Up-and-coming Cataclysm Gold Blogs #3

Hello guys and gals! Welcome to another edition of Up & Coming Cataclysm Gold Blogs! This is something new that I'm starting at JMTC, every month or so I will do a post like this outlining the new gold making blogs that are out there and link you to them. I know most of you enjoy the stuff posted here at JMTC but we aren't the only ones posting quality content, there are TONS of other people who do the same thing I do, and I'm not going to lie; sometimes better. Any who, let's get started shall we? :)

Prncesspwn's AH
You guys know show she is. She's a member of the Addicted to Azeroth Podcast, a gold guru during the JMTC weekly meetings, she's just everywhere! She recently decided to start blogging and she's doing great! I regularly check her site out whenever a new post is released because the content is awesome! I especially liked her post on Supply Vs Demand and how to deal with it. Check her blog out if you haven't already, A+ stuff!

This blog is definetly not new, it dates back nearly a year! Stokpile ( If that is the name that you go by ) just recently hits 2 million gold so you know he/she knows what they're doing! The blog is filled with top of the line information that you should be given double and triple takes because it simply IS that good and informative. The content here is phenomenal to say the least. One of my favorite blogs to read that's for sure. Please for the love of whomever you worship check out this blog.

Ele-Mental Gold
Again another blog that isn't relatively knew, it dates back to October of 2010. Shamaenei just recently came back from a break and has started to go full speed ahead and so far it's awesome.Give this blog a read or two and make sure to check out some of the past content as that's also top notch stuff. Best of luck Shamaenei, hope you decide to stick around!

Gimps Golden Adventure
Last but not least we have Gimp, a brand new blogger that is welcomed with open arms. He attended this following weeks JMTC meeting so you guys kind of sort of met him. While the blog is still sort of new, the few posts that he has up seems spectacular. Check out his post on how to fully take advantage of the Remote Auction House App while it lasts, the info there is incredible for both newbies and gold gurus ( I learned something myself! ). Watch out for Gimp in the future folks! Make sure to check his blog often!

To The Readers:
This is a small sample of the many blog out there, most of them are good and provide great information, if you have the time leave a comment on their blog guys, they'll appreciate it, trust me. I know this because I appreciated it greatly when i was starting out at the Gnomish Coin. Taking 5 seconds of your time to tell someone, hey great job makes their day and it's not very hard.

I wish all of you the best of luck, keep up the good work!

  1. Thanks for the publication Mageshadow i'll sure stick around. I just need my break every once in a while to keep things fresh.

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