Stockpiling Volatiles for Upcoming Patch

Now that patch 4.1 has began to sink into us, we're all looking ahead on what we should be doing. I wrote up a post on why you should be stockpiling Truegold for patch 4.2 and now I want to write up a post on why you should be stockpiling Volatiles. Everyone is saying " Stockpile those Volatiles!!!! " but why exactly? Whats their reasoning? What do they know that you don't? Well I'm going to teach you and tell you what they know.

For starters, we already know that tailoring is getting more patterns that will most likely revolve around Dreamcloth. The demand for dreamcloth will definitely be there, and how do you create dreamcloth? Correct, Volatiles, and TONS of volatiles. People will most likely be buying stacks of 30 when buying volatiles so be sure to post them in stacks of 30.

Next we have some newly announced/data mined information from MMO-Champion, a slur of Jewelcrafting items are being released as BOE, necks, rings, etc. Most of them require volatiles, while only a couple or a handful the demand for volatiles will again be there. Trust me people will want this gear as soon as they're released and I'm sure the volatile market will become volatile ( hah! ).

Then we hav- actually I'm going to go ahead and stop myself. Check this post out over at MMO-Champion and also check out this other post at MMO-Champion. Scroll down a bit and you'll see some of the new 4.2 raid recipes that are coming with Firelands. Most of them require a whopping 40 volatiles, while others will need an insane amount of 80 volatiles. The most common on by the looks of it will be Volatile Fire ( it's the firelands raid patch, DUH! ) so if you're looking for the best volatile to stockpile I'd say it'd most likely be Volatile Fire, closely followed by Volatile Water.

Clearly the demand for volatiles in 4.2 will definitely be there, this will probably be the strong point of the patch ( besides epic gems IF they're included ) so you'd be dumb not to stockpile. It's not too late, patch 4.2 is still a bit aways so you still have some time.

The question is, are and will you be ready for those hungry people seeking volatiles? Will you have enough supply?

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  1. 1. Any tailor with a brain is already using 150 volatiles a week making Dream Cloth. Their demand for volatiles will not change at all in 4.2.

    2. Some crafted items already require 75 volatiles, so an "insane" 80 won't affect demand for volatiles very much. Furthermore, the new patterns require Burning Embers, which look like the Primordial Saronite of Cata in case no one has figured that out yet. Until people advance in Firelands raids, the new patterns won't see much use.

  2. Why does this blog still exist? Dudes, you have like millionses of your fake golds already. Stop it. Go outside.

  3. Volatile Earth to craft the hardened elementium... Could be some market here...

    Hardened Elementium
    Pristine hides
    Volt earth
    Volt Water
    Volt fire

    Guage your server and it maybe worth it to stock some or all of these for your own gear or resale... Both?

    Nice read

  4. This brings up the question of whether or not these new JC recipes will be worth crafting for profit? That us, unless epic gems come out this patch then those will be the way to go. I have about 40 tokens saved up so far.

  5. @Eatern - This blog still exists because it helps others. I do go outside by the way, I'm a normal human being with a normal life. I enjoy helping others by the means of blogging. That doesn't make me some kind of nerd that stays inside 24/7 and is only on the computer all day, no I go outside from time to time to hang out with friends, go to the movies, the mall, etc etc.

    It doesn't matter how much gold I've made, I'm here to help others

  6. Mage/Everyone,

    I think the bigger question is. Not only to stockpile, but how much? Say you are on a high pop server with 2-3k on a regular basis. Say 15-20 guilds are clearing all content.

    Thats easily anywhere from 150-500 people routintely raiding. Assuming that they all want their updated gear. One piece @ 80 volatile fires would mean...

    9000 - 40000 Volatiles needed just for one piece of gear.

    Is this math absurd? How many should we realistically be stock-piling? I know most of it is server dependent, but I would assume being on a high population server... and having a few thousand can't hurt.


  7. Masesmacker said... May 20, 2011 at 1:38 PM

    I almost never post comments but today I must!

    Fact: volitiles always sell well
    Fact: if a piece of gear or recipe uses 75 vol And a new one will use 80. Thats 5 x every tailor JC blacksmith more volatiles consumed onyour server.

    Don't think the demand will increase? Fine don't stock volatiles it costs you nothing.

    If your right the price stays at or just above what it is now and I lose nothing. If Mage is right I make an asshat full of gold!

    If you got something better start your own blog and I bet Mage will link to ya and make you traffic soar. If not just take your negative whine and keep it to your self. Thanks to this blog I am making 4x the gold I was b4. So my hat is off to you Mageshadow and all the other bloggers out there that take the time to help others you are greatly appreciated!!

  8. Do you really think that when it goes live, all of the recipes will still be using the same ingredients?

    It seems likely that all of the recipes using fire and water are placeholders, copied from one recipe; and before it goes live, some of the recipes will be changed to use air, earth, and possibly life.

  9. The supply of Volatile Fire is going to increase with the new raid and questing hub. If anything, I would stock up on air, water and earth if you are so inclined.

    As it is, I'm blowing each daily transmute cooldown to make Truegold. Only just started, unfortunately. Otherwise, I'd be potentially looking at buckets of profit come 4.2. ;)

  10. Hmm, eaten by a grue...
    Try to make 7 posts a week, 30 a month, you get it. Also try to please everyone, all servers and professions, and type of players... and, omg, they also have to be new.

    Go take a swim in a cold lake.
    Nuff said.

  11. Truegold? Ya right, I'm sure it'll be profitable but Pristine Hides will be just as if not more profitable, seeing as how so far Truegold is only getting you i lvl 365 weapons, which isokay, but not necessarily worth it for that many people (easier heroic raid bosses drop 372 weapons).

    Meanwhile, Pristine hides will be getting you boots and other things that are i lvl 378.

    Take a look:

  12. The one thing I remember from Wrath was that the Eternals (esp. Eternal Fire) were valuable all the way through the expansion. They were never replaced, like the various orbs.
    Towards the end of each patch the prices would drop as demand reduced due to people not playing as much, only for the prices to soar again at the next patch where everyone was upgrading/crafting again.
    Even better, if you have them leftover after the expansion they increase further in value.

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