbreakable Guardian
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Chaos Orb (5)
Lightforged Elementium Hammer
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Chaos Orb (5)
Masterwork Elementium Deathblade
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Chaos Orb (5)
Masterwork Elementium Spellblade
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Chaos Orb (5)
Pyrium Spellward
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Chaos Orb (5)
Witch-Hunter's Harvester
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Chaos Orb (5)

Elementium-Edged Scalper
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Chaos Orb (5)
As you can see above there are multiple Blacksmithing and Engineering items that require EIGHT truegold per craft. Eight. If you're smart you better start stockpiling that truegold RIGHT NOW. Please be warned though, I have no idea where the plans/schematics will come from, they could be from rep or they could be BOE drops from the firelands raid. I don't know and I have no way of finding out, but still stockpiling Truegold now when there is close to NO demand for it would be the smart thing to do. Once 4.2 hits you'll see the demand for Truegold once again sky rocket and it's price will soar through the roof along with it.

Also do note: I didn't even include the Ilvl 346 items which require 5-6 truegold per. They're blues so to be honest people wouldn't pay nearly as much as the epics.. If you still want to see the entire list click on this wowhead PTR link to see what plans/schematics use truegold. Do note that this link also includes the old cataclysm craftables that require truegold but you can tell which ones are coming in 4.2 from their item level and how much truegold each craftables uses ( 4.2 craftables seem to use 5-8+ )

What do you think about this? Blacksmiths & Engineers will certainly be making a KILLING off these new patterns.

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  1. Will stocking pyrite ore also benefit from this? I already have a couple bank tabs of it figuring it would eventually become profitable whether it's due to being able to prospect epic gems or something else like this?

  2. What kind of prices should we expect? currently they are on 400-500g on my server

  3. I feel compelled to defend Faid rather than comment on the veracity of your post.

    Whether intentional or not, your post today seems to attack Faid rather than simply present gold making information. You could have easily made your point without calling her conclusions poorly designed.

    Also, your analysis of Faid's Truegold post is misleading. While she did post on May 4 that TG was in low demand in 4.2, her readers pointed out that there were some Epics that she overlooked.

    The very next day she updated her TG post with new information, including a logical reason why Vol Fire was a better buy than TG, a point you seem to have overlooked.

    I read both blogs. If you have a personal issue with Faid, then deal with it one on one. If you have a problem with any other blogger's conclusions I suggest you use their comment page rather than your blog to say so.

  4. Illustrious said... May 12, 2011 at 9:35 AM

    Would you suggest buying truegold off AH? Or just transmute the bars yourself? On my server the truegold bars go for around 500 per so I'm not sure if that is a good investment at this point on my server.

    Thanks :)

  5. Kammler... It's no attack on faid. Like I said above, I was simply trying to link to her, I have nothing agaisnt her and have no issues with her.

    I did link to the other post where she said that Truegold is still useful in 4.2.

  6. @anon #1 - Yes stockpiling pyrite or will be a great thing to do as most likely you'll see pyrite rise a bit due to demand.

    @anon #2 - I can see truegold rising to about 1,000 or so possibly higher.

    @anon #3 - I'm buying my supply off the AH as well as buying CD's from trade w/ a tip

  7. I appreciate folks like Kammler coming to my defense, if that's how one might word it.

    I just want to say this: Mageshadow (It seems) posted what he thought was the full story (My saying Truegold wasn't in 4.2) and then when commenters like Kammler pointed out that I had corrected myself he then corrected himself . . .just like I did! =D

    I'm happy that Mage went back and put in my "corrected" post as well, I do enjoy looking at least semi-competent, and I don't feel put down by this now-edited post at all. =] Thanks to Kammler for pointing out my own correction about Truegold!

  8. As a dormant reader of many goldblogs, I will just add to Kammmler's comment. Pointing to Faid is just another example of all the negative vibes coming out lately from JMTC... Some readers might enjoy this lack of maturity and bias, I don't. We have the trade channel for that.



