Truegold isn't all you need to stock up on

Yesterday while checking some of the comments made on the blog someone posted a very interesting comment that really caught my attention:

" Truegold? Ya right, I'm sure it'll be profitable but Pristine Hides will be just as if not more profitable, seeing as how so far Truegold is only getting you i lvl 365 weapons, which isokay, but not necessarily worth it for that many people (easier heroic raid bosses drop 372 weapons).

Meanwhile, Pristine hides will be getting you boots and other things that are ilvl 378.

Take a look: "

- Anonymous

That's an excellent point! I didn't even care to look at the pristine hides and boy oh boy you have no idea how surprised I was then I saw what was behind the link above. According to the link/wowhead, there will be 10 new patterns/recipes and 8/10 of them will require 8 pristine hides, while the remaining two will require 3.

Start stockpiling those pristine hides if you're a leather worker, you're definitely going to need them once 4.2 hits. If you want to take the less riskier route ( and sometimes cheaper ), you can stockpile just raw leather which can be converted into pristine hides.

50 Savage leather converts into 10 heavy savage leathers which then can be turned in for Pristine Hides. You don't even have to be a leatherworker to do this so if you want to get some cheap Pristine hides, check the prices for both Savage leather and heavy savage leather and compare them with the prices of Pristine Hides, generally there is a good profit margin when doing this.

If you haven't checked MMO-Champion lately you'd know that they posted a list ( which might not be complete ) of reputation based items that you will be able to obtain from the Firelands Raid Repuration. No where on the list did it show that the new patterns and recipes will be obtained from here so it's stockpiling Truegold/Pristine hides will definitely be worth.

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  1. Converting Savage Leather to Heavy Leather does require leatherworking (485). Converting the 10 Heavy Leather to Pristine Hides, however, does not.

  2. I thought leatherworkers were the only ones abke to convert savage leather to heavy leather. Also depending on your server it maybe cheaper to get scraps if the price for 5 scraps is cheaper than 1 leather.

  3. I have been controlling the pristine hide market on my auction house, and I find that this is also a good way to stock up. I'm holding the price at 500g, and there are not many buyers at this price. On the other hand, with lower sales and upping the leather prices, I should be set when 4.2 drops.

    I am also using the same tactic for Truegold, but I cannot contol this market with limited funds (also causes trade chat to be more active for purchasing cooldowns).

  4. Oh, great. Thanks for letting the secret out. Now lets watch the once reasonable savage leather prices skyrocket. Quit giving away all my gold making plans. I swear you sound like one of the annoying voices in my head. Oh well, whats done is done. Just dont do it again. Sorry, would like to chat more but the voices insist I go kill something. Cya

  5. I started collecting savage leather and converting simply because with any patch there comes out new items, and new pants require patches for plate and leather wearers.

    Unless the pristine hide gets to be cheaper than my conversion cost to make into heavy savage I wanted to keep with a dual stream line. Being able to make money on the pristine hides and also the Savage Leathers that will be used for the crafting of the new PVP gear. The closer that the patch comes out (when they actually release it) is when people are going to make a made rush to the AH to buy what they can.

  6. LW, is pretty much my only market so I noticed this right away. I already started stocking up on leather to convert and have even increased the max price I will pay for it. I haven't started buying Pristine hides yet, because I can still make them for half the AH price. Not to mention that I will need Heavy for the all the new PVP gear. I will step up buying as we get closer to the patch.

  7. Sounds good, but will all the Leatherworking recipes be drop itmes, or can we buy them from vendors?(378)

  8. Won't be a good idea to stock up on hides. The LW recipes take living embers, which will be very difficult to obtain. Since the embers are the limiting factor not the hides, hides price won't rise much if at all. Truegold on the other hand shares a limiting factor with chaos orbs, and so they are going to rise in price.

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