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Hey everyone this is XanderEragon from Xander's Goldmine. Feel free to visit my blog. And I just want to say thank you to Mageshadow and to Markco for allowing me this opportunity!

Within this post, I want to talk about supplying players that are leveling their professions. The main professions you want to focus on are crafting professions. Now I’m not saying making leveling kits as they do sell, but you will see a better return from selling it individually then selling them in bulk. There is a great resource that will help you find out what items are needed to level each profession if you haven’t been there before then you should definitely check it out because this is the best profession leveling resource out there. You will want to visit and you will see how to level every profession the fastest way possible. It even tells you how to level the gathering professions.

Now when you go to the website and click on any crafting profession and scroll down, you will see a list of approximate materials you will need to level from 1-525. Now as you scroll through this list take notice of certain items that you can obtain by doing your daily routine whether it is from questing, farming, or farming the auction house. I clicked on Leatherworking and as I’m scrolling down the list I’m taking notice to items like Volatiles, Eternals, and even the Crystallized Waters. Now if you enjoy farming herbs and ore you can make a great deal of profit from selling them. Now think about this for a minute, if you target specific players with what you are selling, then you can make a lot of gold faster than the average player.

What I mean by this is if you are an ore farmer and your main focus is on the big ore like Obsidium and Elementium ore than you have noticed the price change as of 4.1 and you are thinking mining isn’t as profitable as it used to be. Now what I want you to do is go to and have a look at the mining page and see what ore is selling for how much. If you notice, there are some low level ore that sells for up to 5g each; that’s 100g a stack! And it doesn’t take much to get 20 stacks and sell them in the auction house. I’m also noticing by a quick scan over this information, the price of the Obsidium and Elementium bars are at about triple the price of the ore.

If you go and look at the Blacksmithing profession leveling guide you may notice that you need 166 Obsidium Bars and 344 Elementium Bars. Now if you scroll farther down the page you can see what is what. Looking at this you will see what items you should make to level the fastest way possible. You will also notice how many mats are needed for each item. If you think about this for a minute, the first thing that should come to mind is the stack size you are posting. You don’t want to sell 344 Elementium bars in stacks of 1 because you are flooding the auction house and you are killing yourself in sales if someone comes behind you and sells in different stack sizes, you will notice they are getting the sales and you are not. Now why is this? Because most WoW players are lazy and would rather click once then click 20 times to get a stack of ore, since it saves the player time.

So in conclusion, this “market” is nearly untapped for certain items that are hard to obtain because there is not very many players leveling/questing in the lower to mid-level zones. So this opens up a whole new market for you, and with just a little work you can see what is needed on your server to make it easier for those players to level their professions.

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  1. One little niche market that I have had fun controlling on my server is Goldthorn. There are 20 or 30 levels when leveling Alchemy that Goldthorn is absolutely vital. However, there is never a large supply of goldthorn on the AH as it's not one of the more common herbs. Because of the relatively low supply but high demand from leveling alchemists, I have easily been able to control the market and sell each individual herb for 10-15g. Everyone and their cousin is leveling an alchemist either with new goblin alts or in preperation for epic gem transmutes. Get your piece of that action. It's not a huge market by any means but does provide a steady, reliable income with a very high profit margin.

  2. Hey Randy Thanks for the info.. Yea taking advantage of this little booms does bring in a lot of profit. And you are right you won't hit a million from doing this but it will damn near help it along. Thanks again for the comment.

  3. Good steady income from Rugged Leather and Medium Leather.

    Ususally in great supply on the weekends, it dries up by Tuesday.

    Buy out all there is and list for 120% of normal value--usually will sell out by the weekend again.

  4. Nice info. I've found cloths to be super valuable atm. Silk has been selling for 30-50g a stack. Runecloth and Frostweave even 100g for some time now. Leathers are even better, but more time consuming to farm.

  5. @Kammler @Kuja, Hey Thanks for the comments yeah you will be suprised at what you can find in the auction house cheap and sell to player for more exspeically if you "contorl" that market.


  6. Having just leveled an alchemist and a tailor, I can confirm from hard experience that both Randy and Kuja are exactly correct.

    I actually resorted to farming Goldthorn during my alchemy leveling, and I went to Scarlet Monastery to farm silk just last weekend to level tailoring.

    Neither mat was available in anything close to the adequate amounts, and what was there was painfully expensive.

  7. Nice post. I dont know if my answer fits here, but here it comes. All prices on cloth, leather, ores, and herbs are atm very expensive on my server. Ex: NW cloth, I dont even make NW-bags anymore, because I get undercut the minute I click AH down, its so many doing them. So, hey, why not turn it the other way, and flip the NW when its cheap. I get more out of just doing the FW-bags now.

  8. I started doing this last year with herbs. I have 3 xmute alchemists at max level, so i know how hard it is to get the mats you need without farming. In the end i decided to use my alts herbalism, level it and her along the way, and collect a nice bunch of goldthorn to sell, and later northrend herbs. Northrend herbs on my server are GREAT money. Farm the basin for a few hours and you'll have so many herbs you won't know what to do! The minimum amount i've sold Northrend herbs for is 20g a stack (deadnettle), highest was goldclover at 65g a stack. Remember, to level your alchemy you need quite a few northrend herbs, not to mention all the scribes still using them for ink of the sea. Definitely worth the time, imo.

  9. p.s Khorium ore, 70g a piece on my server. LOVE that stuff. Needed for the turbo-charged flying machine. While it may not be helping to level a prof, at least you know you'll sell them for those who like vanity items/are aiming for 100 mounts!

  10. Goldthorn is my strongest money maker i took a screen shot the other day on my iphone because i know if i mentioned it no one would believe me, randy 10-15g mate try 50g a herb since the supply is never here as you said, charge what you want if i only knew how to upload this photo so i could make a few of you smile

  11. WOW everyone thanks for the great feedback I love to hear what everyone is doing. The goldthorn is blowing my mind such a low level mat and it selling so good 50g a herb on one server thats insane I will have to get a herbalist and start lvling them on herbing.
    Thanks again everyone

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