  9. I just want to point out that I did have the post where you corrected yourself up on the original post - that wasn't edited in :P

  10. ... This is where I kind of start getting annoyed. As I have said I have nothing against faid. The link was only intended to be a link. Is it wrong to RESPECTFULLY disagree with someone on something? Honestly..?

    How is it immature to respectfully disagree with someone?

    I can understand if I was all like, Faid you're so wrong on this and your blog is fail and this & that, but I simply linked to her and said that I respectfully disagreed. I even linked to the post where she later said that Truegold was & will still be useful in 4.2.

    I'm not bashing Faid here and if it seems like I did or even remotely tried I sincerely and apologize.

  11. Editing the post because I'm really tired of drama.

  12. Aw, I liked the original. =[ I wasn't offended at all. But hey, avoiding drama is good, so do what you feel is best.

    I assumed it was edited in since people seemed to come to arms and I can't imagine that causing so much upset, but perhaps it could! Regardless, all is well.

    The blog community does seem to have some drama going on, but I'll say this since I'm kind of involved with this post as it originally was: AFAIK the drama doesn't involve me in any ways; I've heard a lot of rumors about cliques and stuff but I don't believe I'm in any ; nor do I have any ill-will towards anyone at all. I'd hope no one has any ill-will towards me, and honestly I don't get that vibe. =]

    Thanks all for defending me when you felt I needed it, I appreciate your kind words a lot, but know that I don't think the original post was a big deal myself, so don't worry too much over little old me. :)

  13. Any speculation out there in regards to Chaos Orbs coming off BoP?

    I'm thinking its over the top to assume I can have all the mats stocked INCLUDING orbs.

    I keep all the Epic Armour stocked on AH now and its on 1-2-3 Orbs a pop and its still tough to find BS that want to give them up.

  14. Not that my 2 sense matters here But I really didn't see a problem with the post Mage you were simply disagreeing with Faid. And then you linked to both her posts which is no big deal. And Faid was ok with it and she isn't upset about it. And I its not like Mage was saying Faids blog is garbage and this or that. Faids blog is great and and very good resource. He was simply saying I disagree and this is why.
    He didn't call her out and put her on blast thats not even like Mage.
    I think what it boils down 2 is everyone is trying to find any thing with JMTC to complain about.

  15. Stockpiling Orbs is a 50/50. On one hand the orbs can become BOE and if you stockpiled you'll rack in thousands of gold.

    On the other hand, they could become BOE but the current BOP orbs that you have will still be BOP and only the ones you acquire after 4.2 will be BOE.

    There is also the possibility that they stay BOP..

    I'd stockpile them nonetheless, can't hurt can it :S

  16. Individual items I suspect will rake in thousands in profit if you are able to get the recipes soon enough, but stockpiling chaos orbs will be crucial if you plan on making the most of these patterns. That being said staving jp and vp may be a good idea as well seeing as blizzard still may make orbs vendor items. My guess is that these items aren't raid drops seeing as blizzard usually releases a new orb for new teir levels. If the do indead release a new orb as I suspect these will be intended as bis raid entry items and the obcs will either become vendored or BoE or even both. Regardless of the case whether theyre used to craft with or sold individually, having them an a possible way to purchase them will be a golden opportunity.

  17. Alchemists will be happy. I'll be using all 3 of mine to pump out truegold, and maybe they'll actually sell.

  18. Don't forget to take into account the chaos orb need; unless chaos orbs go BoE I don't see truegold rising as much as you might suspect

    Don't misunderstand this comment, the price of truegold will still rise.

  19. Following the WotLK pattern, my guess would be that Pristine Hides aswell as Dreamcloth (should you be able to obtain these recipes as a tailor) will increase in value aswell, as recipes probably will be added for every profession.
    (This might already be confirmed, I haven't seen it tho)

  20. Every recipe you have listed use exactly the same materials ... they are obviously just placeholders and will no go live in this state. I would be careful here.

  21. What about hardened elementium bars?

    If there is going to be that much of a demand increase and you can get them for 90-100g per, should you load up on a few?

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